white people don't do this


Dear white people,

Here’s a little tip. When you ask someone who looks ethnically different, “What are you?” the answer is usually, “A person about to slap the shit out of you.”

One thing I hated about my old fandom is how they’d idolize Martin Freeman, despite those comments he made about Lucy Liu… Yes I know that was a while ago, but still, he meant it, he wasn’t joking.

The fandom was filled with so many feminist but they were only white feminist. They only cared about sexism if it was done to Cate Blanchett, or some other white actress. They’d drag male actors for their sexism toward white women. 

but the moment Martin Freeman was balantly sexist and racist to a woman of color  "ooh he was just joking" “he was just upset”…
And they treat him like he’s an untouchable innocent baby.  They only cared about sexism when it was done to white women.

and you know what? it’s not even that he straight up charges at daniella when she’s standing right next to her hellbeast, it’s everything leading up to that. it’s the conviction behind that action. it’s the expression on jaime’s face when he looks around him and sees his men burning to death. he hears the screams. he sees things turning to dust. 

This scene did not portray anything about Daniella using her hellbeast as triumphant or ‘good’. 

  • me: hey man if you're not part of this marginalised group then you don't really have authority to say what is and isn't hurtful to them because you've never experienced it
  • yall: wOw yaknow hate doesn't stop hate i can't believe i am experiencing such discrimination here in the year of our lord twenty sevoonteen!!! no need to be so close minded wow open up your heart and love your oppressors what did they ever do to You

Is there anything actually wrong with Passengers, or is tumblr just getting their collective undies in a twist because its a movie about straight white people?


[1/7] favorite video games: spec ops: the line
► “another one of your victims—from a soldier who was ‘just following orders.’

legit halfway through episode five of Dear White People I was like ‘all these wide shots of characters in the dead ass center of the frame remind me of Moonlight’ AND NOW I REALIZE BARRY JENKINS DIRECTED THAT EPISODE NO WONDER

30 minutes into episode one of Dear White People and it’s really not that bad. It’s pretty funny and they’re pointing out actually racist things, like blackface. It’s really hard to get offended by what they’re saying if you aren’t doing the racist things they’re talking about.

I’ll continue to update y'all on the show if you want, since I’m only half an episode in.

protecting the earth, and our Pride

get you a gem that can do both

edit: Thanks to a lovely person informing me, I now know that’s @latieraeve doing this stellar cosplay!

white fans are the most annoying fans tbh. it doesn’t even matter what they’re fans of. if it’s not some racist bullshit advocating racism and bigotry in their shows and content, it’s defending that racism under a guise of “enlightened centrality” and some self masturbation about “freedom of speech.” then it’s coupled with silencing the voices of fans of color under respectability politics or claiming to be the victim in any given situation. spinning the narrative to paint black and brown people as “toxic” or “aggressive” when the reality speaks otherwise. it’s transparent, it’s annoying, and honestly, it’s exhausting. just don’t be racist. it shouldn’t be this hard to understand.

I find it funny when I see a post or whatever saying “THIS IS NATIVE AMERICAN” and I’m like okay? What kind of Native American? Cree? Nisga'a? Haida? Mi'kmaq? Blackfoot? Mohawk? Tsimshian? Ojibwe? Dakota? (These are all groups I named off the top of my head)

I know it’s hard to wrap your non-native minds around this but we’re not all one people.

There are two types of people, ones who like avocados, and ones that are wrong.

white man, in Boulder, at The Cup

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