white people do stupid things sometimes

Anti-Social (Rogers/Evans x reader)

I just like the universe where Steve and Chris exist together

You hadn’t been much for social media until you started working with the Avengers as their publicity manager, finding that it was a necessity to be able to do your job as well as to monitor what talk about the team had been happening in the world around them.   Steve had taken to it fairly quickly once Sam pushed him into getting a few accounts, none the more troublesome for you than his Twitter account.  Freedom of speech is one thing; but when Steve got on a hot topic that he was passionate about, it wasn’t uncommon for you to have to step in and shut him down.  

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I think about my white English teacher from freshmen year who would read aloud to the class and when any form of nigga was in the text he fucking read it AFTER I expressed my discomfort about it with him. Sometimes he’ll joke or argue that white people should say it too… like I swear to god if that were me now his ass would be fired. Anyway I have friends in his class now who hate him for doing other white male things like calling all people with religion stupid or other smart ass shit.. the point was I really hate white teachers and this guy mad stupid for coming to a school 100% black acting like this

the skam fandom really is gross. there’s that huge group of people who think that everything they think is valid, is The Truth, period. and that they get to bully everyone into thinking the way they do. some even use their number of followers to hate on people, for things they didn’t even read correclty. they even make stuff up? and other people believe them, because they after all are The Majority. they don’t question things, because it’s easier to be hurtful. to insult (indireclty or not) people who disagree. because everything has to be black or white, right? that stupid tumblr mentality. it doesn’t make you any smarter, believe me. it just makes you assholes. and those responses sometimes “okay but that’s not just the skam fandom”, lmao what is even this answer?? like?? 

I’m not really a fan of EYK (or anything on Youtube for that matter) but I just know them through K-pop stuff and saw them linked on Reddit a while ago. Not a ‘Nasty’ or whatever. Not some Anti-fan.

However, some people on this blog are being REALLY oblivious to the obvious here. Like, crazy conspiracy theory oblivious. Simon and Martina didn’t need the money to “make better videos”, or hell, even to “build a studio”. It was for a business visa. For certain visa’s in Korea (Like business and university visas) you have to prove a certain amount of money that is collectively sitting around somewhere. Both S&M looked as if they just didn’t want to teach anymore, and that’s cool. But without some sort of business plan, they would have had to either make $500 dollar trips (EACH) to another country every three months to renew the tourist visa (which actually is completely legal btw), or have to move back to Canada where the video content would be less frequent than it is now.

They didn’t hire the new girls because “OMG IT’S A TOTAL COVERUP BECAUSE THEY CAN’T SPEAK KOREAN!”. In order to qualify for a business you need to hire (at least one? I think) a Korean native. That is seriously the only reason guys.

They know what they are doing, and you’d know what they were doing if you understood visa’s. If you search a little bit on Reddit’s r/korea page, you can see them OPENLY talking about this. Stop acting like it’s a scam, because a non interest business loan made almost entirely by small donations is pretty fucking sweet (yeah, they had some big donations, but I’ve seen WHATTHEBUCK do collaborations with them, so they seem to have some big people following them who could donate that much.) It’s not like they robbed some preschool children’s piggy banks  these are the same people who would blow the money on K-pop shit anyways.

And their Korean skill level…meh, I could care less. It’s really not a big deal here if you aren’t amazingly fluent. Cashiers here just assume you can’t speak Korean anyways, even if you are speaking Korean to their faces. They talk to all the cashiers/delivery people in Korean, which unless you have a ton of Korean friends that’s 98% of you Korean interaction. Which IS good enough, and it’s polite and respectful, if you’re not speaking English while ordering and acting like an asshole because they don’t understand (*coughcough*ChelseaSpeaks*coughcough*)Plus they are married, which means they spend a lot of time with each other not speaking it. It’s seriously a nitpick.

And their humor isn’t my style, but a lot of people like that kind of stuff (just like a lot of people love Shane Dawson or whatever), but I’m not going to sit week after week watching and criticizing it. It would be like me getting mad at an episode of Barney. Sometimes we grow up. We move on because our tastes change. Judging by the comments, a lot of people are still enjoying it, so leave them be.

I just think a lot of the people complaining have never actually stepped foot here in Korea. There are seriously much worse people, doing illegal things, and actually causing problems in Korea. A *gasp* WHITE couple in Korea talking about Korean things isn’t whats fucking bringing down this society. I just feel bad for them for being caught up in the stupid SJW bullshit that has been going around Tumblr, and all of these K-pop fans that all of the sudden have a stick up their ass in the name of ‘justice’. This kind of stuff is just not made for me. I don’t like it, I don’t watch it. Maybe you should try too?

Photographer Abbas Chronicles ‘What People Do In The Name Of God’

In the late 1970s, photographer Abbas’ interest in bearing witness took him to his native Iran, during that country’s Islamic Revolution. He initially viewed the uprising in Iran as a revolt of the people, but gradually he saw it had been usurped by the mullahs. It was then that Abbas decided to focus his camera on the religions of the world.

“Before the Iran revolution I had no desire to photograph religion,” he explains. “But covering the revolution for two years I could see that the waves of passion [that were] raised by the revolution were not going to stop at the borders of Iran.”

Abbas spent seven years chronicling Islam, then he moved on to other faiths, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Paganism and Shamanism.

“What I’m interested in is not only the personal belief, it’s what people do in the name of God — sometimes the great things, and sometimes the stupid and violent things they do in his name — that’s more interesting to me,” he explains.

Photo: Students of the Al Azhar college in Jakarta, Indonesia attend Friday prayer in the auditorium in 1989. Courtesy of Magnum 

I should probably make a more coherent post about these thoughts but - I adore the way that Supernatural treats love as a theme. It’s not just the same old “love saves the world” trope that we see in media again and again. Supernatural does give us that, but it also gives us love can be selfish, love can make you blind, love can destroy the world just as much as save it. It’s not black-and-white, it’s not one dimensional. It’s a bit beautiful and a bit ugly and very real. I see criticisms of the show sometimes, that Sam and Dean do these stupid, bad, dangerous things because they are so codependent and how that’s bad, but reality is that love makes people stupid, love can fuck you up just as much as it can save you. Maybe love isn’t perfect, maybe love is crazy, maybe when you love someone you don’t make good choices. But maybe love is big and it’s powerful and it can give you the strength to move mountains or kill the Devil. And I think it’s awesome that they try to deal with such a complex thing in such a big way, addressing so many more facets than just the obvious.

Flynn Rider

A modern twist on Disney Prince

“Well, that’s the good part, I guess. You get to find a new dream.” –Tangled

Liam noticed that the girl that lived a few streets away hardly ever left the house. She never left unless she went somewhere with a family member. It’s like she was meant to be trapped in the house. He knew she didn’t want to be stuck there. He could see it when she was sitting on the balcony of her room. She looked sad as she gazed around the neighborhood. She longed to leave her room and explore on her own.

Liam didn’t know the girl personally but he had ridden his bike by her beautiful being looking at the world that surrounded her unable to truly enjoy it. It was like looking at the most beautiful cupcake in the world and being told you can’t eat it.

Liam swore she barely aged. Her eyes were huge–Liam could see them from the street. They were gentle and warm like he imagined she’d be. He doesn’t know how he fell in love with the girl that was hidden in her home. But he was glad he did. Because he figured he needed something good when everything else was bad–when he was bad.

Liam stole things all the time and did things that weren’t the smartest or best decisions. It was only the normal thing he seemed to think that he fall for the most perfect angelic princess…high in her tower away from the bad like him.

Liam smirked at his two best mischievous friends. “Li, I don’t know about this,” Zayn said. “We could get in some really awful trouble doing that,” he said softly.

Louis smirked. “I don’t know, looks like fun, I think we could do it,” Louis shrugged–always ready for an adventure.

You saw the three boys walking around. You knew it was them that stole things. They walked around and talked loudly so that you could hear them. You didn’t think they were dangerous. They were sort of stupid in their own adorable ways. Louis was the funniest person you’d ever seen and Zayn always rolled his eyes at his two friends.

And then there was Liam. He seemed to be the leader. He always seemed to come up with schemes and things to do to get their lives better. You didn’t think it was smart…but they were sort of…they were like Robin Hood, almost. Stole from those who were stuck up assholes and then they would give what the stole to kids or someone who wasn’t as fortunate. You were pretty sure they got away with this kind of stuff because the three of them worked. A lot. You saw them riding their bikes or driving to and from their jobs all the time. You thought it was nice the three of them were so close.

You didn’t have a single friend.

Well, aside from the stray cat that you swore was the only cat in the world that wasn’t afraid to climb. “Hi kitty,” you whispered to the little fluff ball that climbed up your trellis. You watched the boys in the street as they chatted about their next little endeavor.

“Sweetheart,” your mom called.

“What?” You answered.

“Come inside you’ll catch a cold!” She said protectively. You sighed and headed back inside. Away from your only friend a stray cat…and the rambunctious boys.


Liam was outside late at night and he happened by your house. He did that a lot when he was thinking. He thought the air was better for thinking…especially right outside your balcony. He felt your presence, even if you were sleeping helped him feel smarter.

He sighed and leaned against the trellis below you. This was so risky…but the reward would be so sweet. “What are you doing?” You asked as you looked down at the boy at the bottom of the trellis. Liam jumped away from the bottom of the house and looked up at you. He smirked.

“You’re even prettier up close,” he smiled and then started to climb up the side of your house. You bit you lip as you looked at him. Part of you really needed to stop him. It was nearly two in the morning. If you let him up here…and then…you don’t know what could happen. If you did…your mother might wake up and effectively kill both of you.

But part of you also really needed him up here so you could smile at him and look into the captivating chocolate brown eyes he had. He grinned at you as he lithely settled on his feet on the balcony. “I’m Liam.”

“I know,” you answered and told him your name.

He smirked. “How do you know my name?”

“You guys talk really loud while I’m out here sometimes.”

He tilted his head at you. “Who–?”

“You, Louis, and Zayn,” you said quietly.

His eyebrows shot up in surprise. “You can hear us?” He asked. His stomach rolled and his cheeks turned pale white and then flipped a switch and turned red.

“Yes,” you shrugged.

There  were about a million things he hoped you hadn’t heard…that he had taken things from more people than he could count, that he was constantly in trouble for the stupid little things he did…that he was hopelessly in love with the girl stuck on her balcony.

“Don’t worry,” you said softly. “I won’t tell anyone, I like hearing that you guys are kind enough to others to steal for them…it’s stupid, but it’s good stupid,” you shrugged. He smirked. Maybe you didn’t hear him talk about you incessantly to the boys as he looked longingly at your balcony. “So, I just wanted to tell you, the store you wanna rob, it’s got security cameras,” you told him.

He blinked. “No it doesn’t,” he said.

“Yes it does, but don’t worry, I know the code to turn them off.”

“Why would you know the code?” He wondered.

“It’s my parents’ store,” you shrugged. “So I can actually turn it off and just give you whatever you want.”

His mouth fell open. “Why would you do that?” He asked in shock.

“In case you hadn’t noticed…I’m sort of trapped up here…and they don’t let me do anything…and I’d really would like some kind of adventure, if you’re willing to take me,” you said softly. “And my parents are sort of greedy, horrible people…they lock me up here because they think I’m going to see this harsh world or something…they’re just as harsh as the rest of the world. At least you steal and give,” you explained. He sincerely contemplated bringing you. On the one hand…he really didn’t want you getting involved with the crap he put you through…and then on the other hand…he really wanted to spend time with his pretty princess locked in her tower.

“I can take you,” he said softly.

“You have to promise I won’t get caught. Not only will I be dead, but so will you…and I really don’t want that.”

He blinked. “Why would you care about that?” He asked quietly.

You shrugged. “Because…you’re free as a bird and I’m here, trapped and it’s awful. You don’t want to be trapped. And if you get caught you’ll be trapped. If I get caught, I will already be trapped,” you shrugged.

He starred at you, because just as he expected you wanted to be free–you longed to be free. He took a deep breath. “Sweetheart, I swear on my life, you will not get caught.”


Liam first came in your room. Another first that you would be taking today. No boys were allowed in your room. Ever. He put a bundle of blankets and pillows that would be a makeshift you. Your heart started to pound a bit. “What if they catch me?” You whispered.

“They won’t…you’ve never done anything bad, if they check on you, they’ll see the lump and leave,” he promised. “Trust me, I’m a professional…” he smirked and swiftly placed a kiss on your cheek.

After that he hopped down to the ground all the way from your balcony landing perfectly on his feet–like a cat. Then he told you to jump. You felt like you were swallowing a rock. You looked hesitant. “I’m not going to let you fall and get hurt, would you jump?” He called up in a whisper. You took a deep breath, bit your tongue to keep from screaming and jumped down into Liam’s arms. He set you upright and pushed your hair from your face. “See? All set,” he grinned sweetly and his breath was so cool and minty across your warm cheeks.

The two of you walked to town toward the shop your parents owned. You were mostly silent. Liam walked close to you. Every once in a while your hands would brush together. You were nervous…so nervous you started to shake a little.

“Are you cold?” He asked. You nodded as an excuse. You figured if you told him you were nervous he’d take you home. So you said you were cold. He quickly slid his sweatshirt off his arms and wrapped it around you. He pulled your hair from beneath the hood. “Your hair is so long and soft,” he murmured stroking it down. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered finally. Then he looked away from you. He twined your fingers together and pulled you toward him and tugged you gently down the road.


You really wished you felt guilty. But you just didn’t… “You’re not…” you sighed as you unlocked all the things Liam wanted. He wanted money for the poor and he stole some clothing for children who needed it. “You’re not like…going to keep all this for yourself are you?” You asked. “It’ll make me feel guiltier.”

“You don’t have to do this,” he said softly. “I don’t want you feeling guilty,” he murmured. “And…no, to ease your conscience. I might’ve kept a little bit, but I won’t keep a penny,” he promised.

“No, that’s not–”

He smiled and cupped your face. “I won’t keep a cent,” he promised softly his breath so sweet on your cheeks. He pressed a kiss to your forehead leaving you utterly woozy with love for him.


He helped you back into your home where your lumpy fake body resided. You sat on the balcony seat you had and looked up at the sky. “Why do they trap you up here?” He asked softly.

You bit your lip. “When I was very little I was playing with a friend down the road and…we were kind of silly because we played that “you show me yours, I’ll show you mine…” and we got caught…and I swear ever since I’ve been told I can’t leave,” you smirked. “There’s more…to it…”

“Lucky guy,” he muttered. You cheeks heated up so much you thought you were going to explode from warmth. He smirked. “What’s your dream?” He wondered.

“Dream?” you laughed softly. “Leave this tower,” you joked.

He smirked. “Really…”

You bit your lip and looked up at the stars. “I wanna be a meteorologist,” you told him.

He chuckled and looked at you curiously. “Really?” He wondered.

“You know, you’re laughing at me, but all I get to do is stare up at the stars and the clouds and watch the weather…” you murmured. “There’s a lot to dream about out here. Inside, the store…it’s confining…and well, that’s going to be my life I guess. Until they find me someone suitable to marry me, take care of me, keep me trapped in the house.” Liam vowed if he ever got you out of here, he would never trap you in.

“And if that happens?” He quietly asked.

“Well…” you shrugged. “I guess that’s the good thing about dreams,” you murmured. “They can change,” you said softly.

He smirked. “How old are you?” He asked.

You looked down at the watch on your wrist. “I’ll be eighteen in two minutes,” you smiled.

He grinned. “Well,” he said softly. “What do you say I get you off this tower?” He wondered.

You looked at the boy curiously. There was no lying that Liam was the cutest boy you’d ever seen. But did you trust him, a thief, on all terms…enough to…support you?

Yes, yes you did. “I’ll pack my bag,” you smiled.

He grinned and followed you in to your room helping you gather everything you wanted. You grabbed a teddy bear, a few blankets and packed your bags as you smiled to yourself. Chasing your dream with a boy you hardly knew…

“Liam?” You asked. He grabbed your heavier bag and quickly climbed down. You tossed a few duffle bags and then he held his arms open for you again.

“What, babe?” He asked.

You blushed and looked at the boy curiously. This could end terribly.

But then again, it could be great.

That was the good thing about this–if following Liam didn’t help you chase your dreams…well, you could change your dream.

So you just smiled down at Liam’s expectant posture.

And jumped to your freedom.

you assholes really don’t learn don’t you.

bullying a man off a website for something he didn’t do, and only worrying about the stupid fucking website.

sending death threats to a girl who only wants to spread the word about trans awareness, even though she has good intentions.

people being bullied off the site for being white, even if they never did jack shit to minorities 

isn’t this site for equality and awareness? not anymore apparently, we’re all just a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

i’m so disappointed, what the fuck happened to this godforsaken site? calling people trash for things they can’t help, and saying it’s justified for “what they did in the past!!!!” sometimes they didn’t even do anything wrong.

you guys need to fucking grow up and get some perspective of the world. maybe look on the other side of the little box you keep yourself in, maybe your bias will shrink?

Cultural Appropriation: My thoughts and views

Cultural appropriation has been going on for years. Cultural appropriation is when an ethnic group or members of a different cultural group adopt styles of one culture, claiming it as their own and giving the original people no credit. This has been happening a lot lately with white people, using black culture as high fashion while blacks are being shamed for embracing their culture. Many people especially those who are pro black have problems with this because they feel as though blacks never get any credit for their culture. In this case, whites getting dreads and braids stir up anger within blacks because when a black person has braids or dreads they are looked down upon and shamed for it. Here’s where social media comes into play. Today, social media has become the most known form of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. To me, that is completely fine because I use social media to express and communicate what I feel and stand for. But sometimes I feel as though people take too much advantage of social media. For example, on Twitter there are people who voice their opinions in the wrong way not paying heed to the things they tweet. People tweet and post without thinking or acknowledging what they typed before hitting send. I respect those who are about what they say they are about. Those who tweet mindfully about social issues and don’t care when they are called “wanna be activist”. But I will get to the point about cultural appropriation and how it connects with social media. I feel like there are people who are focused on things that will not aid the black community. I believe that cultural appropriation is an issue that must be addressed and it should also come to an end. Yes, black people are tired of their culture being claimed by white people. They are tired of being looked at in a bad way for embracing their culture while whites are praised for appropriating. But there are other issues within the black community that deserves attention. I’m not saying culture appropriation is not as important but I feel like there are people who say they are here for “black empowerment” but aren’t truly empowering blacks. Listen, wasting your time on social media “dragging” white people for appropriating culture is not empowering your people. I understand that as a community we have every right to defend ourselves, our culture and our people but being stupid and childish thinking you’re doing something for blacks is not at all the right thing to do. Crying about culture appropriation every single day you get on the Internet will not improve black communities. As a person who is pro black my only vision and goal is to empower and uplift my people and someday doing something meaningful for the black community. No not everyone has to agree with each other but sometimes I can’t take certain people serious. The people who scream black empowerment but waste their time empowering the white man by entertaining his ignorance. You could be uplifting your own and empowering your own instead of wasting your energy on a white girl with freaking braids. So what if people are praising her for it? She is Kylie Jenner for goodness sake. She is a celebrity and people will always obsess over what she does. You guys sit here and whine all day about how blacks can’t claim their culture and identity as their own without being called “ghetto” or “unprofessional” but forget about the other issues just as important that’s happening in our community. Black culture gets appropriated every single day, but there are also black people dying every single day. There are black families struggling and suffering. There are black communities that lack opportunity for the youth. That lack a school system which could give black students the education they need to be successful in life. But ya’ll want to sit on Twitter and cry about Kylie Jenner. She does not care about how you feel and she never will. She is a 17 year old girl who also is growing and finding herself. I don’t care if she is rich. She is still a teenager. And it does not seem like you guys are informing her about the black struggle and how we have to endure maltreatment for embracing our culture. You guys are creating an entire problem, revolving the world around Kylie. You guys are giving her the attention she wants. If you really care about black lives the way you say you do you will stop giving her her and white people the attention. All you guys do is feed ignorance. Two wrongs don’t make a right and it will not solve anything. You guys have to stop reacting to every little thing. It is a different story when a black person’s life is taken by a white man unjustly but as for some fucking braids? Ya’ll are too wild and need to take things down a notch. You are not contributing to the growth and advancement of the black community. Ya’ll energy does not add up. Preaching about black lives and empowerment but you don’t focus your attention on empowering blacks. I will say this one hundred times, I don’t care. And I’ll say this once more, I know blacks are TIRED and need ANSWERS but if we don’t come together to fix what’s broken within our community I don’t see us progressing. That is why it is called BLACK EMPOWERMENT. You guys love to claim that you are here to empower blacks but constantly focusing your attention on what a white person is doing. They say “nigga” and ya’ll wanna get wild. Like WHY? I understand that it isn’t their place to say nigga but that’s not the point. The point is, you are giving them more power when you sit around and cry about what they do. There are other things to be angry about besides cultural appropriation. You should be empowering those who are oppressed, blacks need words of encouragement. The black community needs to see that our people are here for each other and we are doing everything we can to build a stronger community. Even though whites have been “dragging” blacks for years, we can’t do that shit. We are better than that as a people. We can inform them and continue to tell them about the black struggle if they don’t don’t want to understand then shut up and keep it moving. You guys are confused. Don’t know the true meaning of empowerment. You give white people more authority when you waste your breath on them. Half of ya’ll saying ya’ll woke but you guys are SLEEP.  You cannot change the mindset of a white person who has been taught and injected hate and hostility for black people. Racism is alive. OUR IDENTITY IS DEEPER THAN BRAIDS. WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE.

– Elisabeth Bellevue


When I think about the things that have happened to black people, it often leads me to weird existential thoughts. I think about things like colonization, slavery, segregation, (and other random terrible sht in general) and I wonder…why? What is the point of such vileness in the universe and what allows/makes these things happen? Is it god/s? Or devil/s? Or maybe just human insanity/stupidity and free will? Like how do people think it’s magically okay to exploit and abuse other PEOPLE because of SKIN COLOR? Are people this shallow??? No one is more superior than another person because at the end of the day, death doesnt give a fck about how “white” or “black” you look. Sometimes I wish an asteroid would wipe out the human race, or that all the ice caps would melt and flood out our existence. All we do here is suffer and cause suffering.

anonymous asked:

.... I feel ashamed to be part white sometimes... Because of some of the things stupid people do.. I don't want to try and defend myself because I don't want to seem like I'm defending the bad guy... I'm not a bad person because I'm part white...

What you have to do when you feel ashamed is to remember it’s not about you, it’s about a huge power structure. You didn’t cause it. However, acknowledge you might be helping perpetuate it without meaning to, and do your best to stop. Support people of different creeds, take them seriously, and just do your best to make things more fair for everyone.

-the Selkie