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Hell all teachers should do this in the mornings!! You see her class is predominantly black. All ideas start somewhere..and I’m pretty sure she never once told anyone it was her idea…come on. 

We gotta stop reaching with certain shit, unless this lady get on TV or something and start claiming it was her idea or taking praise for it this should not be a problem! The whole point is to engage and be interactive with the kids. 

btw Barry White Jr actually said in his video that he hopes more teachers start doing it.

I was going to write this post whether Clinton won or not, because even before the election it was clear that Trump was going to clean up among working class whites. Right now, exit polling has Clinton at 53% of those who make $30,000 a year or less, down from Obama’s 63% in 2012. The people who voted for Obama in past years and who voted for Trump this year determined the way the election went. Why did people vote that way? Because they’ve seen no benefits from voting Democratic.

American wages have been in freefall since 2000. This is the greatest drop in income since the Great Depression. Working class white people voted for Bush, realized he couldn’t change stuff, voted for Obama, realized he couldn’t change things, and were going to stay home until they saw somebody speaking to their concerns. They came out heavily for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primaries, but not quite enough to put him over the top against a vast well-oiled party machinery, and they came out for Donald Trump, who at least made mention of the troubles working class people have but who more importantly positioned himself as the anti-Obama anti-Bush candidate. Clinton ran on 4 more years of Obama, without even being as well-liked as Obama. She didn’t even want to campaign on single payer healthcare, feeling too worried that she might alienate the billionaires overwhelmingly backing her. Her opinions on trade agreements seemed contrived, and nobody believed she’d regulate the banking sector in any way. She failed to oppose the cops that kill black people on the street every day, giving her absolutely no appeal for black people as a voting choice except as a perceived defensive measure. No wonder black working class turnout was down so much. Part of the appeal that Trump had to the white working class was based on the media simply giving in and portraying him as he wished to be portrayed, rather than actually challenging his ostensible pro-working class credentials. A significant part of it was racism, certainly. But it wasn’t racism that put him over the top, it was his ability to convince people that he might change their desperate circumstances. He can’t, of course. Wages will continue to decline during his time in office because his party is wedded to those economic policies that cause wages to decline. There will be a crackup, and we can take advantage of that by stridently opposing him from day 1. We should recognize though that we’re fighting to defend the working class, not to blame it.

This is the wrong time to dismiss the role racism played in Donald Trump’s win.

Contrary to the popular narrative, economic anxiety was not the main reason white Trump voters cast ballots for the president-elect. Those who listed the economy as their top concern voted for Clinton at a rate of 52% compared with Trump’s 42%, according to exit polls published by the New York Times. Of the four priorities given as options by the pollsters, Trump voters on average ranked immigration and terrorism — both starkly racialized issues in the U.S. — above America’s financial state. 

In case after case, instead of figuring out how to ensure stable and livable jobs and wages for these workers, GOP leaders have scapegoated black welfare mooches and “illegals” coming from Mexico, whom they accuse of stealing jobs and committing crimes. Rather than reject this race-baiting, white Americans have been consistently willing to accept these explanations.

The result has been a deep entangling of economic anxiety with racial anxiety. There is no hard line between the two, as many today would suggest. …

If anything, the shift in the debate over whether Trump supporters were guided by racism seems more rooted in a desire to avoid confronting racism. You could argue that calling these people racist hurts their feelings and will make it harder to convince them not to vote for candidates like Trump in the future. This may be true, but it’s also dishonest about the dynamics at play. If we want to create a society where we flatter and indulge people into voting how we want, avoiding calling out their “racism” when it arises may be a good idea. But if we want to address the real root of the problem, we’ll have reckon with more uncomfortable truths.

— Zak Cheney-Rice, Read the full op-ed                          follow @the-movemnt

Things People Need To Remember

• White people are not the problem, racists are.
• Muslims are not the problem, terrorists are.
• CIS people are not the problem, transphobic people are.
• Christians are not the problem, homophobic and judgmental people are.
• Rich people are not the problem, wealthy people who used the poor to become rich and make fun of the lower class are.
• Those who share, celebrate and honor a culture are not the problem, those who wrongly appropriate a culture to lower it or make fun of it are.
• Men are not the problem, misogyny and those who think are they’re the better sex are.
• Women are not the problem, misandry and those who think are they’re the better sex are.
• People are not the problem, their bad actions are.

How to Stump a Racist Prof Who is Claiming White Privilege Exists

1. Ask them to define “white.”
A. If they say it is skin tone, ask them to draw the line.
B. If they say it is a class that people assimilate to, point out that that means black people can assimilate. If they say black people cannot, point out that it is really about skin tone then.

2. Ask them to accompany you to the registrars to make a formal accusation that the registrar afforded you racial preference. The prof will back down. They know that they have no evidence to support such an allegation.

3. Ask them in what precise way the white homeless child of a meth user has it easier than a black homeless child of a meth user. Demand something specific.

4. If they try to use slavery…
A. Cite the fact that a VERY low percentage of US residents could afford to own slaves.
B. Press them to explain why they have excluded the ripple effects of white slavery from their equation.

5. Demand they deliver some kind of tangible evidence that every “white” person is given a leg up. When they try, there will be ample instances of impoverished whites who did not benefit from their example, and you can point out that class privilege is a better model to explain what they think they see.

If something doesn’t apply to you, then you have no right to speak on behalf of a whole group that is affected by it. When women, the LGBTQ+ community, the mentally/physically disabled, Muslims, immigrants, POCs, etc. say that they are offended or that they are hurt or being disrespected or being oppressed or that they are fearing for their lives, fucking LISTEN TO THEM. Believe me, they know a hell of a lot more about their oppressions than you do.

So stop telling minorities that there’s nothing to fear or that if we just do everything the “right” way we’ll be fine. Not everything is so black and white and to act like it is is just showing that you are coming from a position of privilege that, unfortunately, not everybody has.

Stop telling minorities how to feel about what is going on around them and what is happening to them. They shouldn’t have to feel these horrible things- nobody should- but they are. The least you can do is realize that their feelings are valid and try to help them.

Stop telling minorities, “Oh, well, I’m an [insert minority group here] and [blah blah blah] doesn’t hurt/offend/scare me.” Because yeah, it’s great that you are in a position of privilege/power where you aren’t being affected by these things, but use that position to help others and just acknowledge the fact that not everybody has the same luxuries that you do.

Just because you can’t see or understand the magnitude of what is going on, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. It just means that it isn’t happening to you. (at least not to the same extent as other people are)

Instead of telling minorities how to feel, listen to us. Open up your eyes. Don’t stay ignorant. Try to understand the viewpoint of different minorities and realize that although you will never truly be able to, you will have at least a tiny bit more of an understanding- you will gain some sort of compassion by doing so. Then find a way (or ways) to join in the fight for justice and equality.

I always feel super embarrassed to say I get my clothes from H&M or F21 because I know they’re not ethical and fast fashion is bad, but I feel it’s inherently classist to shame people who can’t afford to shop elsewhere? There is this idea of “ethical consumerism” where if you spend $50 for an American made t-shirt, you’re a better person than someone who maxes out at $10-20 at Target, but there really is no such thing as ethical shopping under capitalism. So yes, if I wasn’t a recently graduated college student living below the poverty line, then I could afford to shop at less problematic stores. And yes, I know I’m SUPER privileged in comparison to folks who can’t afford clothes at all. But god I hate the narrative of upper class white people who act like they’re better than everyone else because they can pay extra for clothes that are slightly more “ethical”.

I had this one college class that was sort of like a weird discussion class and this white girl said she “experienced rac/-ism” at her place of work and described this situation where she was called a cracker and I really wished I said something in that class even if the class was like 70% white women…. including the professors that were agreeing with her….

This was like 2-3 years ago idk why I was thinking about it.

systematically exterminating members of the KKK one by one in Mafia 3 is the most fun I’ve had in a videogame in so long. Literally a black angel of justice slaughtering them, blowing them up with grenades, double shooting their corpses for good measure, the works.

I also love that the game shows them and has you killing them most of the time without the hoods. In popular culture we are made to fear THE WHITE HOODS and not the people behind them. That theyre just regular ass Beckies, Johns and Thomases. And that wearing the hood is just the symbolic boogeyman white people create in history class to make it seem like it’s “THOSE CRAZY PEOPLE OVER THERE” when they are their relatives, our politicians, our police officers and more.

I also love that in the game the KKK you killing are not all poor white people. That’s the other thing white people like to pretend is that racism only exists 1) if you wearing a KKK hood or 2) if you’re a poor uneducated white person. White liberals love this myth especially even as they (rich, college educated and “worldly” white folks) go around calling us “super predators” that “need to be brought to heel”. its a fuckin joke. And the game is great because you go up to several rich ass white peoples homes who are hosting BBQs and raising shit tons of money for the KKK and you kill their asses too as they grillin and dancin.

Likkkee. The game overall has just been just okay so far but this side mission definitely made it worth the purchase. SO LIT.


Today in class, we talked about racism. The teacher told us to write down any accounts of racism we’ve experienced or have witnessed. There’s like 6 POC in our class and the rest are white. Not one of my white classmates could come up with one single valid count of racism they’d experienced. One said something about not being able to play a certain position because of her colour, but black people are out here getting killed because of their colour. And people believe reverse racism is real. Smh.

I have never really understood exactly what a ‘liberal’ is, since I have heard ‘liberals’ express every conceivable opinion on every conceivable subject. As far as I can tell, you have the extreme right, who are fascist racist capitalist dogs like Ronald Reagan, who come right out and let you know where they’re coming from. And on the opposite end, you have the left, who are supposed to be committed to justice, equality, and human rights. And somewhere between those two points is the liberal.

As far as I’m concerned, ‘liberal’ is the most meaningless word in the dictionary. History has shown me that as long as some white middle-class people can live high on the hog, take vacations to Europe, send their children to private schools, and reap the benefits of their white skin privilege, then they are ‘liberal’. But when times get hard and money gets tight, they pull off that liberal mask and you think you’re talking to Adolf Hitler. They feel sorry for the so-called underprivileged just as long as they can maintain their own privileges.

—  Assata Shakur

Don’t let the media fool you into believing that Brexit and the Trump victory are the result of a “backlash against the political elite.” Trump is a rich white billionaire Republican. You don’t get much more elite than that. And Brexit was supported largely by middle class white people too, not to mention the most influential newspapers in the country.

They want to paint this as a movement for change, but these developments were a backlash against progressive change. These events were a victory for entitled people who genuinely think that having to pay taxes and live with migrants is a form of persecution. The people who genuinely NEED political change had their wishes ignored in these elections.

The people who support these things are not radicals, they are conservatives who think that the pitifully small amount of progress we’ve made in the past few decades needs to be stamped out.

Why do middle class white people hate being told they have to take responsibility for their actions?

Oh yeah it’s because deep down they know they living off the back of oppression, death, slavery, theft, rape and murder whoops how silly of me.

white coat resistance

I recently had the privilege (and yes, I use that word intentionally) of sitting in a small hospital conference room with a group of brilliant, caring people in white coats and scrubs, brainstorming ways to protect our patients from our government. This was following a meeting in a neighbor’s living room, with fellow queer/ally middle-class white people, brainstorming ways to protect our neighbors from our government.

I want undocumented immigrants and black people and queer people to know that, all over this country, there are small rooms full of people who care about you and are actively working to make sure that there will be safe places for you in this country no matter what the xenophobic narcissistic dictator-elect tries to do to you.