white people and their weird names

In second grade they had one of those in classroom toilets so if you farted people could hear you

I once sat in the bathroom for like thirty minutes and I guess the teacher figured out that I was reading a book in there cuz she banged on the door and forced me to come out.

She called me “princess” and let me tell you something.

I’ve always had a problem with female pronouns and names.

I got really pissed.

She then said “one day when you’re wrinkled you’ll appreciate not having to spend thirty minutes on the toilet.”

And I just blurted out “I won’t be wrinkled, I’m not white like you.”

Anyway that’s the story of how I met the vice principal and she became my hero cuz she laughed her ass off.

why do all the green martians have common white people names that are just spelled weird, like j’onn? m’gann?? that lakynn lady would eat this shit up

I had I dream I was chatting with some aliens in the classic tumblr “humans are weird” style and mostly I spent the whole time explaining our naming system to them. They found it quite endearing that humans will name their offspring after people they already love like family members, or just pick names that sound pretty/mean something nice instead of it just being a utilitarian identification thing, but on the other hand, trying to explain the people who name their children after fictional characters (or worse, pull White People Nonsense like Jairyd or Lakynn) was difficult and embarrassing.

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Hiya! Can I request RFA/Saeran+MC going grocery shopping together? Could you also include which aisle they would spend the longest time in? I hope that's not too much >.< Have a lovely day~

Here ya go! Grocery shopping is nice because there’s a lot of food and I’m quite fond of that stuff.



  • Ok but this boy knows what’s up
  • He’s been to the grocery store so many times, he can probably finish all his shopping with his eyes closed (or at least one of them closed if you know what I mean hahahhaha sorry)
  • He’s like those moms who are into super couponing probably because his own mom was too
  • He has a whole binder full of coupons waiting to be used, and he’s categorized them all according to types and %off.
  • Even if you’ve been grocery shopping before, going with Yoosung is a whole other deal
  • Jeez is it intense
  • Though who knew browsing the vegetable aisle with this boy by your side would prove to be such an enlightening experience?
  • Unless you tell him you already know most of the stuff he’s saying, Yoosung will not hesitate to stop in front of every single thing and tell you about its various uses in cooking, or just life in general
  • And by every single thing I mean every single damn thing, even if it’s considered elementary knowledge
  • “This is a banana—“
  • “I know Yoosung,I know.”
  • He’ll also teach you really simple recipes while you load up your cart with food
  • “If you have trouble sleeping, heat up some milk and sprinkle some powdered nutmeg into it!” actually very comforting imo
  • “For really brown bananas, if you don’t want to eat them or can’t use them at the moment, put them in the freezer and you can make yummy banana bread with them later!”
  • “If you ever slice apples and want to prevent them from turning brown, just dip them in a bit of lemon juice!”
  • Thank you Yoosung Sensei
  • Every time you go grocery shopping together, you know you’ll return home feeling like you just took an intensive nutrition class

Spends longest time in:

Literally everywhere????

The only aisle he doesn’t really visit is the liquor aisle, but other than that he’ll spend the same amount of time in each place. Occasionally he will steer clear of the milk section after remembering some, ah, unpleasant memories


  • Okay so he’s not quite a dolt when it comes to grocery shopping that’s for sure, like he knows about the basics, and of course he’s a beer expert
  • Though he is nowhere close to being on Yoosung’s Godly Grocery level
  • and Zen will never admit that he doesn’t know jack shit about what he buys most of the time
  • He’ll try to seem knowledgeable just for you, and he does want you to eat healthy (”Fruits and vegetable ares good for the skin! Though my skin is already amazing enough.” thank you zen that makes me feel so much better about myself)
  • But he’s not sure what to do with 90% of the stuff he puts in your cart
  • When you guys go home, he’ll sneak a phone call to Yoosung, list all the items that he bought, and Yoosung in turn will teach him a few possible recipes
  • Tbh usually such a phone call would sound like some shady drug dealing cuz it starts all like:
  • “Hey, Yoosung,” Zen casts a wary eye around before whispering, “I’ve got new goods.  Can you hook me up with some plans?”
  • But it’s okay, you’ll relax once you hear them talking about the properties of lettuce
  • “Zen, let me get this straight. You bought a whole octopus…without actually knowing how to cook it?!”
  • “Uh, yeah.”
  • “WHY?!”
  • “Well, I can’t be her knight in shining armor if I don’t know how to deal with a mere octopus!”
  • When Seven hears about this, he’s all like “move aside fabled evil dragon, the princess in the tower is now guarded by a wriggling, squishy octopus. How will Zen slay the mighty beast?”

Spends longest time in:

Cosmetics aisle! And I mean spends a loooooooooooooOOOng time. He wants you to try stuff on. Then he wants you to give him a makeover. Then he wants to take pictures. Then he finds new products to try. The infernal cycle begins again. 


  • She never really had any  time to go grocery shopping before, and so she would just buy her meals from the convenience store
  • So the first time you went shopping together, oh boy was this girl lost
  • Although she knows all the fruits and vegetables and different types of meat, so the basics,  she just doesn’t know what to buy because there are so many choices??
  • She just wants to buy everything and try it all 
  • And so she does
  • You’re zooming around all the aisles, and soon each of you have your own cart chock full of food
  • In the end, two end up buying too much and invite Yoosung over to help y’all cook 
  • “Okay, I get that you wanted to buy a lot to get variety, but that does not explain why you had to buy 10 packs of meat and a total of 5 types of squash,” says Yoosung, mildly exasperated. 

Spends the longest time in:

The bakery section! She likes to look at their desserts to get inspiration, and will sometimes by those that catch her fancy. Although she also does spend a lot of time in the coffee section, however, there usually isn’t a lot of variety so she tends to be a bit disappointed. 


  • h a H
  • Jumin Han grocery shopping?
  • “Why go to the grocery store when the grocery store could come to you?”
  • babe PLS
  • “If you really want to make food yourself, why don’t you just order the ingredients online?”
  • Because grocery shopping is fun? sometimes
  • If you’re so insistent about going to the store, he’s 100% down to open one someplace in the building just for you.
  • Once you turn down all his extravagant ideas and manage to drag his fine ass to the store, Jumin is frowning.
  • Just like Yoosung, he’ll stop in front of every product there is. But this time, he’ll talk about them from a business perspective.
  • “If a watermelon costs this much for one pound, then for it to be of a profitable price, the amount of edible watermelon must be equal to—”
  • “Jumin we’ve been standing here for ten minutes.”
  • He’ll still occasionally stop to calculate the price per consumable unit though
  • Mutters to himself the whole time
  • But he proves to be immensely useful 
  • You’re comparing two types of dumplings, different companies, slightly different prices
  • “Jumin, which one comes out to be the best buy?”
  • Hoooooooh he’ll go all out 
  • He compares approximate size of dumplings, nutritional values, price per unit, reputability of manufacturer, you name it
  • So when you go grocery shopping, always bring yourself a Jumin Han to buy the best products in the store
  • Also because this rich boy is really cute when he wanders around, a little crease between his eyebrows, whispering equations to himself under his breath as he trails behind you like a little kid

Spends longest time in:

Pet food aisle, duhh. Would never dare feed Elly ‘commoner cat food’, though he’ll consider it if you make some brand suggestions. On a side note I feel like Jumin has tried Elly’s food before, especially if it’s something she seems to really like. “Maybe I can replicate this taste but make it something safe for humans to eat?”


  • asifdj;aslkdfjaslk;gja;lkdgj
  • First of all, you guys are never both walking.  Either you’re in the cart and he pushes, or the other way around.
  • Here’s the thing though, he’s not so much in the cart as under it
  • I saw a picture of this but I can’t find it… you know how there’s usually a rack beneath the cart? Yeah, he just lies down on that.
  • If you leave him under the cart and wander too far away, he will yell “MArcO!” until you answer “polo” in an equally loud manner
  • This has gotten you kicked out more than a couple of times
  • “What do you mean soda and chips aren’t enough to sustain the human body?”
  • “What’s a vegetable?”
  • It’s like, he knows of the stuff, but he’s never seen any in person
  • “Wow…that’s…is that really an orange? In flesh????”
  • “This is edible?” he says, holding a pack of shrimp in his hands
  • While in the frozen food section: “I wonder what would happen if we blended a pizza, and then used that pizza to make pizza sauce for another pizza? Like…pizzaception.
  • you guys actually tried doing that but regretted it because that shit was disgusting
  • Food puns
  • He will try to be more serious if you tell him, but why would you? 
  • Saeyoung makes grocery shopping seem like an adventure

Spends longest time in:

I mean when he’s under the cart he doesn’t really have a choice so he’ll chill there and contemplate whether or not he should lick the floor while you get the food.  However, if he’s the one pushing you, you bet he’ll head straight to the snack section. That’s his turf. Will glower at those who dare approach his precious chips. “So um Saeyoung are we just gonna wait around here and chase people away all day or…?” 


  • He’s the type of kid that has absolutely no idea about anything
  • He’ll point at a cabbage and call it a cucumber
  • He says carrots grow on trees
  • You get a lot of stares because he calls everything by the wrong name with so much confidence
  • The baby is super proud of himself and you don’t have the heart to tell him he’s wrong
  • That changes when Yoosung goes shopping with him once though.  Yoosung almost cried when Saeran asked him what this weird, round white thing was called (answer: an oinion. HAH SAERAN IS LIKE AN ONION, HE HAS LAYERS HAHAHAHAHHA I’M SO FUNNY)
  • Yoosung lowkey kidnaps Saeran and they have a study session together where Saeran learns about the marvelous world of fresh produce
  • But once you go back to the store together after he studied hard, it’s so precious
  • Saeran correctly identifies most of the stuff, but after every time he names something, he’ll glance at you, as if waiting for your approval
  • once you give him a tiny nod, a smile playing around your lips, his eyes will just light the fuck up and ;sdfja;lskdfjaslkdfja the baby bean is gonna blush a lil’ because w oW he did it???
  • Saeran reverts back to a toddler when y’all go to the store, you better hold his hand or he’ll wander off and get lost in another dimension

Spends longest time in:

ya, the ice cream section. you can get ice cream on a stick?? w h at???? a pre made ice cream cone???? w HA t??? I CAN BUY TWO LITERS BUCKETS OF ICE CREAM??? W  H AT?!??!??!?! It’s a Saeran heaven and half the bill goes to his own, full cart of ice cream. 

STOP asking for more Firefly

STAHP. There is no other way to start this.  I loved Firefly and even more I adored Serenity.  I took the day off school and saw every screening of Serenity that day.  By the end of opening weekend I had seen the film seven times.  Total I ended up seeing that film about 12 times in theaters.  Even more in life.  Firefly was the shit.  Firefly was that thing I couldn’t love more for so long.  

Firefly, as it turns out, has a lot of problems.  Especially if you are a hashtag woke person.  There are really great elements.  The actors live and breathe these characters and if they were to come back to them today those actors could likely embrace those rolls once again.  But like I said, there are a bunch of problems.  

Let’s go with the big one.  Firefly is a big universe about the idea of what if American and Chinese cultures merged.  If after all is said and done, the only cultures that survive moving out to space was American(Mostly white) and Chinese cultures.  So why is it that casual fans don’t know this.  Why is it that most people who know this only know it because someone told them, or because Joss mentioned it in the special features of Firefly’s original DVD set way back in 2003?  

It’s almost as if there is something missing.  Something Key.  Oh, I meant someone.  That someone being FUCKING CHINESE PEOPLE.  You don’t get to just call two characters who are white with white parents the last name Tam.  White Skin is not the mixture of other races.  

Actually, other than Book and Zoe, where are the other people of color?   This is a genuine problem because not only are all of the speaking roles in the show pretty much just white people, so are the background players.  It is really quite strange.  If it was just the core worlds, I’d maybe understand it because the Alliance would definitely support Eugenics, but it is quite the weird situation.  

If you didn’t realize that Book was the magical negro and that Zoe was a stereotypical violent Black Woman, time for you to go to your room and learn about looking at non-white characters in media works.  

I know that a lot of people Love Joss.  They love that he is this self-proclaimed feminist and he’s all about these great female characters.  But he doesn’t like to talk about race.  He doesn’t like to really talk about sexual orientation*.  He doesn’t really like to talk about Trans characters.  I’m not just talking about he as a person, but the works he produces.  And when he touches on any of these subjects, it’s the lightest of touches and it really isn’t a big exploration so much as the media equivalent of click bait.  

Again, look at Firefly.  That is a whole fuck ton of straight characters, and a Bi Sex worker.  Whose Bi-ness only comes up when they want a joke for a male character, and not development for Inara.  But, Inara is a great reason why I’m glad the show never kept going.  Fun Fact:  Joss originally wanted to do a story about a drug that Inara takes.  This drug would kill anyone that rapes the person who takes it.  They were going to have Inara kidnapped by Reavers and when she was found, they would all be dead because of this drug.  Yes, Joss wanted to have the Sex Worker in the future where Sex Workers are super respected gang raped.  He thought this was a progressive and edgey story.  Then again, he set up a future where Sex Workers are respected and everything is done to keep them out of danger, and has the “likable” main character Mal slut shame her at every chance, while he was totally willing to slut around with YoSaffBridge and Nandi.  Again “Progressive”.  

And isn’t it so progressive that they have white people pepper in Chinese into their dialogue only for most of that dialogue just to be nonsensical cursing?  Or very basic thank yous or calling someone sister.  So progressive.  

So everytime you ask for more Firefly you are asking for more of this shit.   Personally?  I want something knew that doesn’t have to live with that baggage.  If Joss really wants to make a scifi feminism show, he needs to learn about TransWomen and including more women of color as leads.  One is not good enough.  

With that said, one of my favorite fan theories is that Firefly, Blade Runner, Alien, and Predator all exist in the same amalgam universe.  


Just because I hate on the fandom and think the creator has a long way to go to get better, doesn’t mean I don’t still have some love for this very flawed work.  

The Last Of Us - A Sirius Black Imagine *smut*

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A new Sirius x Reader imagine because, hey what would be my life without it? 

Warning: smut


(ps : by the way, I changed my theme so I could add a masterlist link on the mobile version, let me know if it doesn’t work ^^)

The coffee shop was going awfully quiet.
Y/N looked down at her notes. Studying medicine was almost a full time job. She needed a rest.
She looked at her left wrist, glancing at her watch. Had she been there all day? The shop was about to close down; she had maybe half an hour left. Her big exam was coming at the end of the week. She thought she could use the remaining time just to catch up with her reading.
She felt like it was never going to end.
But still, it was better than what she was used to do before. Helping people instead of hurting them was something to look forward for.
She yawned and got up.
‘Sorry, is it too late to ask for another coffee?’ she said to the kind barista in front of her.
He looked at the dark circles surrounding her eyes; it was as much as he felt sorry for her.
‘Not at all, there’s still some left. Are you not tired? It’s late…’
She smiled.
‘This is why I need another round’ she replied, laughing warmly.
'Seriously, I don’t know how you keep up. I see you every night here, looking at your notes… what are you studying, if I may ask?’
Y/N sighed.
'I want to be a doctor… so…’
The door opening behind interrupted her. She looked at the costumer. He looked a little bit lost, like he didn’t even know what he was doing there. He seemed to hold an helmet in his hands and his mid long dark hair were all over the place.
She turned around; the barista lent her a cup of warm coffee. She took out her purse.
'It’s on the house’ he said, smiling.
'Oh, thank you’ she replied, grateful.
'You’ll be saving lives in the future, no need to thank me!’
She laughed warmly.
Holding the cup, she sat back at her place, buried with all the handiworks and heavy notebooks. She was exhausted. Her attention was drawn to the young man with the helmet. He looked confused.
'Er… I’ll have a coffee, please.’
Y/N looked at him more carefully. He emanated some strange posture, a mix of elegance and recklessness. He had a style of his own but it looked almost like it was effortless. From him emanated something very special, she just couldn’t put her finger on it. He grabbed the cup and sat at the table in front of her. She blushed. He looked cute. No, cute wasn’t the word. The more she stared at him, the more she thought he looked handsome. His silver eyes were to die for; they were a colour she hadn’t been used to see. His face looked familiar thought, but it didn’t matter.
He sipped on the hot liquid and their eyes locked. Y/N immediately glanced down, trying to get back in her studies. But all the words were dancing before her eyes; she was saturated with it all. She could feel the young man’s gaze on her, which made her feel particularly warm.
She heard his chair creaks and a second later; he was standing in front of her.
'Mind if I sit?’ he said.
She looked at him, thinking he had the warmest voice.
'Not enough free seats?’ she replied, glancing at the empty coffee place.
He raised his shoulders.
'You look like you could use some company.’
'Do I?’ she said, smiling weakly.
He sat in front of her.
'What you’re up to?’
'Drowning myself into studies.’
She nodded.
'That’s amazing’ he replied, taking a sheet in his hands.
He looked like he tried to understand what was written on it. He put it down on the table, looking rather discouraged.
'Most people say that, but sometimes I wonder in what I got myself into…’
He smiled, showing a straight line of white teeth.
'I never met a doctor before.’
'Never been to a hospital?’ she asked, frowning her eyebrows.
He waved his hand to avoid the question.
'I’m Sirius, by the way.’
He rolled his eyes.
'Oh you mean, Sirius is your name?’ she said, putting the emphasis on the “I”. 'That’s not a very common name is it?’
'My parents are weird.’
She laughed.
'So are mine. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you, Sirius.’
He smiled warmly at her again. She felt her face flush with red.
'What are you doing at this hour of the night?’
He raised his shoulders, gulping at another sip of coffee.
'My best mate’s wife just gave birth, I was on my way home.’
'Really? Aw! Are they okay?’
'Yeah, they’re fine. It’s a boy, actually. His name’s Harry.’
'Beautiful’ she replied.
'I’m his godfather’ he said, looking blankly at his cup. Y/N could feel he felt really proud. When he said godfather, she saw how his eyes were sparkling.
'I want to do this, later. Helping women give birth. Its a powerful thing to do you know? Watching a woman bringing a new human being into this world, it’s so… beautiful.’
'Yeah. I never was baby crazy’ he said with a funny tone. 'But when I held the little lad in my arms, I felt like I would protect him at any cost. It was almost like… I don’t know, it was a strange feeling.’
'Wait until you get one of your own. You’ll feel this way a hundred per cent more.’
He laughed bark-likely.
'Well, I’m not there yet.’
Y/N pointed at her notes.
'Me neither.’
They heard the barista walk to their table.
'I’m sorry’ he said, looking embarrassed. 'I kind of have to throw you out, I’m closing the place down.’
'Oh, no worries’ replied Y/N, gathering her things up together. 'I’m leaving.’
She got up and Sirius followed her outside.
'It was nice to meet you’ she said, waving awkwardly at him.
'Do you live near?’ he asked, looking at the dark sky.
Sirius laughed.
'Okay, that sounded creepier than I wanted to. I’m just offering you a ride. I won’t stalk you, don’t worry. It’s late…’
Y/N looked all around. It was indeed pretty late. And she was so tired, she didn’t feel like walking.
'You’re driving a bike?’ she asked, pointing at the engine.
'I always carry an extra helmet.’
She laughed and stood next to him.
'Do you, um? In case you meet some random girl?’
He laughed.
'I’ll take the ride’ she added, feeling quite light.
What was life without a little risk, anyway?
Sirius started the motorbike. It growled loudly.
It was a hot summer day, still the cool wind made Y/N feel good. The moving motion and the freeing sensation made her feel like she was flying. It was waking her up a bit as they were heading towards her tiny flat, down the city. She felt more alive than she had felt in some time.
When they reached her doorstep, she was disappointed it didn’t last longer.
She gazed at Sirius, who was sitting on his bike, looking at her hungrily.
'Thank you’ she said, shyly. 'It was really nice of you.’
'Pleasure was all mine, Y/N.’
She turned her back. She closed her eyes, waiting to hear the sound of the growling motor again.
'Sirius?’ she shouted, turning to face him again.
He turned around.
'Do you want to come upstairs? Have some tea maybe?’
He looked at her in the eyes and bit his lip.
'You sure?’

Y/N nodded. She needed to focus on something else. How long had it been since she became intimate with somebody for the last time? She couldn’t recall.
With everything that had happened over the past year…
'Yeah, come on in.’
Sirius followed her inside.
When she turned the key into the lock, she swallowed.
'It’s no palace, but it’s home.’
They entered her flat. Like she had just stated, it wasn’t a big place. You couldn’t tell where the kitchen ended or where the living room started.
Y/N threw her keys on the coffee table and managed to free it.
‘Sorry for the mess, I have notes everywhere’ she said, embarrassed.
‘I don’t mind, really. You shouldn’t worry about it.’
She turned around and smiled to Sirius. He looked so irresistible.
Like if he had read in her mind, he stepped closer to her and stared into her eyes.
She felt so little out of a sudden. She looked down and scratched her neck.
‘I’m sorry, I’m not used to that…’
‘To what?’ replied Sirius, looking amused.
‘I never invited a stranger over, you know?’
He smiled, again, which made her heart pound faster.
‘Would you show me?’ she asked, clenching her grisp on his shirt.
He smacked his lips unto hers and grabbed her from the floor. She got lost in the kiss, sliding her fingers in his locks. Sirius pushed her gently on the small counter where he slowly put kisses on her collarbone. Y/N let out a moan, which he found extremely cute.
She pulled off his shirt and looked at his stomach. She slid a finger on his chest as she admired him.
He managed to unzip her jeans and in all honestly, she couldn’t wait for them to drop on the kitchen floor.
Y/N grabbed his neck and pulled him near her so she could kiss him deeply again. Someway, deep inside, it set down a fire in her stomach and she was unstoppable.
It only managed to get Sirius eager for her and she started to unbuckle his jeans as well. His belt fell on the floor with a loud toc as he growled into her mouth.
‘Fuck me’ she whispered in his ear, which set him on fire.
He ripped out her panties and took out his hard on from his underwear. There, on the counter, he penetrated her with such force she had a gulp of surprise.
‘Are you alright?’ he asked her.
She smiled.
She arched her hips so he could take her more and she moaned of pleasure, juice dripping of her sex as he moved back and forth into her.
Sirius pulled her shirt off and released her gorged breast, sucking on each of her nipples. Y/N scratched his back and he let out a loud growl.
‘Playing rough, are we?’ he said, with a smirk on his face.
He stopped moving into her, turned her body around so she could face the backlash and started to pound into her again, this time from behind.
Y/N let a big moan escape her mouth as she took his full length, not knowing what to do with herself anymore. Her legs were starting to shake with pleasure as Sirius moved into her. She was slowly feeling all of her senses at the same time.
Sirius stopped moving and bent, knees on the floor. He spread her wet cheeks and started to lick her hole, applying pressure on her clit, lapping slowly, tasting her juices.
‘Fuck!’ she shouted, feeling she was about to cum.
He got up again and slid back his cock into her.
‘Merlin, you look so damn pretty’ he said into her ear.
She flinched but tried to not think about it. Only her pleasure counted.
He rubbed gently her clit with his finger and with a loud moan she came hard on him. He followed her into the void of pleasure.
Both panting and sweating, they stared into their eyes.
She knew.
She got off the counter and put her clothes back on.
‘I’ll be back’ she said, running to her bedroom.
She closed the door behind her, feeling tears coming to her eyes. She had tried to leave this life. She had left everything to lead a normal existence. Somehow, her past always seemed to catch up with her. She could never put this behind her.
Y/N approached her night table. She opened the second drawer and grabbed something at the bottom of it.
‘Shit’ she mumbled to herself.
She hid it behind her back and got out of her room. Sirius was standing in the kitchen, replacing his hair correctly. He turned around and gave her a big smile.
Y/N pointed the object at his chest.
‘Who are you?’ she asked with a cold voice.
Sirius frowned his eyebrows.
‘Who are you?’ he answered, looking for his wand. He had left it in his coat.
‘I left everything to escape you people. I knew this was no coincidence. You were sent to spy on me, isn’t?’
‘What are you talking about? I didn’t know you were-‘
Y/N moved her hand, making her wand twitch.
‘Are you working for him?’
Sirius was shocked.
‘For who?’
‘You a Death Eater?’
‘What! No way! Hey, listen to me, I’m not-‘
He waved his hands in the air, feeling threatened.
‘If you’re going to kill me, at least tell me your full name’ he said, stepping back.
He was now standing in the living room.
‘It doesn’t matter. I got away from all this bullshit, I specifically told my brother I didn’t want to do anything with it. Go tell him he has to stop chasing me. I’m not with them anymore.’
‘I don’t know who your brother is, love, but I swear, I’m not a Death Eater. I’m not.’
Sirius looked at the little coffee table where she had tried to clean the papers away. He peeked at the sheet above where she had written her name with a delicate calligraphy at the top.. With fearful eyes, he glanced at Y/N again.
‘Y/N. You’re a Lestrange?’ he whispered in a low voice. ‘Tell me you’re not…’

Holy crap please watch People of Earth. This show is a trip

Favorite lines so far:

-“Therapy is white people shit”

-“Shhhh I’m about to kill Gina from support group”

-*Alien abducting person* “Don’t get weird”

-*Person getting abducted by alien* “WOOO SUCK IT DAD”

Not a line but still gold

*aliens’ names are Jeff, Kurt, and Don*

Related to the last post I reblogged about people using Japanese names

Recently I came across a couple incidents online within the span of like two days in the same community where people used Japanese for their names and had everyone completely mislead thinking they were Japanese. One of them was a white person who had been outright lying in real life and online for years (amazingly) and using yellow face with a fake Japanese last name claiming to be half Japanese. The second person had her full name in Japanese, katakana first name and the kanji last name of her ex husband, in addition to a very gyaru looking profile picture and although she never said she was Japanese, everyone who came across her including me had assumed she was Japanese. They both spoke about east Asian and Japanese women’s issues. Oh, and these people were in many poc centered spaces and the first girl was in SEVERAL POC ONLY spaces. When it came out that the first girl was lying about her race it was incredibly upsetting and hurtful to the community because she had actually been close and friendly to a lot of people and even bonded with east asian woc over the difficulties of being an asian woman in a white country.. I still feel so weird about the whole thing. This person had me thinking we had the same ethnic background. I don’t like that I end up being skeptical of white passing people about their ethnic background but this Rachel Dolezal shit happens way too often and it’s so unfair to real mixed people. The second one wasn’t overtly lying but yikes. If you aren’t Japanese and use a Japanese name in Japanese characters on facebook along with a Japanese gyaru looking profile people are going to safely assume you are Japanese!!! This has got to be intentional cause there was absolutely no reason why she couldn’t just use roman characters especially for her white ass first name. if you are doing something like this something In you is deliberately trying to make yourself more “exotic”/you’re a fucking weeaboo trying to look Japanese. You’re misleading people and it’s so insulting. I even backed down from a conversation about asian women to give HER space to talk. FUCK these people. I don’t think white people get how hurtful this is but it’s INCREDIBLY VIOLATING to poc. this shit needs to stop, I am so tired of it. stop taking names from and aligning yourself with other races and cultures. Stop accessorizing yourself with aspects of other peoples culture. You’ll NEVER EVER be us, no matter where you live, who you become friends with, fuck, or become parent to.

Weird how it’s always bey white ppl wanna point to as a bourgeois enemy of the people class oppressor whatever, without saying a peep about their white faves who pull in more money in a year without putting in half the effort, energy, creativity, let alone talent

What is it about bey that makes her wealth stand out, I wonder? Why does Taylor swift making three times what bey did in 2016 not elicit the same essays about economic exploitation? When are y'all gonna drag madonna’s ancient irrelevant ‘I made my name on the backs of blacks’ ass for the fuckin oil trade? 🤔🤔🤔

~ WoW its a gOD ~

demigod au oneshot (maybe?)

Virgil Sanders sat at the top of half-blood hill, looking at the woods that surrounded him with an open book on his lap. Trees as far as the eye could see, shadows that hid monsters and shrouded them from the prying eyes of mortals. Campers ran around, making such an annoying ruckus, behind him as they went about doing their daily activities; but Virgil was alone, like he always was.

The shadows flocked to him, seeming to dance around his fingertips, as he longed to join the others, to be apart of something. But instead of dwelling on those thoughts he blocked out the cheerful chatter that surrounded him and turned his attention to the book in his lap before cursing in Greek.

The book he had picked up was in English and printed black on white, also known as hell for his dyslexia. Why did they even have these books, it’s not like any sane camper would read it when they had the same thing printed with a different page colour (yellow was the easiest for him to read) or in Ancient Greek?

He cursed again, dropped the book and flopped onto the grass before letting out a sigh of annoyance at the sight of three campers approaching him. He got ready to shadow travel but instead of the campers seeming disgusted they just sat down beside him with a smile. It was weird, being so close to people and not having them flinch away in fear.

“Hi, I’m Patton!” One of the three chirped before giving him a blinding smile. The golden blonde hair and heavy dusting freckles on his tan skin clearly marking him as a child of Apollo - though the fact that his smile was brighter than the sun would also give it away. Virgil waved at him, smiling slightly when none of them seemed to question the fact that his skin was a canvas of both brown and white skin.

“My name is Logan,” a brown haired boy with grey eyes stated, his voice somehow cold and analytical despite what he said only being an introduction. The way his eyes bore into Virgil’s own black ones, pulling his soul into the open as if trying to figure out the best way to destroy him in battle made Virgil gulp before offering him a polite smile. A child of Athena, Virgil’s brain supplied after Logan smiled back at him.

The final boy eyed him wearily, his purple hair standing out like some guy in camouflage clothing anywhere that wasn’t covered in foliage. The vine green eyes held no malice or fear though, despite the distrust that they seemed to radiate and Virgil found himself wanting to introduce himself before the boy in front of him.

“I… uh… Virgil,” he cursed himself before trying to introduce himself again, “my name is Virgil!”

The others smiled and Purple Hair held out his hand for a handshake. Virgil took it, eerily aware of how sweaty his own hand was compared to the other boys.

“I am Roman, son of Dionysus!” He exclaimed dramatically, his free hand seeming to cup the air as he flung his arm upwards. The others smiled fondly at the theatrics and Virgil restrained himself from laughing. 

“Hi, uh… I’m not good at talking to people,” Virgil blurted after a few seconds of silence, “but why are you here? Talking to me?”

“We noticed -” Logan began before being interrupted.

“That you didn’t have many, or any, friends and no one should be alone so I was like ‘oh lets make friends with him’ and also you seem really nice and yeah,” Patton finished, slightly out of breath from saying it all in one breath.

“And what kind of prince would I be if I let you suffer?”

“You aren’t a prince, Roman,” Logan said absently, eyes widening after realizing what he had said.

“How dare you,” Roman said with a gasp of horror. He looked like he might pass out at the slightest mention of his royal status - or his lack of it anyway - and Virgil couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“I swear to the gods Roman if you start the theatrics again…” Logan trailed of, trying to think of a threat.

“I shall duel you, traitorous villain, in order to prove my princely status!” Roman cried, pulling his sword from the belt around his waist. Virgil hadn’t even noticed that the boy had a weapon on him, which was understandable because he was too busy being angry at the fact that his book was white on black.

“No. I’m not 'duelling’ anyone, unless we get put on opposing teams during capture the flag tonight,” Logan said, picking up the bane of Virgil’s existence - the book.

“You okay? These guys can be a bit much, but I bet I can light up your day,” Patton said with finger guns and Virgil groaned at the pun.

What had he gotten himself into by making friends with these three?

“Why is this book black on white? What does any of this say?”

…. At least they agreed with him on how pointless the book was.

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I'm a women's and children's nurse, and just so you know, white people give their kids ridiculous names too. But if the name is attached to a white baby it's "cute and unique" while unusual names attached to black babies are "weird and ghetto".

Another data point in the continuing field of No Shit Studies at Of Fucking Course University.

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Kudos for SVTFOE and The Glass Scientist for positively portraying multiracial characters! Despite so, do you ever feel that some (conservatives) might say that you have to portray the "reality" instead of the "ideal norm"? In Brazil, we often portray White Brazilians as characters with high socioeconomic background. Many criticize it, but some defends it by saying that White Brazilians are generally richer. By the way, my maternal great-grandma shares the same surname with you: Cotugno!

Absolutely! I have no doubt there are people who see shows with multiracial casts as nonsense bleeding heart liberal fantasy lands. The thing is, multiculturalism is NOT a fantasy, at least in many parts of America. Daron specifically wanted to set Star in southern California, where there is a high population of Latino, Asian, and other POC. It would be much, much LESS realistic to have a show set in SoCal* (or in most major cities) with an all-white cast–and shows such as Girls have been criticized for their conspicuous absence of non-white characters. 

Where it gets confusing is that there are many places in America–often rural, often “red state”–where the POC population is extremely low, sometimes less than 5%. I can understand, to a certain extent, why people from these areas would believe that a multicultural world is a silly coastal elite Hollywood fantasy. There are also people in more metropolitan areas who, by choice or by accident, find themselves in a sort of all-white bubble and may only have one “token black friend” or “token Latino friend.” Those people … I am a little less sympathetic with, but hopefully some of them are open to reaching out more. 

One more thing that makes it complicated–sorry, this is getting to be a long answer–is that, regardless of where you’re from, you have probably grown up seeing movies and TV shows with nearly all-white casts. Traditionally (and still today, in many cases) POC have only been cast as side characters or villains. For recent examples, see the live action Avatar: The Last Airbender movie or Doctor Strange. When we are used to seeing things a certain way, any change to the status quo will often feel “weird” or “forced.” And some people will inevitably cry “white genocide!” if they see that white people are only getting 95% of leading roles instead of 98%. Changing this requires stubbornness, bravery, and/or blind optimism show creators and network execs. It’s tough! 

With all that said, I can only speak in regard to American culture. I’m sure Brazilian culture has dynamics that I am not even remotely aware of! 

Also, is your grandma of Italian descent? There are so few people with the name Cotugno!

*with the exception of places like Orange County, which has an extremely high population of well-off white people and also anti-vaccine people. This is completely unrelated to the topic at hand, but just FYI: anti-vax people are wrong. 

Hi my name is Stingy and I have short earth brown hair (that’s how I got my name) with trimmed ends that reaches my ears and piercing brown eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Adam Smith (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da heck out of here!). I’m not related to Sportacus but I wish I was because he’s a major freaking hottie. I’m a puppet but my teeth are straight and white. I hate pale white skin. I’m also a child, and I live in a weird town called Lazytown where I’m one of five children (I’m a child). I’m a capitalist (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly yellow. I love JC penny and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a yellow vest with matching shorts and a white shirt with cufflinks, red bowtie and white socks and black dress shoes. I was wearing no makeup. I was walking outside the bank. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of proletarians stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Tbh I’m getting increasingly suspicious of mainstream media’s endorsements of social justice rhetoric 

I’m getting increasingly suspicious of how the media focuses its sj discourse around privilege and microaggressions (which suck, don’t get me wrong, but they’re symptoms of centuries of historical violence.. they aren’t the sources of the real problems)

I see this, I see places like buzzfeed and other avenues of pop culture fixating on “privilege” as a sort of luck system where society rewards people for being born a certain way, but in the explanations, the means by which this happens are always mysterious and vague. There’s a refusal to name anyone as active agents within a system, or to admit that these systems materially benefit some at the expense of others… its always treated as some weird rpg stat system where being white gives you +5 ability to find a job, rather than an actual hierarchy of supremacy where people subjugate others for power and resources.

It’s always compressed, made into easy problems with easy solutions. Here are 12 things you shouldn’t say to a black person. Make sure to not say Racist Things. You may have been born into privilege but it’s okay, just accompany yourself with POC of color™ and don’t say the Racist Things and by being nice, you can somehow(?) help weaken institutional racism… or something. 

So it focuses on these small, specific manifestations of oppression instead of more direct forms of violence that would require a huge change to fix… stuff like, for example, the entire prison system. That’s not something that anyone could individually change by Saying The Right Things. It would require collective, organized action of a radical (or possibly even revolutionary) nature. 

I’m weary of the way capitalism absorbs radical thought and repurposes it, creating simulacra wherein no real change is actually required. 

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A man that looked like a shorter version of Dark slowly approached the Author, his white hair shining just as bright as his blue eyes. "H..Hello.... I'm Dark.... Though a lot of people call me Angel..." He shyly bit his lip and nervously played with the edge of his white skirt.

Author looked down at Angel, raising a brow. He wouldn’t question it, he was used to weird stuff.
“And what name do you prefer, doll?”, he asked. He didn’t much mind meeting new people, even if they seemed to be from different realities.

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Hi, sorry to bother you, but could you clarify why calling Hanzo "Handsoap" is offensive/racist?

It’s a problem that many people of color go through because apparently our names are too complicated for people to attempt pronouncing properly. It feels as if we’re not deserving of the effort and that you really don’t care what our name is. 

For example, white celebrities/white media will butcher Lupita Nyong’o’s name and brush it off as if it’s nothing, maybe even cracking a few jokes about it. Yet they’re able to perfectly pronounce names of white celebrities, such as Zach Galifianakis. 

By calling him “Handsoap” or any variation of his name, to many Asian/Asian-American or POC fans, it’s the equivalent of saying “El oh el, his name is so bizarre and weird, let’s butcher it and make it into a joke.” This is especially felt when nothing is done to McCree’s name in return. 

Again, I’m sure people don’t mean harm by this, but it’s really important to understand why POC fans could have an issue with this!

I hate social media recommendation algorithms

I HATE social media recommendation algorithms.

“I see you frequently search for fungus, mythology, space, ghosts, gorgons, Halloween, etc. So here are 20 sports accounts, 900 technology accounts, 1401 musicians you have no interest in, and 9518 shitty movies coming out." 

”…no I literally hate all of those.“

"Did you say SEO? HERE ARE 5914149 SEO ACCOUNTS”