white pens

December 5, 2016
  1. Gemini
     Commemorative stamp

  2. Libra
     Conference room

  3. Aquarius

  4. Sagittarius

  5. Leo
     Pen light

  6. Aries
     Pedestrian bridge

  7. Capricorn
     Body brush

  8. Taurus

  9. Virgo

  10. Scorpio

  11. Cancer

  12. Pisces

Happy exit womb day to the squirrel King @markiplier !!! Much love - you are an inspiration, a motivation and have inspired this shy artist to consider making videos, and get back into following games after a long hiatus (I only own Sega Genesis at present -a bit oldschool :p) Thank you for all the support and consideration you give to others, it’s so awesome to see. Gotta draw another portrait, but while I’m in the midst of moving, working and packing for a three day Greyhound trip to Montreal, this’ll have to do! ❤️⚡️