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● 5 Things In My Bag

• Pencil Case
• Math Binder
• My bujo
• A Water Bottle
• My wallet

● 5 Things In My Pencil Case

• Crayola Markers
• Gel pens
• White Out Roll Thing
• Pencils
• A Ruler

● 5 Things About Myself

• I have two cats
• I plan on going to art school after I graduate (Hopefully Sheridan in Toronto)
• I really like to make flower crowns
• I have a really bad music obsession

● 5 Favourite Songs (I’m assuming. Idk if this is right)

• Riptide by Vance Joy
• Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy
• Golden Days by Panic! At The Disco
• Planetary (Go!) by My Chemical Romance
• Helpless (From the Hamilton Soundtrack)

● 5 Favourite Studying Apps

• Forest
• Pomodora Timer
• Flashcards App
• Dictionary.com
• Wordreference.com (It’s a website but it’s awesome)

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A White Whale Load Of Pen Doodles

I spent a bit of time just doodling these last few days so I’ve compiled all my doodles for the tumblr to see.

There is a mix of doodles here all pure FLUFF cause I’m sure it’s pretty apparent I delve into a lot of sadness and pain in most my fics. Gotta balance that out!

Anyway, there is a lot of Jaynix and Aevi together but my absolute favorite has to be the sketch of them lying against each other and sleeping. So Peaceful.

Then as you can see, there are more doodles of Jaynix and Kruse interacting with a few other crosses. Fluffy moments. Whether its the Zack and Jaynix BrOTP or Kruse bonding with the minty pal, Elysia.

The first doodle is of Jaynix having a sleepover with the precious smols: Mavis and Elysia. That was the first thing I doodled this morning AND I LOVE IT! Jaynix loves the smols.

Finally, the last big page of doodles are older than the rest. I think they’re from last month, maybe? Not sure, I’ve had these in my sketchbook for a while and just never shared em till now…but here they are so yay.

All those pics were mainly for practice on getting Jaynix and Aevi’s hairstyles down and even working on some happy and subtly happy expressions, to the best of my ability at least. Also a bit of rudimentary posing because…

Main thing that spurred all those last doodles was me wanting to get Aevi’s hair right for the current main work at the time which was the Cross Tower. As of now that tower is done and the practice definitely helped I think.

As for all the blushing? Well…it’s cute isn’t it?

@aeviann‘s Aeviann
@kcrineon‘s Mavis
@elysia-cross‘ Elysia
@omegalps‘ Zack
and my own Kruse and Jaynix