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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 4.6.16

star wars customizable letterpress birthday invitation by colorquarry

there is NO WAY i’d be able to save this RAD letterpress bday invite for my future kid … they could totally personalize it for a 34th birthday, right? ;) the star wars detail in this piece is just incredible!!


etsyfindoftheday | halloween bonus finds | 9.30.15

featured: halloween party invitations, set of 8 by inhauspress

three quick halloween finds for you to kickstart your october … this party invite is so creative! love the product photography too, inhauspress. these bad boys are hand-pressed in SF, too <3

Little Black Dress!

Harry: You just came back from shopping with your bestie and bought a new dress for girls night. It was a black, strapless bodycon dress that stopped above your knees and showed off your boobs. You always love to show off what other men can’t have because little do they know harrys gonna take it off tonight. Harry is supposed be back from tour today so before you can meet your girls at the club you have to pick him up from the airport. You have about two hours before you need to go pick him up so you take a shower and take your time getting ready. You check the time and see you have 10 minutes to spare so you quickly get in the car and start for the airport to make sure you’re there before he lands. When he makes it into the airport his eyes light up at the sight of you then darken slightly when sees what you’re wearing. Before he even says a word he kisses you deeply and holds you closes to him. “Y/N, I’ve missed you so much baby but first can I say you look ravishing. You are so lucky we’re surrounded by paps and fans. I want to take you to the bathroom and fuck you till you can’t speak!” He growls lowly in your ear. “Fuck” you whimper. As soon as you got back home he fucked you on every surface he could. He fucked you with the dress on then he ripped it off during round 4 in the shower. The next morning you had love bites all over your boobs from last night.

Liam: liam can hide stress easily but you see right through it. The Where We Are tour will be starting in about a month and liam is stressed out. They basically just got back from tour and they still do a ton of interviews and performances during their breaks. Everytime he comes back home after an interview he’ll say a few words to you, have a snack,  then he’ll go to his workout room to let off some steam. You’re not too upset but it really bugs you that he won’t tell you why he is so stressed. And it REALLY bugs you that he won’t let you help him relax. But tonight, Tonight you will NOT take no for an anwser. “Y/N Babe I’m home!” He shouts. You stay silent as you hear his footsteps walk up the steps then back down. “I guess she’s not home" you hear him say from the hall way. He opens the door to his workout room and gapsh when he finds you standing in the middle of the room wearing a sexy short black dress and the the pair of red high heels that he loves on you. “I just thought you could do something else to reduce a some stress” you say seductively and slowly walk toward him with a sexy smirk. “I-uh-um-Y/N,what are you-oh fuck” he grunts and grips your hair. Well after that day he rarely went to the gym while stressed again.

Niall: you and niall just came back from after prom where all you both did was drink, laugh, and grind. You’re wearing his favorite snap back, a black lace dress, and flats. The moment you put it on he wanted to bend you over the table and make you scream his name while wearing the hat. An he would’ve if you didn’t spend $45 on your after prom tickets already and you really wanted to go because it’ll be your last after prom. When you both get there the music is loud and bumpin. Everyones grinding, chatting with friends, and drinking the spiked punch at the back table. You talked to everyone you knew, had a few drinks, and grinded for the rest of the night. While jammin to 23 you end up takin nialls hat again and danced with your girls while he talked to a few guys he knew. But then ‘Sex Anit Never Felt Better’ by TGT starts blaring through the speakers and you take niall to the dance floor. The sight of you in that his hat already gave him a semi and now you’re both grinding yeah, he is so hard you think he’ll explode.  His grip on your waist gets tighter and tighter as you grind back to the beat. “Bathroom Now!” He growls. That boy fucked you so hard people could hear you outside the barhroom over the loud music.

Louis: You and louis just got home from zayn and perrie’s wedding. You and perrie became friends not to long after you started dating lou so she asked you to be a bridesmate. The colors were the classic black and white so you and the other bridesmate wore the same short tutu like black dress. It showed off you beautiful long legs that lou always loved especially over his shoulders when he’s fuckin you into the mattress every night. You couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel nothing was gonna stop you from pouncing on lou and to make it worse he didn’t shave so you are aching for it.  At the reception one of perries guy friends ended up hitting on you. You didn’t really notice because you only have eyes for louis so it wasn’t really a big deal for you. Then right before you left he gave you his number while lou was standing right next to you. To say louis was pissed would be a far understatement. He gave you the silent treatment and glared at you the whole way to the hotel. As soon as the hotel door closed he blew up! “Y/N! What the fuck was that?!” He yelled. You opened you mouth to anwser but he kept yelling and yelling and yelling. “I guess I have to show you who you belong to” he grunts and throws you on the bed. The next night you had to go downstairs for more condoms and you still had love bites from the night before all over your neck an legs. You ended running into the same guy from the reception in the hall and he asked you why didn’t call him. Lou comes out of the room and snakes his arms around your waist. “Did you get the condoms love?” He whispers loud enough for the guys to hear and smirks with satisfaction when the guy walks away frowning. “Lou that was so mean you could’ve just told him I was taken” you scold. “Hey he should’ve know when I kissed you earlier that night that you’re mine. Now, go in there and get undressed so daddy can punish you for talking to stangers”he smirks and smacks your ass.

Zayn: You had to go dress shopping for the black and white party you got invited to by danielle and liam. Zayn, being the best boyfriend ever went shopping with you because all your friends were to busy to help you find a cute dress. You got to you favorite store in the mall picked out over 10 dresses and made zayn go into the dressing room with you to help zip up the dresses. You tryed on 5 dresses that were really cute but seemed a little to blah for this fancy event. But then you found the perfect black dress and seemed to love it from the way he eyed you hungerly. He zipped it up for you and started to kiss up your neck. “You know that dress looks amazing on you, but it’ll alot better on the floor” he smirks and lifts you up making the dress slide up your thighs. “Z we can’t do that here we’re in a dressing room and everyone will hear” you whisper harshly. “Mmm not if you’re quite” he chuckles. You were right people heard even when he covered your mouth the whole time. you were hella blushing when you both went to pay for the dress with sex hair. You never shopped there again, well atleast not with zayn.