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11/21 ▪ Monochrome study guide for my stats test tomorrow. It might not be illegal to give a test the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but it is definately morally questionable.

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fatima!! i was late but my name is cindy, my favourite colour is white (or red, whichever u prefer 😝), uhhh nothing special happened today ajsjdjdhaj u know.. i just wanna say thank u for always being there for me, such a supportive and thoughtful friend,, u always try to cheer me up when i was down and i'm very grapeful sjjxjdjsj anw there are many things i wanna thank u but this ask will be eaten if i write too long. THANK U OKAYBYEEEEE

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Finished re-writing my notes, so now it’s time to do the homework! When it comes to doing questions my handwriting isn’t exactly the neatest (are those sentences sideways?!), but I can’t help whizzing through these numbers (and letters)! ✏️


When Elon Musk unveiled his idea for the Hyperloop in August of 2013, no one seemed sure what the next step would be. The Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO dropped a 57-page alpha white paper on us, noting he didn’t really have the time to build a revolutionary transit system that would shoot pods full of people around the country in above-ground tubes at 800 mph.

Fortunately for futurists and people who enjoy picking apart complicated plans, an El Segundo, California-based startup has taken Musk up on his challenge to develop and build the Hyperloop. 



Note taking:

This was the idea about organising my note taking that I talked about a while ago. Unfortunately because I’ve now officially switched to taking the majority of my notes using Evernote I don’t have a full example. Basically the idea was that my textbook notes (or just general reading notes) would go on white paper, summary notes would go on a piece of green paper, and any essays/practice questions/etc. that I did would go on pink paper. Then any pictures or anything that I wanted to add could be either printed out or drawn and annotated and added to the collection.

Not Just Another Day: A Sherlock x Reader Oneshot

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (and the fact that I’m just about to hit a hundred followers[!!!]), I decided that SherlockxReader was completely necessary and so here we go.

In all honesty, you probably shouldn’t have had such high hopes for this day. You knew that by having Sherlock Holmes as your boyfriend, you weren’t guaranteed the normal things that normal girlfriends experienced on a day such as this. Yet, against all odds, you had hoped your detective would have done something on this Valentine’s Day. It was your first one together, and it was very close to your one year anniversary (another thing that you weren’t expecting to get much attention, but still one year).

When you woke up on the morning of this love holiday to an empty flat, you felt your heart sink a bit. There was no sign of Sherlock, nor any sign that he had acknowledged exactly what today was. There were no flowers, no chocolates, not even a note telling you were he had ran off to. Sighing, you returned into your bedroom and began to get dressed for your long day of work. You hoped the day would go by quickly, but given your current mood you knew that it wouldn’t be so. Nonetheless, you hurried to change into your clothes so you could get to work faster, knowing that talking to Molly Hooper about the day would help you immensely.

Once you had changed into your clothes, you threw on your coat and a scarf, finally stepping out to brave the London air. Throwing your arm up to flag down a cab, you climbed in to one and headed over to Bart’s.

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