white over red

Lydia Martin is deadass so overrated and most of her stans act like she invented everything?
  • Someone: most underrated character?
  • Lydia stans: Lydia Martin
  • Someone: most badass character on television?
  • Lydia stans: Lydia Martin
  • Someone: best character development?
  • Lydia stans: Lydia Martin
  • Someone: best supernatural character on television?
  • Lydia stans: Lydia Martin
  • Someone: best 90's television character?
  • Lydia stans: Lydia Martin
  • Someone: best LGBT character?
  • Lydia stans: Lydia Martin
  • Someone: best POC character?
  • Lydia stans: Lydia Martin
  • Someone: best male character?
  • Lydia stans: Lydia Martin
  • Someone: best cereal brand?
  • Lydia stans: Lydia Martin
  • Someone: best toothpaste flavor?
  • Lydia stans: Lydia Martin
  • Someone: what about-
  • Lydia stans: obviously Lydia Martin
5 More Reasons to Fall in Love With Her

1. Scanning down the drink menu her eyes light up and lock on to the shot that promises to taste just like your childhood summers. She doesn’t hesitate to order, and when it arrives, it’s an absolute masterpiece, white layered over red and blue. She downs it like a professional, slams the glass on the table and smiles at you in the kind of way that could soothe sunburn and wipe away the sweat from your brow. You’ll go in for the kiss, and as your lips collide you know that the memories of childhood summertime are forever ruined in comparison.

2. When you’re standing next to her in a shifty crowd as some nameless cover band fumbles their way through “You Never Even Called Me By My Name,” and suddenly her arm shoots into the air as she nails the audience participation. Her ability to sling her whiskey and ginger without spilling a drop is the kind of grace you don’t often see in a dive bar, and the silky tone of her voice is a far cry from the gruff crooning drifting out of the amplifiers. You’ll hope you’re lucky enough to be the drink that slurs her speech.

3. The sunlight creeping in through the half open curtains finally pulls at your eyelids. You realize as you lift your head from the pillow that she’s become your blanket, laying perfectly on your back, idly staring at her phone. You know inherently that she’s an early morning Sunday brunch kind of girl, and yet she’s more than happy to lay with her body on yours, reading whatever your passing off as fiction this week. You’ll tell yourself that if it makes her happy you’ll get up early every Sunday for the rest of your life, even if you prefer your orange juice without champagne, so long as she’ll lay there, keeping you warm for just five more minutes.

4. On the late night drive home she’ll curl up across the bench seat, her head resting in your lap, humming along to the classics coming out of the speakers. As the minutes trickle away, that hum fades into a low, soft cadence of breathing, her hand clutching your knee. When you get home you know she’ll tell you that she was awake the whole time, that she was just resting and enjoying the comfort of your lap. You’ll smile at her, knowing that she’d been asleep but tell her that you believe her, casually forgetting to mention that you took the slow route home just for fifteen more minutes of that comfort. You’ll come to treasure late night drives and the way the soft, sleepy hum coming from your lap guides you home.

5. Staring at her from across the great divide of the center console, she tells you all about her most embarrassing first date. How it wasn’t meant to even be a date and the boy who’d thought himself lucky had really just misinterpreted everything. She walks you through, from start to finish, and you cringe as she gets to the movie theater. She grabs your arm as she explains his schoolboy yawning trick, placing it around her shoulders, leaning in and smiling, holding it there as you pull back. You’ll commit to spending the rest of your days, seeing the shittiest movies you can imagine, just to keep her head nestled in the crook of your arm.

The signs as 3 am texts
  • Aries: what would happen if you gave a bull drugs
  • Taurus: if I date a pizza delivery guy, does that mean free pizza?
  • Virgo: what if purple was like everything anyone ever saw
  • Gemini: *sends link to five meme/crack videos* here ya go friend
  • Cancer: *is on wattpad all night up until that point* LIQUID LATEX
  • Leo: strippers
  • Libra: what's black, white, and red all over? Oh you're not answering. FRICKIN WAKE UP
  • Scorpio: Hypothetically speaking, how much would you pay for O positive blood if you were buying from the black market?
  • Sagittarius: boop. Boop boop.
  • Capricorn: do fishes ever die
  • Aquarius: oompa loompa doopa dee doo. Oh hey fren. I have a very important question to ask. What does Teen spirit truly smell like?
  • Pisces: lol guys bees are so coot
okay now finally I understand how to count kohaku points!

thanks to aotokiroii for explaining to me!

as we know for total points from nhk web. Red Team got 9 balls and White Team 6 balls

everyone who still don’t know before *like me* must be confused. why white team can be lost even they win the votes? so this is the answer! *correct me if I wrong*

as you can see this. White Team wins over Red Team from the NHK hall audience’s votes. the winner get 2 balls. so, in here White Team got 2 balls

then, this is national votes. White Team wins again so the team got 2 balls

okay. until now we know White Team lead the balls. so why Red Team wins? everyone expect White Team to be the winner since the votes are high.

and this the reason. in kohaku there were 10 special guests as judges (for technical, music, etc). just before kohaku ends, they will give 1 ball for 1 vote. since this year kohaku 9 of 10 judges gave the balls for Red Team and  White Team just got 1 edit: and 1 ball again from “Furusato judge team”. so White Team got 2 balls from the judges. 

that’s why the total balls they got Red Team 9 balls and White Team 6 balls. so Red Team wins!

okay hope this can explain for everyone who still confuse about the count! thank you and happy new year! congratulations for Red Team and otsukaresama for everyone! White Team also awsome yo! otsukare sama for aiba-chan and kasumi-chan too! :D

Wholesome week day 1: Cooking

Here’s my contribution to the 2017 Wholesome Week event! Enjoy!


“So, students!” Marco Diaz, earthling, self-proclaimed bad-boy (total nerd) proudly proclaimed and put both of his hands on his hips. He was standing in the kitchen and wearing a white apron over his red hoodie and was proudly displaying the Toque Blanche, or chef’s hat, resting atop of his head that was complimenting the fake moustache on his upper lip. The four girls -Star, Janna, Jackie, and Flying Princess Ponyhead- shot him blunt looks. Unlike him, they were all dressed casually; Or in Ponyhead’s case, not at all!

“Does he have any idea how dorky he looks right now?” Pony Head stated. “Yo! Earth-turd! All we want is for you to make us some food for our ‘girls-only movie night’, not lecture us on how to make food by ourselves!”

“Now!” Marco began, ignoring her comment. “Today, we’re going to learn how to make a basic delicious pizza. Let’s start with the basic components; Who can tell me what we need?”

The four gave in, seeing that there was no other option than to play along, and fell into thought.

“Pizza dough?” Star asked.

Marco nodded. “Correct! What else?”

“Hmm…” Janna murmured a before speaking up. “Tomato sauce?”

“Yep!” Marco nodded. “Continue,” he prompted.

“Oregano?” Jackie asked. Marco nodded.

“Cheese too, right?” Pony head asked.

“Indeed, that us correct!” Marco stated and fell silent.

After a full minute or so of silence, the four girls looked at each other and shrugged. “We think that’s about it.”

“Almost,” Marco said, raising a single index finger before hiding his hands behind his back “But, you forgot the most important part; the topping! So, what is the perfect pizza topping?”

“Ham?” Pony Head asked only to have Marco shake his head.

“Tuna?” Janna asked and received the same response.

“Um… More cheese?” Star inquired but the boy, once again, shook his head.

After giving a dozen or so more incorrect answers, the girls capitulated. “Alright, Marco, we give up!” Jackie exclaimed, “What’s this 'perfect topping’ you speak of?”

“Nope! It’s-” Marco flung his hands forward and revealed the secret topping he’d been hiding behind his back. “Pineapple!” He cheerfully exclaimed.

The four girls stared at him in complete silence. His smile fell.

“Fool, you crazy!” Pony Head angrily exclaimed and narrowed her eyes at him.

“Huh?” Marco uttered.

Janna crossed her arms and looked at him dully. “There is no way I am putting that on top of my pizza…”

“No offence, Marco, but no one in their right mind uses pineapple as a pizza topping…” Jackie added.

Marco frowned. “Hey! It’s a thing! And it tastes really good!” The boy argued, trying to justify his choice.

“So,” Pony Head spoke up “Who else agrees to have Earth-turd over there make us some nachos while we wait in the living room and watch TV?”. All of the girls raised their arms in agreement. “It’s settled then! We’ll be in the living room, and hurry up! I’m starving!” Pony Head told Marco before going into the living room along with the rest of the girls.

Marco sighed tiredly and threw the pineapple away, then walked over to the kitchen counter and started making nachos.

In the aftermath of her encounter with The Joker, Harley’s head is spinning, and she wants nothing more than to get back to her normal life…but she should know by now there’s no such thing! Harley’s known for her even temperament and economy of language—oh, we can’t even finish that sentence. Let’s face it: she’s crazy, and she talks too much. So what happens when she discovers a nemesis even more insane and more hyper-loquacious? It’s Harley vs. the unbelievable Redtool in these tales from HARLEY QUINN #26-30.
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