white on brown

k so

dino’s hair has a different color than his eyebrows, which means that this lil shit dyes his hair grayish

so i wanted to know what his real hair color was and by taking colors from his eyebrows i got this:

(left is the darkest i could find, right is the lightest and middle is mid tone)

and my friend @shytactician decided to edit this hair color on him and 

thats what he would look like with his real hair color


(37/52 weeks) Legata by Stefania Gambella
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TUMBLR Settimana dal 19 al 25 Settembre 2011

Quick coloring of a sketch I made earlier… my eyes hurt, I’ve probably watched too much Netflix.

Her name is Astoria Rosier, a Harry Potter OC (as you can see) from @r3saria
We met her at a anime convention a couple weeks ago fell in love with the OCs of her and her best friend.

More fanarts are probably about to come… this is relaxing.