white nosed coati


Tikal, Mexico

The Coati is a raccoon-like omnivore, but is more slender and possesses a longer snout. It is a nosy, busy little creature with an insatiable appetite. The Coati is gregarious and noisy as it travel about in groups of from 6 to 24, holding its tail like a question mark and chattering with others. This was a rogue male, traveling alone, and not at all afraid of me foraging as I was sitting in the grass.

©Laura Quick

HUEVEMBER 1 - White-nosed Coati (nasua narica)

The white-nosed coati ranges from Arizona and parts of New Mexico through Mexico. They are protected as an endangered species in New Mexico, as their numbers are threatened by overhunting and campaigns for control and capture of other species. While this species is not threatened in all of its ranges, white-nosed coati populations in the United States are becoming increasingly genetically isolated from those further south and are at risk of extirpation, according to the IUCN.

Finished up this lifesized (almost 4 feet from nose to tailtip) coati plush today for a customer :D This cutie pie is made from four kinds of faux fur, soft faux suede, and has plastic safety eyes and nose.

I am pleased to say I AM open to doing remakes of this commission. Custom colors are okay too. I am however not open for general custom plush commissions.

I’ll put a listing for these up on Etsy in a little bit, you can also order through email, they’re $175. lobitaworks@gmail.com

No Christmas deadlines are available at this point, however.