white nomad

ah yes the air nomads, the white people of the avatar world

because avatar the last airbender is a white savior show :D

these people dont have asian traits at all

this random air nomad is definitely not asian she only has western features

a closer look at that monk dude and you can tell that hes 100% caucasian mhm

the animators thought it would be funny to give this totally not asian kid, asian features because like we mentioned earlier, air nomads are white xx


Onboard the Queen Mary there was an exhibit called Titanic in Photographs which featured a number of Titanic and Olympic artifacts, and even had the last remaining White Star Lifeboat off of the SS Nomadic. It was really cool seeing all these things live and in person. You could even walk right up to the lifeboat. If you’re at the Queen Mary, definitely give this exhibit a look.

alison croggon is my high fantasy idol bc shes not afraid to make 3 out of the 4 main characters non white

2 of them are biracial (white and a nomadic race that is discriminated against, though one is white passing), and one is black and dark skinned and a side short story the author wrote about him talks about how proud he is of his homeland and faces discrimination and bullying but he dont care

shes also not afraid to make one of the main characters is the prequel sapphic, and actively states shes in love with another female character and croggon confirmed on twitter that selmana is not straight AND SHE DOESNT DIE

and the books talk about such topics as misogyny and how shitty it is, classism and how shitty it is, and racism and how shitty it is

also shes really awesome in general and is always trashing the australian government and is liberal and talking about lgbt rights

so if you havent read The Books of Pellinor yet, you really should