white nightie

Otis Oldfield, White Dress (White Nightie), 1936

“In 1926, he married one of his students, Helen Clark, a talented painter of landscapes, figures, and still lifes who had previously studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. It was at the couple’s Telegraph Hill home and studio that Oldfield painted his self portrait and this portrait of Helen. This and other Oldfield paintings depicting Helen were criticized because he often portrayed her nude or in undergarments. In order to diffuse any possible controversy related to this painting when he sent it to an exhibition in Los Angeles, he entitled the painting White Dress, instead of using his original title, White Nightie.”

it’s still a nightie, you know.
text taken from the Sacramento Crocker Art Museum’s webpage. that’s a great museum, by the way. i recommend it.

Black Or White

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/n: This is the first Bucky piece that I’ve ever wrote and posted on this account (so apologises to my TW followers) but I have talked about writing for the MCU fandom for a while so now is the time. This is an AU.

Word Count: 1916

Warnings: Angsty

This is my entry for @jurassicbarnes’s writing competition, I really hope you enjoy it, I’m super nervous to be posting this. 

My prompt was “I never imagined myself in a wedding dress.”

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Little Tricks (pt. 2)

Prompt: Part two to this

Pairing:  None

Warning: Sad!Jack

Word Count: 1,016

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Good Morning

Title: Good Morning

Rating: M

Description: You wake up a little early, and are more than a little turned on by Tom’s sexy snoring… 

A/N: This short little thing basically just happened because I would rather fantasize about Tom Hiddleston’s scratchy morning voice than get much needed sleep. Enjoy! ^__^ 


You open your eyes, and lie awake in the semi-dark light of way-too-early-morning. Your heart sinks as you realize what day it is: Monday.

But then- you remember just which Monday. A long weekend Monday. Which means another day to spend with Tom.

You roll over quietly, checking to see if your boyfriend is still asleep, which he is. You smile as the sound of his faint, sexy snore fills the room. His snore always turned you on, ever since you started living together and you first got to hear it. It was so masculine.

You nudge his shoulder gently, and he stirs a little. “Mmm?” he mumbles, lifting his head from the pillow and rolling over to face your side of the bed. His eyes adjust, and he frowns as he sees the time.

“It’s 6:00 in the morning, love…” he mumbles in his scratchy, drawling morning voice, another thing that turns you on beyond belief. You grin. “Yeah… but today’s a holiday.” He smiles, and rolls back over to you. “So shouldn’t we be sleeping in?”

You smirk mischievously. “Your sexy snoring is getting me in the mood.” He grins. “Then I guess I’ll just have to snore more often, hm?” You laugh softly as you crawl closer to him, shifting one of your legs to the other side of him so that you straddle his lap under the covers.

You lean down, and give him a deep kiss, feeling the short, scratchy stubble of his yet to be shaven chin. He smiles against your lips, and you shift against his lap, feeling his member start to become stimulated beneath his tight sleeping boxers.

He groans lightly, and moves his hands underneath your tiny white nightie, kneading your hips as you kiss him again.

He takes a breath. “Good morning,” he says with a little laugh, and you bring your hands down over his broad chest, massaging circles around his defined pectorals.

He pauses for breath, then kisses you again as he lifts your nightie above your head, leaving you naked and chilly in the morning temperature.

“Oh, darling…” he mutters, eyeing your breasts with a still tired, yet hungry gaze. He suckles on each one gently, making you moan, and you work on tugging his boxers down.

When you finally do, his painfully stiff erection springs out, no doubt hard from overnight, and you start to run your finger and your thumb from the base to tip, making him quiver under your touch.

After a minute of this, he finally grabs you by the waist, and lifts you up, lowering you onto his cock. You gasp as you take him in, feeling him deep inside of you, filling you so perfectly. You move up, and down again over him, and he bites his lip as you start to bounce, working yourself off of him.

He thrusts upward, heightening your pleasure, and at the angle that you’re both at and the leverage he’s got, he hits your g-spot again and again, bringing you close with every thrust.

“Oh love… just like that,” he encourages, squeezing his eyes shut. You moan loudly. “Oh, Tom, yeah!” He pushes your hips and moves you in time with his thrusts, and you feel your climax approach.

He keeps thrusting, and you both come undone at the same time, breathing each other’s names as you feel his seed spill deep inside of you.

“Thomas…Thomas… oh…” you whisper breathlessly as you come down from the high, feeling his cock throb rhythmically as he loses his breath.

He leans back into the pillow, looking up at you. “I love you so much, you know that?” he asks after a moment, quirking a smile as he tugs you down overtop of him. “I love you more,” you muse, and he chuckles.

“That’s a war best settled in bed. Next time, of course,” he grins, and you nuzzle your head into the crook of his arm as you two drift off back to sleep under the warm, fluffy comforter. 

Bruises, part 1 : Three o'clock in the morning it's quiet and there's no one around

Word count : 1042

Author note : So this is it, after two weeks of waiting this is the first part of Bruises. I’m posting it while I’m in my bus to London, I hope you’ll like it, as usual, feedback is appreciated and the tag list will re-open on March 21st. Tag list is at the bottom. Domestic violence is not normal, don’t let that happen even once because it’ll happen again, run away or go to the police or call special numbers for domestic violence.

Warnings : Blood, mention of domestic violence, mention of death, sort of spoiler from Captain America : Civil War, sadness, memories.

Song of the title : Stay (Faraway,So Close), Flyleaf (cover)


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Warning: sin ahead

“Serpent slut,” “Snake skank,” “Gang whore.” These were all names Betty’s classmates whispered when she walked past. At first, it bothered her. She never did anything to hurt these people, yet there they stood, throwing slurs at her. But then she realized that what they thought didn’t matter. If that was her reputation, then she might as well have fun living up to it.

This decision is what brought her to odd looks from her fellow cheerleaders as they cleaned up after the football game. Betty had Jughead’s leather Serpents jacket pulled tight around her shoulders. Jughead himself was leaning against the fence by the bleachers, making light conversation with his favorite girl.

“Snake skank,” Ginger huffed as she walked past them. Betty didn’t pay her any mind, but Jughead certainly did.

“What did you just call her, Ginger?” he called menacingly

“Juggie, please, just drop it,” Betty pleaded

Ginger drew herself up, hoping to appear taller, and spat, “I called her a snake skank. I’m surprised Cheryl hasn’t kicked you off the team, Betty. We can’t have a Vixen romping around with scum now, can we?”

Jughead growled, a low terrifying sound deep in the back of his throat, but Betty beat him to the punch, smirking

“Yknow what, Ginger. If loving my boyfriend and staying by his side makes me a snake, then I guess I can’t argue with that. After all, you are what you eat.” She winked at the flabbergasted girl and waltzed away to join her equally shocked boyfriend.

“That was the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed,” Jughead groaned as he buried his face in her neck.

“Really? More than when I tied you up last week?” Her voice was low and sensual, as she nipped his earlobe.

He moaned at the memory of his sinfully gorgeous girlfriend wearing nothing but his leather jacket and a pair of cherry red pumps, handcuffing him to his bed frame.

Betty chuckled as she brushed her hand gently across the growing bulge in her boyfriend’s pants.

“You know,” she purred as they walked toward the parking lot, “My parents are out of town.” She relished the hitch in his breath and laughed at the way his strides grew longer and faster.

“Juggie, slow down! You’ll have to give me a ride at this pace.”

“Oh I’ll give you the ride of your life, Betty Cooper,” Jughead growled as he scooped her up off the ground and carried her to his father’s beaten down truck. They laughed the whole way there, not caring who was watching or what they were saying

The car ride was silent, and Jughead glanced over at Betty in the passenger seat. Her eyes looked glazed and she had a odd look on her face.

“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” he asked sweetly.

Betty donned a devious grin and replied, “Just figuring out what to do with you tonight. I think I’m going to make you beg.”

Lucky for Jughead, they had finally reached the Cooper house. He had been so close to pulling over and letting her have her way with him on the bench seat.

As soon as the front door shut behind them, Betty attacked Jughead with her mouth. By the time they stumbled into her room, they were only in their underwear.

“Lay down on the bed,” Betty instructed in a sexily menacing tone. “I’m going to take my time tonight. And don’t even think about keeping quiet.”

Jughead happily obeyed, and Betty laughed as the bed bounced in his eagerness.

“I want you to wait there for me, and don’t even think about touching yourself, or you’ll regret it.” She rummaged in her dresser drawers for a moment and then snuck out the door. When she came back in, she was clad in a sheer white nightie edged with lace that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.  It cinched at the waist in a corset-like band and lifted her breasts gently upward, showing a generous amount of cleavage

She sauntered slowly over to the edge of her bed, admiring her boyfriend’s body. He was toned, but not bulging, which led him to express feelings of self doubt to her. After all, Betty had been panting after Archie, the ginger stallion, for years before falling in love with Jughead. After some steamy reassurance from his girlfriend, any thoughts of body negativity were out the window.

Betty was broken from her trance by Jughead’s gruff voice

“I have never seen you look sexier than you do now. That dress, wow!” He cringed a little at his lack of eloquence, but Betty always found a way to steal the words out of his mouth.

“Mmm if you’re good, maybe you’ll see it again someday,” she purred as she fingered the band of his boxers. She snapped them against his skin and he gasped softly. “What did I tell you about keeping quiet?” Betty’s voice regained the menacing edge that always left him wanting more.

She decided it was time for a little more teasing, so she slowly pulled his underwear down his legs. Her mouth watered slightly at the sight of his fully erect cock leaking precum.

“Your body is heavenly, Jughead. You’re walking sin, I swear. How the entire female population is so blind, I’ll never understand but always be grateful.”

Jughead flushed at her praise, feeling more heat pool in his abdomen. Betty pressed a light kiss to the head of his dick, then flicked her tongue out to gather the stickiness gathered there. Then she wrapped her mouth around his tip, swirling her tongue sensually around his sensitive head. Jughead let out a loud moan.

“That’s right, baby. Let me hear you” her hand wrapped around his base and her mouth took him in deeper. She hollowed out her cheeks, creating a delicious suction. The sharp tugs of Jughead pulling her hair made Betty moan around his cock, causing him to shudder

His moans filled her ears and he cried out “Betts, please, I’m not going to last.”

Betty immediately removed her mouth from his dick and looked him in the eyes. His pupils were so dilated, she couldn’t see the beautiful ocean blue of his irises, even with her light still on.

“What do you want, Juggie?”

“Sit on my face, baby girl. I need to taste you.”

“I guess you better ask nicely,” Betty purred as she stretched herself above him, tiptoeing her fingers up his abdomen.

“Please, baby. Please. I need you to ride my face.”

Betty gave him almost no warning as she moved to straddle his head. She hesitated before sinking down, waiting to make sure this was what he wanted. She got her answer in the form of Jughead’s tongue flicking against her clit. She shuddered and seated herself over his mouth, gasping loudly.

He moaned as Betty began gyrating against his face. If it weren’t for the delicious noises he was making, she would worry about his breathing. She jumped when he spanked her, causing another loud moan to come from his mouth. Soon the sensation of his rough tongue against her sensitive core was too much, and Betty came with a loud yell of “Jughead!”

She moved off his face and laid on her side next to him. She’s pushed the hair out of his eyes and leaned down to kiss his panting lips. She loved tasting herself on his mouth, concrete evidence of their passion for one another.

“Fuck, you taste so good, baby,” he groaned against her lips.

Betty stood up abruptly, causing Jughead to look concerned. His expression of worry quickly faded to awe as she reached behind her and unzipped her dress. It fell in a pool at her ankles and Jughead stared, mesmerized by his blonde seductress.

“I need you to fuck me, Jughead. I need you on top of me, making love to me as rough as possible.”

Jughead wasted no time in grabbing her waist and pulling her flush to him. He flipped so that he was hovering above her. He wasted no time thrusting into her, setting a furious pace. His fingers gripped her hips mercilessly, and Betty knew there would be bruises, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She and Jughead were both very vocal in bed, so any opportunity to be intimate was rare. They were barely ever alone together and couldn’t risk being caught. Betty’s parents were almost always home, and Jughead’s foster family was overflowing with people. On top of that, another family had moved into FP’s trailer, effectively destroying their little haven.

As Jughead snapped his hips harder into hers, Betty couldn’t contain the loud cries of “yes Jug,  right there, ohh, yes, harder, don’t stop.” Jughead’s cries were about the same.

Finally, Betty finished with another loud cry of”Jugheeaad!” and Jughead himself with a loud, primal groan.

He quickly pulled out and rolled onto his side, engulfing Betty in a tight hug.

“I love you so much, Betty. You’re my whole world,” he sighed peacefully.

Betty hummed contentedly in reply, pressing a soft kiss over his heart and nuzzling closer to her love.

Their afterglow was interrupted by a sharp knock on the door. Jughead immediately pulled the blanket over their chests as Polly Cooper’s voice rang out from the other side of the wood.

“Would you rabbits PLEASE keep it down? Some of us are pregnant and trying to sleep.”

Jughead’s face held a look of pure horror. They had completely forgotten about Polly.

“Sorry, Pol!” Betty cried out. “We’ll be quiet now.”

“Don’t forget to pick up all the clothes you left lying around before mom and dad come home tomorrow night. That would be really difficult to wriggle out of.”

“Thanks Polly. Sorry again,” Jughead called

“I can’t believe we forgot about Polly,” Betty giggled. At least we know she won’t rat us out.”

“I need to get going,” Jughead sighed. “It won’t be safe to drive home if I stay longer.”

“Nooo,” she whined, burrowing further into his smooth chest. “Please stay, Juggie. I sleep so much better when you’re here with me.”

“God, it’s impossible to say no to you, isn’t it?”” he huffed as he held Betty tighter.

They drifted off with Betty’s light still on, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s skin, promising a brighter future than gang wars and family drama.

Avengers Preference: His favorite phrase to say to you


Clint: Perpetually the incarnation of sexual frustration, Clint likes to throw out the casual “K.” Your bra comes off? “K.” You cook naked? Spill water on your white nightie? “K,” Punctuated by  his mouth curving up to just one side and his straining pants giving him away, that this was most certainly not just okay.

Pietro: “Hey.” Sweet, innocent, or even evocative when executed correctly, this greeting is hurled your way at all times of the day. Whether he has spent the day racing about downtown curled up on the couch with his head on your lap, he will turn to you with the promise of mischief sparkling in his eyes as he opens his mouth and you prepare yourself for which version of it you will receive today.

Steve: “Come on!” Exhausted and done with your teasing, he will beg for an end you give by repeating the words back to him and giving your hair an innocent twirl as you lean to give him an unobstructed view of your boobs.

T’challa: It’s usually heard on mornings that he wasn’t there to wake up at your side, be it from working through the night or being out of town. When he’s finally able to greet you, he’ll murmur, “I had a dream about you,” as your heart swells at the thought of you never leaving his mind. It’s also terribly erotic and you vow to make reality better than his dreams.

Tony: “You’re cute when you’re angry.” Patronizing and doting at the same time are sure fire ways to set you right on the edge of either smacking him or showing him just how cute angry could be. Usually, it is some combination of the options, seeing as the slap just broadens his grin and drags you further under his spell.

Scott: Making sure to first draw in your attention by stretching his arms up just high enough to reveal a sneak peek of skin he will wag his eyebrows and croon, “You know you wanna piece of this.” When you sigh but begrudgingly dive in to kiss him, he grins at the fact that you do in fact want all the pieces he offers up.

Thor: Words are not even a necessity when it comes to you. Glowering seems to do the trick because he knows it can drag you clear across the palace to remedy it by the sweet press of your lips.

Bucky: A fan of simple and effective, Bucky will say, “Kiss me,” at all times of the day. When he wakes up with eyes still fast shut, when he is covered in sweat and body odor from the gym, or even when he is in the process of fulfilling his own request. You are always more than happy to indulge him.

Sam: He loves that you don’t agree with him on everything but there’s times that he needs you on his side; mostly for movie night with Steve and Bucky. “Do you trust me?” he’ll say earnestly when trying to convince you of Pulp Fiction. If it’s a matter of him taking you flying with the wings he’ll add, “C’mon you gotta trust me, I’m the Falcon, baby!”

Quill: “Really?!” Offended and challenging you, this exclamation can be heard all throughout the ship as he crosses his arms and raises his eyebrows to rile you up just as much. Usually the argument ends right there, exchanged for words murmured against parted lips and the aggressive pressing of your hips.

A Girl Worth Fighting For

Prompt:  White Day ~ A  Girl Worth Fighting For
Pairing:  Nalu (can’t resist)
Rating:  fluffy
Word count:  1646
‘A Girl Worth Fighting For’


Summary:  Natsu navigates unspeakable horrors to win Lucy’s  love ~ or ~ Natsu goes shopping, looking for the perfect white day gift.


A fun little drabble exchange for White Day tagging @impracticaldemon @ff-darkshininglight @cheer-chan @magerain @rizzy09

“Happy, are you sure this is the best department store in Magnolia?”  Natsu craned his head up to look at the fancy lettering on the big glass windows.  "Hudson’s Em - poor - e - um?  Doesn’t look that great.  You sure this the best one?“

"Well yeah, lookit all the stuff in the windows!”  Happy gestured to the fancy display of mannequins wearing the latest Heart Kreuz fashions.  "Mira and Erza love this place!“

"But will I find Lucy the perfect gift here?  She’s not like other girls.”

“Yeah, she’s weird.”  The exceed chortled and flew out of reach.  "But you’re getting just as weird as her, worrying about finding a white day gift.  Give her fish!“

Natsu shook his head.  "If you’re not gonna help you can leave.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for all the fish in the river.”

Putting his worries aside for the moment, Natsu strode up to the double doors and entered Hudson’s Emporium.  Clothes, shoes, handbags and luggage were on the immediate left; on the right were displays of sporting equipment, kitchenware and lamps.  

Natsu wandered aimlessly, Happy trailing behind him giving a constant stream of poor advice.  "Ooh!  Buy her a vacuum!  How 'bout hip waders?  Gym membership?  Lookit that muumuu, maybe they have one in her size.“

Natsu glared at his exceed.  "Oi!  I said if you’re not gonna help you could leave!”

His usual shit-eating grin in place, Happy responded.  "I never said I was gonna help - I said I wouldn’t miss this for all the fish in the river!“

An announcement blared over the public address system:  "White Day Special Sale next to the food department starting in five minutes.”

With shining eyes and hope reborn in his heart, Natsu let go of Happy.  "Lucy loves food!“

Rubbing his sore neck, Happy coughed.  "That’s one thing we can agree on, she loves greasy food!”

They joined the torrents of men rushing to the back of the store also intent on procuring the perfect White Day gift for their special lady.  In between the food and millinery departments was a long table bedecked with a blinding white tablecloth.  Upon it was a dazzling selection of white items; from marshmallows and white chocolate to candles, coffee cups and lingerie - all astonishingly white.

All the men trudged closer beginning to paw the merchandise.  And once the P.A. system squawked alerting them to a time limit they began to toss through the sale items with terrible haste.

Natsu had never been subjected to such indignities before.  As a mage of incredible power and wild disregard for personal safety and the subtleties of personal space, Natsu had never, ever been elbowed in a brouhaha over merchandise.  Each man was desperately digging, searching for a cheap yet stylish and hopefully beloved gift for their special someone.

Happy flew overtop and dive-bombed the now swarming group of men pawing the selection of marshmallows, candles and skimpy night attire.  Competition got fiercer.  A fist-fight broke out over a set of mugs emblazoned with a cheesy 'love’ print.  Three men were sprawled on the marble floor - tussling over a package containing white slippers, a nighty and robe.

Shouted threats, kicks and thrown elbows kept Natsu off balance. He had never seen non-mages act like guild members before - it was more than a little off-putting.  Finally his frozen state broke.  Natsu dove into the throng with a battle cry worthy of Erza fighting for the last piece of strawberry cake.  He searched with single-minded aim, finding and discarding novelty knickers embroidered with a suggestion he almost burst into flames just reading.  The candles were a bit tempting, but not nice enough he decided.  Marshmallows were 'meh’, the chocolate too similar to what he’d received, the nightwear was all too nosebleed inducing and the mugs were honestly ugly.

The same voice emerged from the speakers:  "Final five minutes left in our White Day Special Sale!“

The table of sale items was now engulfed in a writhing sea of desperate men still seeking the perfect purchase to please their girlfriends.  Intent on one final item he’d had yet to examine, Natsu was taken unawares by two people playing tug of war with a large box.  The smaller of the two men fighting head-butted his opponent who then stumbled backwards, grabbed at the table trying to keep upright, and flung a white metal trivet as he fell - which happened to conk Natsu on his forehead, knocking him out.
Happy dragged his friend under the table, hiding from the melee.  He lightly slapped Natsu’s face and when that didn’t work, he put some muscle into it.  Natsu roused ten minutes later as the special event table was being put away - the saleslady and her two assistants screaming were the perfect wake-up call.

A bit groggy and now with a dully pounding headache, Natsu ran with Happy as the three shop workers yelled 'pervert’ at the top of their lungs.

Down a corridor and then up a set of stairs they found a quiet corner of the store.  More than a little depressed and despondent Natsu sighed and confided in Happy.  "That was my last hope.  White Day is tomorrow and I don’t have the slightest idea of what to get Lucy.”

“Let’s have a snack!”  Happy tugged Natsu by the hand to a set of café tables and chairs.  "Hudson’s has the best tako-yaki in town.“

"Maybe food with help me think.”  Natsu slumped into a seat.  "I just wanted to give her something as nice as she is.“  Picking at the food Happy brought back, Natsu ate slowly and sparingly.  "The sale is over and I don’t know what to do.”

“We won’t leave until you find something.”

“You’re the best, buddy!”


To mark the special occasion, Natsu entered the apartment building on Strawberry Street using the ground floor entrance after reminding Happy he had is own special gift to deliver to Charle.  Natsu trudged up the flights of stairs clutching Lucy’s gift, wrapped in white paper and silver ribbon.  It wasn’t as flashy as some of the gifts he’d seen available, nor as sexy as the underwear - but upon seeing it, he’d known his search was over.

Knuckles poised over the door, the slayer paused.  Natsu took a few deep calming breaths and shook his head to clear his thoughts.  He knocked and waited, shifting the parcel from under one arm to the other.

The door opened showing Lucy’s welcoming face becoming confused.  "What are you doing?“

Natsu grinned.  "Is that how you greet a guest?  Weirdo.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you use the door - or wait for me to let you in - or -”  Lucy went silent as she saw the gift - and more importantly - the gift tag that bore her name in big swooping letters.  "Come in.“

Natsu remembered his uncertainty over his gift and his swagger lost a lot of his strut.  He covered up his lapse in poise by setting down the gift box on the coffee table and dropping into his usual spot on Lucy’s couch.  Natsu clasped his fingers together and puffed air, blowing the unruly lock of hair that covered one eye out of the way.

"What happened?”  Lucy couldn’t stop herself from leaning over close from her seat and gently tracing over the band-aid over his eyebrow, full of concern for her best friend.  "Does it hurt?“

His cheeks coloured a dull pink, clashing with his hair.  "Nothin’.  An’ it only hurts a little bit.”

“You have to take care of yourself you know.”

“Yeah - but it was for a good reason.”  He gave Lucy a timid smile.  "Remember those chocolates you made for me?“

She nodded and bit her lip.  "I remember.”

“Please accept this.”  Natsu snatched up the box and thrust it at Lucy.  "It’s not one of the traditional recommended gifts, but as soon as I saw it I wanted you to have it.“

"…”  Lucy took hold of the proffered box.  "Thank you.“  She smiled and her eyes gleamed with unshed tears.  "You didn’t have to get me anything.  I did hope but I wasn’t expecting.”  Lucy stared at the pretty white paper with silver ribbon on her lap and traced her name on the card.

“Open it.”  Eagerness coloured Natsu’s voice as he encouraged Lucy.  "I saw it and thought of you.“

Lucy plucked the card off the gift and set it aside on the table (that was going into her scrapbook later).  Lucy tugged on the ribbon and set that beside the tag.  Using her nails she slit the tape all around the box lid.  Slowly she prised off the lid and sat silent.  Natsu had given her a selection of pens, ink and a leather bound notebook in the creamiest pale yellow colour.

She blinked, set the gift down on the table and held out her hands to Natsu who was holding his breath as he tried to figure out if Lucy was pleased.  Her eyes sparkled and in that instant Natsu knew Lucy was happy.  He lunged forward hugging her; wrapped his arms around her and squeezed, breathing in calming air.  "I’m so glad you like it!”

“Yeah, I like …it…and you.”

Natsu nodded, then realized Lucy couldn’t see that - he needed to speak.  "I know, or else you wouldn’t have taken so much time and care to make those chocolates.“

Lucy blushed.  "This is a very thoughtful gift, but it’s much more than three times the value of what I gave you.  You didn’t -”

“Don’t be such a weirdo.”  Natsu pulled back so he could see Lucy’s face.  He looked into her eyes as he rubbed his forehead.  "You’re worth it, and never let it be said you’re not a girl worth fighting for.“

First Time;

Originally posted by msmina

Summary: Maybe now is the time to take the relationship a step further. 

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @msmina for the gif

Members: Mina from TWICE  x black female reader

Rating: Mature

Words: 1792

Note: Based off this request

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