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Book Photo Challenge- March: Recent Book Haul {bought and received over the past month ft. my cat}

“A book… it’s a world all on its own too. A world made of words, where you live for a while.” —Patrick Ness, More Than This


Hi everyone!

these are some photos I took at the beginning of the year for my instagram, i dont know why but back then i wasn’t convinced of them so i didn’t uploaded, now i wish i had, so here they are on my tumblr :3 that book btw, is A monster calls by Patrick Ness for those of you who would like to know, also i want to say that i completely love it, is a must read, so go and read it now! (please), hope everyone is having a nice spring break or whatever is on your country, have a nice day.

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Location: 1455 rue Sainte_Catherine Ouest, Montreal

Metro Station: Guy-Concordia

Hello hello!!! I have officially closed all my school books and made myself a nice cup of tea. I am ready to tell you about the all new coffee shop that literally opened about a week ago and how it quickly turned into my favorite spot near school. 

But let me start with a little background story (obviously). So Monday around noon, I came to Concordia for my class. All along the metro ride there, I was wishing I was home instead, drinking coffee, doing something relaxing. Monday blues had hit me hard. Even though my first class started at 2. And I only had one class. Okay… not the worse Monday you can have, but it was still Monday. And I walked into school unhappy. But my bitter unhappiness suddenly turned into confusion.. 

As I walked up to the second floor, I realized that none of the lights in the school were turned on. It took me a while to realize that Concordia was having a power outage. Cherry on top of all the issues this school has been having this semester.

They evacuated the building and my class got canceled. My Monday was getting  a bit better and a little more interesting.

I’m in downtown at this point - with no laptop or notebooks. I can’t do any school work. What do I do? Yap, you guessed it. 

I decided to try HVMANS cafe that just opened next to the EV Building. Let me tell you - every single cafe crawler I know had tried this place within days of its opening. And fell in love. So yes, I was excited to see it for myself.


I walked into the cafe, immediately greeted by beautiful sunlight entering from their huge windows. 

I noticed their decor was mainly concentrated on a very pale color palette - mainly white and pale wood with strong greenery accents. The windows amplified any light that came in, and the white-ness of the entire place reflected even more brightness and made the space shine. I’m a huge believer of light and its benefits to our mood. I was instantly happy. My Monday blues were cured.

Although the cafe was mainly white, they had decorated the space with many little plants (including cacti), which provided a beautiful contrast and amazing prop for those Instagram latte pictures. Plants are becoming a trend in Montreal cafes and I’m absolutely loving it. More please!!! They add so much life, yet have a subtle elegance.

The chairs here were extremely comfortable and they have many tables - and a lot of window seats. I don’t know about you but window seats are my absolute favorite spots in coffee shops. I sometimes hunt for those seats when entering a coffee shop and have my eyes set on the window seats. It’s a bit stressful. But not here, because almost their entire cafe is windows. Chances are - you’ll get the exact seat you want. They have many individual tables and a big desk at the very end if that’s what you prefer. I think I changed my spot about 3 times so I could experience different settings in the cafe. 

Let’s talk about coffee. First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever stayed so long at a coffee shop before (6 hours) and I don’t think I’ve ever ordered so many drinks at once! I took a chai latte (which was recommended by my cousin), a regular latte and a matcha latte. And a croissant on the side.

Ok, let’s start with the chai. Heaven. and gorgeous. and heaven. Best chai latte I’ve ever had in my entire life! The cinnamon wasn’t too empowering, the spice wasn’t too much and the amount of milk was just right. I think I finished it in 5 minutes. I didn’t even take a bite out of my croissant in between sips like I normally do. I need to go back there for another chai. Soon.

The regular latte was my friends’ and she loved it. The latte art on this one was really nice. I need go to back to try their regular coffee since I didn’t this time (oops). 

And the matcha - delicious matcha! Matcha lattes are one of my favorite drinks and not a lot of cafes do it right. It’s really easy for matcha to taste like fish (it’s not suppose to) so I really try to look out for coffee shops that get it right. And HVMANS did. I go to Leaves cafe for my matcha but now this place is a good competitor. And you can see that I had a lot of fun taking pictures of it too.

Another aspect I loved were the people. The barista was super nice and forgave me for my broken french (I really tried). And since this cafe was all new, and right next to a university that lost power for  a few hours, a lot of Instagrammers stopped by at my same time. I was able to meet/see some of my favorites, which made my experience here even more exceptional. 

So, hvmans of Concordia, if our school ever has a power failure again, you know what to do. You know what the real drill is!!! HVMANS: the perfect hideaway on a Monday. 

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anonymous asked:

Why is Ja/al's the "worst romance" ???

Well I’d like to say before I start that if you enjoy this romance I’m totally cool with that. But without further delay: hoo boy. Where do I begin?

1. The clear targeting at straight women is distracting. I can’t imagine what this romance would have been like if Jaal were bi. (Even though I still wish he was…)

2. This is creepy as hell. What, can he not have a normal conversation without saying he wants to eat Ryder out or whatever he’s implying? (Vore maybe?)

3. He’s honestly out of character. Maybe it’s just my interpretation but I saw him as a very soft and nice boy. In the romance he’s some ravishing sex demon who spouts innuendo. I was disappointed, to say the least.

4. He kind of acts like a white knight? I really get the vibe from his emails. (Or the condensed version) (Temptress?? Really?) Also though my Ryder had no hair so it was funny to read that part lmao.

5. I’m 99% sure he set up this date just to have sex with Ryder. You see that smirk on his face?? The way he barely listens to what Ryder was saying before he’s like “…Interesting. Wanna fuck?” He’s schemin’…I don’t see it as a nice gesture really and it set a bad tone for the entire romance. Mixed with the “devour” comment I honestly didn’t feel like he loved Ryder more than he just wanted to hook up, really.

6. The sex scene made me mad uncomfortable because of the above.

7. Please compare to this, aka the sweetest thing ever. Vetra tried something new, probably out of her comfort zone for Ryder, but she did it because she loved her. The way she gets choked up feels genuine to me, especially compared to Jaal’s shit.

8. I felt Jaal’s romance was targeted at a very specific Ryder, and it sure as hell wasn’t mine. This was my own fault for getting my expectations too high, but I assumed that, like most romances, if my Ryder was good friends with Jaal (as she was), they would have a similarly positive romantic relationship. I could feel her discomfort during every overly romantic gesture, and the worst part was that I couldn’t even break up with him!! Why? It was made for somebody else, and I can, in a way, respect that, but since this entire thing is my opinion it just didn’t fit right. Randi (my Ryder) deserved better.

9. Can everyone stop harassing Ryder over her relationship with him? Lexi is creepy, his mom sends me weird ass emails (I understand being interested in your son’s relationship but don’t ask me these things), and even SAM has something to say about it! Leave me alone…you’re all weirdos.

In summary (TL;DR) The mix of ooc behavior, white knight-ness, awkward sex scenes, and superior competitors (Vetra), Jaal’s romance ended up making me and my own Ryder uncomfortable and dissatisfied. I loved Jaal’s character and was severely disappointed. My advice, Bioware? If you’re making a character bi, make it Liam. He’s a good dude.

The Women's March went smoothly because of white supremacy.

Let me be clear on something, as a person who attended the DC March. There were no arrests and no “riots” because this march was organized and largely attended by white women. Yes, there were people of many races and cultures in attendance, but it was a largely white event. I was there. I saw it.

My white ass was walking down a street–that had to be blocked off–screaming “Black lives matter!” and nothing happened.

And you know what? There was little police presence. Honestly. I was warned to wear a bandana for tear gas and to bring clear bags in case the huge militarized police presence wanted to take my bag. I was told to not be frightened by the tanks and to know that I was practicing my right to peaceful protest.

But y'all, there were no tanks. I saw one military vehicle and maybe four cop cars. I saw more police and military in the metro on the way in.

And there was a reason for that. Had these marches been organized and largely attended by women of color, this would have gone so differently. There were people climbing on cars and on porta-johns and in the trees. Offenses that have earned tear gas and tasing and vitriol from law enforcement at MUCH SMALLER and manageable events. Don’t look at this as “Well they were polite for once.” I’m sorry to tell you this, but that is a racist statement.

We acted the same as any number of peaceful protests that saw police brutality. Just the same. But we were shielded by our white-ness and that is important to recognize. I was privileged to be allowed to SHUT DOWN the entirety of Capital Hill because my fellow marchers and I were white. Recognize this, even if it makes you uncomfortable. You did a good thing, but realize *why* you were able to do it.

Being White-passing and Native in America

I am a white-passing mixed white/native nonbinary individual living in Indiana, USA. I am bisexual and nonbinary. My mother is Eastern Cherokee and white mixed, and my father is white. There are three main federally recognized Cherokee tribes: the Cherokee Nation, the Eastern Band, and the United Keetoowah Band. We are Eastern. 

Daily struggles: Being white passing, people don’t normally know that I’m mixed unless I tell them – and then they don’t believe me when I say so. I feel insecure about reclaiming any part of my culture, due to my white-passing-ness. Cultural appropriation is abundant in America, and it sucks. 

Food: My dad is the cook in the house, so what we eat is mostly influenced by him. But I will say that Native Americans are largely lactose intolerant. It’s a thing. My mom and little sister don’t drink milk, and I’m lactose intolerant too but I drink it anyway.

Holidays: We celebrate Christian/American holidays, for the most part. Yes, even Thanksgiving. We celebrate it at my Cherokee grandma’s house. She has a figurine of a stomp dancer placed in the dining room, and every Thanksgiving she replaces it with a statue of two white pilgrims. I don’t think the white side of my family notices.

Home/Family life/Friendships:

My grandma has all of our heirlooms, papers, and family history concerning our Nativeness kept away somewhere. “Upstairs in a box somewhere” is her verbatim, I think. She’s ashamed of our history, and what we’ve been through, and therefore has never shared anything with us, good or bad. This is cultural assimilation still at work. I am angry that I’ll never know what my family house was; that I had to Google what “tsalagi” means; that slowly, my family history will die out, and it’s not even my grandma’s fault. I understand her. 

My mother is abusive. This is hard to process, because on the one hand, she’s awful to me; but on the other hand, I have a strong desire to connect with my culture and my heritage, and one of the only ways I know how to do this is through her. 

Identity issues: I have considered using the term two-spirit as an identifier for my gender, since I don’t identify strongly with any other term, and it helps me connect with my heritage. However, since I am white-passing, I feel like I don’t deserve this title, and therefore I don’t identify with it.

I also usually don’t use the term “POC” for myself. I’m blonde, for fuck’s sake. I usually just say “mixed” or “part native american” when identifying myself.

Things I’d like to see more of: Natives in love! Natives not doing Stereotypical Native Things©! LGBT Natives! Natives travelling, natives with families and young natives!

Tropes I’m tired of seeing: The Unholy Trinity: native savage, holy savage (spirit man), native princess. Avoid these three tropes, y'all. Thanx

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Sorry for the wait everyone, the finished Smash Collab piece is FINALLY here! Thank you to everyone who participated, it was hard work but a blast. Most of the individual pieces can be viewed right here on this tumblog, but a list of participating artists is under the break!

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dear white people

regardless of culture and location anything a black person does has to be justified and is defined as a reflection on all black people but suddenly president elect trump comes along and you all start hyphenating your white-ness, liberal white, white millennials, white feminist etc. or claiming something other then white all together democrat, non America, jews etc. you know race as an identity has nothing to do with that so i need you white people to claim and take responsibility for the white man that is president elect trump and the system that created him OR let us forcibly caste as black by the system of race also freely identity the way we want when it’s convenient   


Okay, so usually right before Bill appears, the people entering his black-and-white dreamscape zone close their eyes, showing that they’ve fallen asleep and gone into a Bill-controlled dream.

So isn’t it odd that Dipper didn’t close his eyes when the black and white zone went off and Bill appeared, but instead just a few moments before? It was after he shut his eyes that the laptop told him there were too many failed attempts.

But that never happened. The laptop wouldn’t have erased anything, Because Bill Cipher was tricking up the dream before even the audience knew Dipper was asleep.

“What??? You don’t look gay.”

Translation: I associate gayness with white-male-ness/Western cultural imperialism, and my homonationalism teaches me to see anyone who doesn’t fit/conform to those two boxed as the “other.”