white necked jacobin

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Name; Jeanne Mathilde Nielsen

Gender; Female

Age; 27

Species; White-Necked Jacobin

Blog; hummingisms.tumblr.com

Bio; Jeanne is a serious and easily irritated person who prefers the indoors to the outdoors and solitude to talking. She does not trust easily, and even when trust is formed it is still easily revoked. Her viewpoint is objective on many subjects and she has little opinion on any of them, making her a popular choice for reporting outlets like newspapers and magazines. She doesn’t lie unless she deems it necessary, for example if someone were to ask her what her company does. She is a popular musician that gained most of her fame online, but she now performs on stages rather than on the web. She has a rather tumultuous relationship with her younger sister Juliane, but works with her on occasion to help raise her body count.

Side Jobs; Alt-Rock singer, Journalist/Reporter

Company & Work; Jeanne joined because it was a family business, and as such she is given preferential treatment by the company (Hummingbird Music Incorporated). Her family’s company is a Hummingbird-based company, with all of the sirens being varying species of hummingbird. Her mother Marianne, the Red-Billed Streamertail siren, is the founder while her younger sister Juliane is a Violet-tailed Sylph siren. The company puts a lot of work into making detailed, elegant masks for their sirens and is relatively friendly, but also encourages killing victims with multiple corpse disposal services available on the property and lawyers on the ready in case a siren is prosecuted or sued. The six biggest sirens aside from the Nielsen family are the Crowned Woodnymph siren, Marvellous Spatuletail siren, Lucifer Sheartail siren, Mexican Violetear siren, Anna’s Hummingbird siren, and Blue-Throated Mountainbird siren (still working on the names, etc of those ones).

Jeanne usually either uses violence and threats to drive a victim to submission or muscle-injected anesthetics to knock them out before taking all of their life force. She is skilled in close combat and self-defense, but she’s not one to stylize and instead goes for the throat, groin, stomach, etc.- whatever can cause the most damage the fastest. She’s the seventh best siren in the company excluding her mother (who she received her training from). Her fighting style is fast and spastic, like the bird she represents, and she uses her wings to defend herself against physical blows like punches and kicks. She always dresses formally when on the job (dress shirt, pants, & shoes, long vest, gloves), unlike the rest of her family.

Voice Claim; LittleJayneyCakes (example)

Wings are not entirely accurate to the actual bird- the White-Necked Jacobin has brown-and-cream colored wings.


The Dancer. White Necked Jacobin Hummingbird, Asa Wright Nature Center, Arima Valley, Trinidad. by pedro lastra


Peru: White-necked Jacobin by Vivek Tiwari
Via Flickr:
One of the loveliest and most widespread of the neotropical hummingbirds. No flash. Moyobamba, San Martin, Peru. Aug 2015


white necked jacobin by Ric McArthur
Via Flickr:
I have hundreds if not thousands of hummingbird photos from our trip. Trying to match them to the field guide, major chore. Florisuga mellivora The White-necked Jacobin can be found in a variety of habitats from humid forest canopies, to tall second growth forests, and even in coffee and cacao plantations. source- The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Neotropical Birds.


The Quest for dominance by S.J. Trinidad & Tobago Nature
Via Flickr:
White-necked jacobin hummingbirds in a mid air face off for feeding territory.