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The alt-right is tearing itself apart. What remains after will be the future of far-right politics.

  • Just the very definition of the “alt-right” is it a moving target. It’s been described as a sociopathic nonsense experiment in trolling and chaos, the future of conservative youth movements and an organized resurfacing of white supremacist politics. 
  • The alt-right is chimeric, confusing and intentionally ambiguous, largely because its adherents are composed of dozens of competing ideologies. And now, the alt-right is thinning out its ranks.
  • The movement’s grassroots heroes are turning into a circular firing squad. Over the past few weeks, popular far-right figures have been attacking and doxxing one another in an intra-right conflict, and it’s tearing apart the loose circle of the country’s most visible pro-Trump provacateurs. 
  • For the white nationalists who built the movement, this is a natural part of the alt-right’s evolution — a cleansing that will leave behind a serious nationalist movement that can hold Trump accountable to his darkest campaign promises. Read more. (7/1/17, 12:21 PM)

black bloc is a tactic that has been used for decades but most people had never heard of it til richard spencer got punched in the face by a man dressed in black. a man punches lil innocent richie seemingly out of nowhere so he must be the violent one. the media conveniently forgot that spencer won’t denounce the kkk or hitler, that he wants a white ethno-centric nation, all his racist, sexist and misogynistic statements and the fact that his non-profit group promotes the white nationalist movement.

without shame they defended a nazi. without shame they painted an anti-fascist as the evil one.

this is a great example of the media shifting a narrative. something similar is happening in germany. before you criticize the use of black bloc tactics in hamburg, try to understand why they believe it’s necessary.

What’s Attracting Gay Men to the Fascist, White Nationalist Alt-Right?
At the National Policy Institute’s 2015 conference, alt-right star Richard Spencer’s annual Nazi-fest, a speaker named Jack Donovan exhorted the crowd ...

The Klan and neo-Nazi groups, the main previous incarnations of white hate in this country, were and still are violently anti-queer. And while a subset of openly gay men has always been conservative (or, as in all populations, casually racist), they never sought to join the racist right.

That was before groups like NPI, Counter-Currents Publishing, and American Renaissance started putting out the welcome mat. Since around 2010, some (though by no means all) groups in the leadership of the white nationalist movement have been inviting out cis gay men to speak at their conferences, write for their magazines, and be interviewed in their journals. Donovan and O'Meara, far to the right of disgraced provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, are the white nationalist movement’s actual queer stars. But there are others in the ranks, like Douglas Pearce of the popular neofolk band Death in June. And there are many more gay men (and some trans women) who have been profoundly influenced by two white nationalist ideas: the “threat” posed by Islam and the “danger” posed by immigrants.

Just a reminder that members of the LGBTAI+ community are involved in the hate too. We don’t get a pass because we’re queer, and we should be calling out those in our community who express hate. 

Trump’s weak condemnation, and blaming of “both sides” does not address what happened today in Charlottesville and does not deal with the blatant and rampant racism that he’s primarily responsible for. The growing White Nationalist movement was set off by him and the Nazi scum in his administration. The death count now stands at 3, and much more were seriously injured. People were killed by supporters of Trump. The “Unite The Right” rally happened on his watch. Trump owns the casualties and the fallout from this mess.

I appreciate the parallel structure, but we know what is going on: Trump is bypassing no evidence of crime to push Islamophobia. His goal is to instill helplessness. He wants you to feel alone and scared.

As a country, we have each other. We are good people with open hearts and empathy for the vulnerable.

Don’t listen to Trump and his make-believe stories. He sees danger in good people, and has sided with the worst people on the world.

We know what is going on. A ‘white nationalist’ movement is in the White House, and Trump needs enemies to show he is powerful.

We are Trump enemies. The press is Trump enemies. Protesters are Trump enemies.

We are the majority, though. Trump works for us. He got 2.8 million less votes. We are on the correct side of history.

We have figured out what is going on, and we will make the world hear of actions.

Hey, pagan friends, I had me a thought:

The correct people in Heathen circles (of which I am one) talk a lot about “reclaiming our faith,” since a lot of Germanic spiritual symbolism and language is also used by white supremacists; that talk has been motivated in large part by self-interest, since any reasonable person wouldn’t want to be associated with those assbags, but something occurred to me earlier today: It could also be an active offensive tactic.

A fun fact about the white nationalist movement is that there’s a *huge* religious schism inside of it; Odinists, atheistic National Socialists, and the Christian Identity people all cannot stand the sight of each other. If us Heathens–and I’m here using that as an umbrella term for every kind of non-Abrahemic spirituality with a vaguely Northern European flavor, from Asatru to druidry to certain tendencies of Wicca–did something no more substantial than try to be more vocal and visible talking about who we are and what we do, it could throw a wrench in their works, could hamper their solidarity.

I’m telling y'all to go out there and start blogs or YouTube channels or make memes or what the heck ever, take control of the narrative, and I think you could literally save lives.

Trump Asks, ‘What About the Alt-Left?’ Here’s an Answer
In remarks about Charlottesville, President Trump falsely equated “alt-left” violence with the killing of Heather D. Heyer.
By Linda Qiu

Having seen some extensive list of recent (and not so recent) violence by extreme right wingers/white supremacists, I’d been wondering - WERE there any example of Antifa doing similar? Like any at all?

Whelp, here’s the answer.

(spoilers: not, no really. Oh, there are a handful of recent incidents - the baseball field shooting, for one - but looking purely at numbers, there’s zero comparison)

From the article:

White nationalists; militia movements; anti-Muslim attackers; I.R.S. building and abortion clinic bombers; and other right-wing groups were responsible for 12 times as many fatalities and 36 times as many injuries as communists; socialists; animal rights and environmental activists; anti-white- and Black Lives Matter-inspired attackers; and other left-wing groups.

Leo Frank was lynched for a murder he didn’t commit. Now neo-Nazis are trying to rewrite history.
More than a century later, websites run by avowed white supremacists are still trying to assert the guilt of a Jewish factory superintendent in the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan.

Today, the murders continue to reverberate in the era of fake news and the alt-right white nationalist movement.

“The Leo Frank case is interesting in that you’re never going to meet a Nazi who doesn’t know about it,” said Heidi Beirich, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

After Georgia Gov. John Slaton commuted Frank’s death sentence in 1915 for a dearth of evidence, a mob of Atlanta’s social elites — the self-declared “Knights of Mary Phagan” — abducted Frank from prison.

The operation was well planned. Machinists cut the prison’s phone lines. Others drained the gas out of police cars so they couldn’t give chase. They posted lookouts in the towns along their 150-mile drive to Marietta from the jail in Milledgeville.

They hanged Frank at dawn in an oak grove owned by Marietta’s former sheriff, pointing him toward Phagan’s house.

Local prosecutors vowed they’d track down the lynchers. None ever stood trial.

A month later, a crowd of 30 men, including some of the lynchers, convened on Stone Mountain to christen the revival of the Ku Klux Klan.

More than 100 years later, the effort to implicate Frank in the crime continues. The largest and most easily accessible online databases about the case are run by avowed white supremacists Kevin Strom, a convicted pedophile, and John De Nugent, who claims warring species of ancient aliens colonized the planet, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

People have approached me looking for a way to change the minds of Trump voters, but I can’t offer any magic technique. That kind of persuasion happens in person-to-person interactions and it requires a lot of honest listening on both sides. For me, the conversations that led me to change my views started because I couldn’t understand why anyone would fear me. I thought I was only doing what was right and defending those I loved.

I think the “Hamilton” cast modeled well one way to make that same connection when they appealed to Vice President-elect Mike Pence from the stage: “We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us.” Afterward, the actor Brandon Victor Dixon explained, “I hope he thinks of us every time he has to deal with an issue or talk about a bill or present anything.” I’m sure Mr. Pence believes his policies are just. But now he has heard from individuals who are worried about those policies. That might open him to new conversations.

I never would have begun my own conversations without first experiencing clear and passionate outrage to what I believed from those I interacted with. Now is the time for me to pass on that outrage by clearly and unremittingly denouncing the people who used a wave of white anger to take the White House.


The white nationalist movement grew by 600% on Twitter in the last 4 years, outpacing ISIS

It’s now official: There are more white nationalists and neo-Nazis on Twitter than members and advocates of ISIS. A new report, published on Thursday, revealed that the follower growth of “major white nationalist movement and organization accounts” grew by 600% from 3,542 in 2012 to 25,406 followers in 2016. The study also found white nationalists surpassing ISIS in metrics from tweets per day to follower growth. But how Twitter responds to these 2 groups is most troubling.

White nationalist/Christian identity/Patriot Movement groups are terrifying, and they’re big in the United States. They’re typically in small, fractured groups, but there are literally thousands and thousands of violent radicals across the United States and we don’t really talk about it much

Zootopia Spoiler Warning

Okay. Obviously I’m going to try to avoid spoiling as much as possible. HOWEVER if you plan on seeing this film and want to avoid spoilers, DON’T READ. Okay disclaimer done.


Now. I really liked this movie. A lot. It was awesome and I absolutely can get in line with its message.

See in this movie the world is split into two parts. Prey and Predator. They use to fight but now live in harmony, or at least harmony enough. Judy Hopper becomes the first bunny cop. She’s met with a lot of strife, but she worked hard to be there. She’s made a meter maid and instead of complaining she does her best. It’s shown there’s a little prejudice about bunnies. How they’re just all carrot farmers, and cute and cuddly. When an officer calls her cute and cuddly, she corrects him and says that it’s kind of offensive to say that. After that he apologises and they become quick friends. Honestly I felt this officer was the only one who believed in her, even if not at first.

There’s also prejudice against foxes. They’re sly, clever, inarticulate, scammers. Not to be trusted. Ever. Even Judy believes this to an extent, though she tries to deny she does. She even tells her parents that foxes aren’t bad. Nick is the main fox, and he once just wanted to join the Scouts. But was bullied and had a muzzle put I him because you can’t trust foxes. He decided from that day on he would just fall into the stereotype.

Well somethings happen and the city finds out that predators are going savage. They’re reverting back to their ancestors way. Only predators. The mayors assistant, a meek, joyful, sheep named Bellwether, holds a press conference about it, where Judy gets to speak. Judy is shown to even have a little prejudice against predators and says it may just be something in their DNA. When Nick confronts her she tells him “You aren’t like other foxes!” Which pisses him off. Well the conference causes panic and people become fearful of all predators. There’s a call to get rid of them, to lock them up, because after all, prey can’t be savage.

There’s also counter protests and Gazelle (my girl Shakira), who hosted these protests says that this is not her ZOOTOPIA. It’s not the town she loves. arguments between prey and predator breakout at the protest. Meanwhile more predators are going savage. Well more stuff happens and Judy figures out why this is going on. She learns that her uncle, a bunny, went savage and bit his mother when they were little after hitting a plant called a night howler. She also finds out her childhood bully a fox, became a baker. He apologised for being so mean as a kid. And now he works with her parents, who pushed aside their own prejudice.

She finds out that Bellwether was actually behind it all this time. The meek joyful sheep was actually cold blooded and well, a bitch. She wanted prey to be above predators and had been hitting the ones who went savage with night howler pellets. She then tries to get Nick to kill Judy by hitting him with a night howler pellet. She legit was going to kill this bunny because Judy didn’t agree with her world view. Well it’s all solved and the savage animals go back to normal. People apologise and start to work towards fixing things. Nick even becomes the first fox on the force.

I know tumblr will bastardise this message. But it’s very clear. We ALL have prejudice against us, but prejudice and stereotyping is wrong. It doesn’t matter who against (looking at you here, people who stereotype whites and claim it’s not racism), it’s wrong. You may know jerks, but they’re jerks because they’re jerks, not because they’re a “fox”. Any anyone who steals this message and says it apples to X group only needs to go back and PAY ATTENTION. All stereotypes ARE WRONG. A Sherpa the bad guy! A bunny’s a cop! A fox is a cop! A sloth likes to speed! We ARE NOT OUR BIOLOGY. We are individuals with different personality traits separate from our race, religion, sexuality, nationality, or even gender. It’s a beautiful message and I swear I will argue against anyone who bastardises this beautiful movie.

It’s been three days since Shia LaBeouf launched “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US,” an all-caps beacon of hope in the form of a webcam placed in Astoria, Queens, where Trump dissenters, performance art fans, and other marginalized types are invited to come voice that mantra to a 24/7 streaming audience. LaBeouf has promised that the camera will be live for the duration of Trump’s presidency, and so far it’s been a rousing success, in that the stream is not yet of rats fucking in an empty parking lot. But of course, once you put anything on the internet these days, it’s only a matter of time before it’s infested by some sort of vermin. And so, LaBeouf has already had to contend with various “alt-right” interlopers who have been rallied by 4chan’s “/pol/” thread to drop by and spout their white supremacist bullshit. For the lulz!

Since today’s white nationalist movement is prefaced on being a silly dick, that campaign has mostly involved putting “Make America Great Again” signs in front of the camera, chanting “Pepe,” and other things these people would struggle to articulate the actual reasoning for, were anyone listening. But on Sunday, things came to a head when one of the trolls actually got into it with LaBeouf himself. Wearing a German Luftwaffe cap and the self-satisfied look of a man who has yet to be punched, this brave Göring of GIFs ran right up to the camera to begin rattling off the white supremacist’s “14 Words” and chirping, “Praise Kek!” only to have LaBeouf shout him down with his own sloganeering. The two engaged in a little shoving, nuzzling dance like two sparring antelopes, before LaBeouf finally chased him around and out of the lot.

Video of their confrontation was then overlaid with an animated Pepe and set to some sort of “Trump remix” of what sounds like an anime song, because the “anime Nazi” is but a single facet of this modern hellscape we live in now, the one that will force future historians to just give up and copy-and-paste entire Reddit threads, then consider getting into technical writing for sex-bot manuals. From there it was uploaded to a YouTube channel that collects myriad other examples of alt-righters crashing LaBeouf’s art project to heroically shout simplistic things over other people’s simplistic things, all in the name of ensuring the internet is insufferable on both sides of the ideological divide. Here’s one of them insisting, “Hitler did nothing wrong.” But you know, in a funny, meme-y way!

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Hey I am scared what will the future hold for America ?

I’m not gonna lie to you I’m a little scared too. In the back of my mind I realize that there’s very little difference between a Trump presidency and a Clinton one and many of the things Trump promised during the campaign were already happening. And Trumps candidacy had already legitimized the growing white nationalist movement. These things were going to be a cause for concern regardless of who won. 

I know you’re in shock right now. I am too. But when this wears off try to remember that there’s basically already a border wall, mass deportations are already happening, muslims are already being spied on and vetted before being allowed entry into the US, and we’re already living in an oppressive police state. Clinton wasn’t gonna change any of this and there’s not really a whole lot Trump can do to make America even worse. It’s always been this way and a Trump presidency is just going to expose that even more. So now is the time to point it out to people and start trying to grow and organize a movement to change that. 

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Remember when you told non whites that nationalist movements were a waste of time. Il let all those Indian and Pakistanis go back to colonial rule cos some ugly white guy told them nationalist movements are wrong. I hope you end up blowing yourself up to smithereens like those morons from the weather underground. I love white activists being exposed as the shitheads they are.

non white anarchists have fought on the front lines of anti-colonial struggles the world over while also opposing nationalism - I’m sure they’d be surprised to learn that their politics are only for white people. If you’re interested in India specifically, Maia Ramnath has documented this history in Decolonizing anarchism: An anti-authoritarian history of India’s liberation struggle

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Fascists are ALREADY GATHERING in the streets in Europe, but we deal with it by humiliating them and shouting them down. WE DID IT IN A BRITISH CITY RECENTLY AND WE DIDN'T HAVE TO KILL ANYBODY.

Their movement is growing. I’d say treating them with kid gloves is hardly that effective when the fascist/white nationalist movements worldwide have been exploding.