white n gold

    LE VERNIS NAIL COLOR - 16color with black & white case / s,m size
    LES 4 OMBRES EYESHADOW - 2ver. / black & white / s,m size
    MAKEUP PALETTE - 2ver. / 1color
    SHOPPING BAG - 2ver. / s,m size / black / white / silver / gold

    @mxims Max~ here’s your no.5  “🎁”😋
    and huge thanks for your help @daer0n Love you as always♡
    - beige, green / 1size

  • totally 238~4504 poly / 15 items
  • Download [🎀]



theyre a bit lost (sun and moon were released in the uk today!!)

I just had the most incoherent dream ever…like for some reason I was with sister slam dunk’s jinyoung (g-choong) n hwayoung n a bunch of random people…we all went to this concert n @ the end hwang chi yeol came out to sing some random song n jinyoung was like ‘wow he’s so real….’ like I know jinyoung. so he’s changing or something in the corner n were all sitting there so I’m like yelling HWANG CHI YEOL n he comes over n I’m like “I love you” in korean n he’s like “uh…….what??” hahahahahha it was so awkward n then we left I got a glimpse of my reflection walking out of the concert n MAN I was ugly…..like not satan ugly but not confession pretty n when I got to see jinyoung in the light outside he’s wearing a white dress shirt n a gold chain n I’m like ‘jinyoung….take it off u look like a chinese gangster’ n I jumped onto a chair in the hotel lounge n woke up lmaooooooooooo