white muzzle

Things I wish people who come in to the animal shelter understood

This is a Husky:

Pointy ears, thick but medium fur, tail often curls upward but not in a spiral/tight curl. Often has mask-like pattern on face, saddle-like pattern on back. Round but long muzzle. Might top out at 60 lbs. Coat is soft and fluffy, but not too long. Often has blue eyes.

This is a Malamute:

Enormous hulking beast with long fur, squinty dark eyes, tiny ears in comparison to its head and body, and a tightly curled tail. Pointy snoot. Weighs closer to 100 lbs. Coat is coarse.

This is a Shiba Inu:

Doge dog. May have this color variation similar to a Husky, but is very small- maybe 20lbs at best. Dainty little body, pointy nose, round but standing-up ears. Tightly curled tail that almost always shows you the underside. Looks like an oddly-colored fox.

Bonus– This is a White German Shepherd:

Square muzzle, short but thick fur, giant bat ears, and shaped like a normal German Shepherd. 50-75ish lbs. No tail curl. Hind legs slope back, butt may slope downward. Not a Winter Breed, not closely related to Huskies. Is not a Husky. Just because it’s white doesn’t mean it’s a sled dog.

You wouldn’t believe how many people come in looking for their lost Malamute only to have it be a Husky. (So of course we informed you over the phone that we don’t have a Malamute in Stray, this dog is NOT a Malamute.) Or people who think they have a Husky who actually have a White Shepherd, and vice versa. Or we had people surrendered their “Husky”, but it’s actually a Shiba Inu (probably pure bred Shiba, tbh).

It makes it a lot easier for us to help get your pup home to you if you know what kind of dog you actually have. If in doubt, ask a groomer, because they will definitely know.

Okay so it’s been a while since the last family tree, so here let’s have a non-completed WhitestormxWillowpelt tree - I was compelled to stop at this point because the tree was already 10k pixels wide. I’m resizing the cat bases for my next tree, just saying. x3

*copied disclaimer*


(I updated the disclaimer now that Su’s gone hehe)

As a final note, I will not make anymore canon-compliant trees, they’re hard enough to make already as they are, sowwy. u3u

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asklotusheart  asked:

Are all peppermint born without tails?

Mod: Hey, hi, good evening! Welcome to– “Let’s learn about peppermint horses” with, Von Cena. I’ll be your host, Von Cena!

So I hear you are interested in learning more about my peppermint horses? Well you’ve come down to the right place. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about peppermint horses.

Q:  “Are all peppermint born without tails?”

Well, my curious little follower, my peppermint horses are in fact born with bald tails– or as I like to call them, tail nubs. 

Infants are always born with bald tails. But it is not just the baby age that they remain with a hairless tail. Peppermint horses between the ages of 0 - 11 will have bald tails.

Q: “At what age do their tails start to grow hair?”

Young peppermint horses do not start to get hair on their tails until they hit the adolescent age.

Think of their bald tails as a bud. Just like flowers, they start off as a bud. No petals or anything. At the right age/time, that’s when they start to bloom. Nemo is between the age 11 and 15 here. Their tails will start to develop as they start to mature.

Q: “When do their tails finally bloom?”

Their tails will have bloomed completely once they hit the adult age. But, that does not mean their tails have stopped growing. Their tails will continue to grow as they get older. It just takes a very long time for them to grow out completely.

Q: “Is the multiple tail floof (sectioned tail?) a peppermint horse trait, or does the family just like to style their tails that way?”

Yes, their tails do grow out into sections of big poofy curls. It is a common trait in all my peppermint horses. Their tails can be curled upward, downward, sideways. Even in different directions. The sectioned curls are the “petals.”

Q: “Why does Nemo always looks like he was spanked?”

Peppermint horses all have a sort of faint blush that’s noticeable on the tips of the ears, muzzle, and especially the flank. It’s meant to make my peppermint horses appear more unique.

Q: “Do all the peppermint horses look alike?”

Yes and no. Although all my peppermint horses share the same color palette, each one is still made unique from the other. That is because of the splash of pattern or color that I add to them. Preferably white. But they will not all have the same pattern.

Some peppermint horses will be born with some sort of white patch, pattern, or freckle anywhere on their bodies. It can be a white sock like pattern on the leg, freckles along the back or face, or a white muzzle for example. But a common trait they all have are long white eyelashes, fetlocks, and of course the signature blushy effect on their flanks.

Q: “Do all your peppermint horses have white hair?”

No, not every single peppermint horse is born with white hair. Some can have a faint pinkish tone in their hair or streaks. Sometimes both. But they all have curled hair.

Their hair can literally be any length but still contain curls. Aside from their hair, they all share fetlocks in common as well. But just like their hair, their fetlocks can also be any length. Long, short, medium. They can also have any style. Fluffy, smooth, and even feathered.

Q: “Are all the male peppermint horses feminine.”

Yes, most males do appear very feminine in the face and often times get confused for the females. But only peppermint horses can tell the gender apart. 

Q: “Do they smell or taste like peppermint at all?”

Actually, yes, they do. All my peppermint horses smell like peppermint. But not all the scents are the same. It is very easy to tell them a part. For example, if Frizz were to somehow lose Nemo in the herd of peppermint horses, although they all smell like peppermint, Frizz would still be able to sniff him out and get to him. Some peppermint scents differ. They can be sweeter, stronger, or faint. And yes, they do taste like peppermint. THAT DOESN’T FRIGGIN MEAN TO COME TO MY INBOX AND STRAIGHT UP LICK NEMO! I WILL DELETE THAT ASK AS SOON AS I SEE IT.

Q: “Are all the peppermint horses related?”

Yes, all my peppermint horses are related. When they go off to find a partner that is not a peppermint horse and mate, there is a 50/50 chance they could produce another peppermint horse that’ll be a new addition to the family. And it continues from there. This is why there are so many of them.

Q: “Can we make peppermint horses too?”

Well, I’m not saying you can’t have a peppermint horse at all. You initially can. I’m just saying you can’t make one that looks like any of mine. Like, yeah you can make an OC with a relation to peppermint or peppermint themed OC.  But, you MAY NOT create one based on any of the information I have just given to you. The reason is because this is my very own species that I put a lot of effort into. I created them for Nemo specifically. They are all his own family. And I would very much appreciate not to have any long lost cousins that belong to Nemo. In other words, don’t make Nemo copy cats. :/

MY peppermint horses are a CLOSED SPECIES.

Wicked Fate: 3

One Two Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Epilogue

And I’m back! So sorry about the later updates I got a job and than got sick and my body is trying to handle the different schedule change. So thank you so much for being patient💗💖👏🏼


The next morning, you carefully pulled the school uniform over your bandaged arm before hopping into the car. 

After Aunt Gayoon dropped you off, you headed straight towards your homeroom, and stopped by along the wall to change into your slippers. 

“How’s your arm?” 

You stood up, facing a very concerned looking Jaemin. 

“How’d you know?” you asked, confused, as you thought only Donghyuck and Jeno knew. 

“Oh, Jeno told me…you know, uh, best friends and all,” he said almost hesitantly. “I’m sorry about the wolf, mianhae.” He rubbed the back of his neck, as if nervous. "By what Jeno said, it sounded like a misunderstanding.”

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anonymous asked:

Hannibal hunting down Molly to get Will's dogs back (doesnt kill Molly but gives her a scare? do with as u will)

So I’ve been having some trouble with writing lately, and I thought that maybe a good way to get back into the swing of it would be to try filling some of the prompts that have been in my inbox for, uh, literally years.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME MORE PROMPTS. Not that I’ll delete them on sight, but what I learned a few years ago is that I’m honestly just shitty at filling prompts. Many of them don’t interest or inspire me, and then they sit there for years and I feel guilty about it. XD;; I’m trying to take this opportunity to clean out my inbox. If/when I feel up to taking more prompts, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, here’s what I’m able to come up with.

She was walking the dogs along the beach, as she often did; and the dogs were running to and fro and investigating other people’s dogs and other people, as they often did. She thought nothing of it when she came across Winston getting his ears scratched by a stranger sitting on a large piece of driftwood. Then she looked again, harder; this was no stranger.

She was a stranger to him, maybe; they had never met in person, and he had probably never seen her face. His hair was longer than in the photographs, and he had a beard. He smiled down at Winston as he tousled the dog’s fur. He was wearing a salmon polo shirt and loose linen trousers. He looked more like someone’s grandfather than anything else, not the serial killer that she knew him to be.

Maybe he doesn’t know who I am, she thought, but that was dispelled when the man said, without looking up, “Hello, Molly. You look well. Florida suits you.”

“Thank you,” she said, proud of the way her voice didn’t tremble. She had moved to Sugarloaf Key because it was the opposite of Moosehead Lake in many ways, especially in the winter. She’d cut her hair, gotten a tan and a new job as a park ranger. 

She was glad Walter was still at school.

Hannibal looked up at her now. There was no malice in his eyes, but she knew that didn’t mean anything. Hannibal Lecter didn’t need hatred or malice to do what he did.

“How’s Will?” she asked, hoping it was a neutral question.

Hannibal tilted his head. “He’s been better,” he said, and Molly blinked furiously at that. “He misses the dogs,” Hannibal went on.


Hannibal looked back down at Winston. “He doesn’t say so,” he said. “We have a few of our own, now. But I think he misses the past.”

Molly swallowed. “We gave a lot of them away,” she said. “It was hard, keeping up with so many dogs. With Will. Gone.”

Hannibal nodded as if this made sense to him. She hoped it did. “How many are left?”

“Just three.” Walter had brought home a puppy the other day, but Molly didn’t mention that. The puppy wasn’t with her at the beach.

Winston looked up at Hannibal with large, solemn eyes. He had a lot of white around his muzzle these days. The vet had guessed that Winston was close to ten years old. He was good, well-behaved, no reactivity, just a little bit of separation anxiety. Molly should have given him away. But she hadn’t. Maybe she’d been saving him for this moment and hadn’t known.

Hannibal tightened his hand in Winston’s ruff. “I’ll take this one.”

“Okay,” Molly said.

Hannibal stood up. He walked away. Winston followed him without looking back. Molly didn’t watch them go; she turned and walked the other way.

After the pink, a Blueberry!

Blueberry the monkey wasn’t feeling well.  His person wrote:

Good evening. Below are pictures of my daughters stuffed monkey.. it has taken a beating, but would like some understanding of the cost to clean, stuff/repair. There are 2 locations of damage/holes. Mouth and left arm where sewing would need to count. The mouth I am told looks like a white round circle. It is her birthday coming up and maybe this would help her feel better. Thank you

This is what he looked like when he arrived at the hospital:

Rather deflated and a little sad.  Here he is starting his spa:

To my surprise, his white hands, feet and muzzle were actually a pale blue once he was clean (this was confirmed by his Grandma):

Restuffing and wound repair commenced.  Of course Blueberry got a heart with blue:

Then it was time to figure out his mouth.  It wasn’t just supposed to be stitched, but he didn’t have any younger photos, and his people couldn’t find dopplegangers online.  We did several tries first stuffed with a flat mouth:

Then mouth inverted:

Finally a donut mouth on top:

And after a bit of botox removal he was ready to fly home:

He didn’t fit in the box he arrived in anymore no matter how he tried:

But I got him packed up and on his way.  His family in wrote:

I wanted to thank you so very much for fixing Blueberry. He looks great and my daughter loves him. You did a terrific job and I can tell you definitely have a talent for this type of work. Thanks so much for all of your love and care with Blueberry.

Sometimes Blue is as happy as pink! :-)