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Name: Destry
Gender: Female/gender fluid 
General appearance: 
Human form: Brunette, bright blue eyes, small like her mother.
Dragon form: A brilliant silver with dark claws and horns.
Horse form: A grey filly with a black mane and four white socks. There is a white snip on her muzzle that fades into a soft pink over her upper lip. 
Wolf form: Her fur is different shades of grey, and this is the only form in which the color of her eyes change. Rather than their normal light blue, they turn a rich golden color.
Personality: Quiet and relaxed. Destry relates to people easily and makes friends quickly. Growing up incredibly protected she’s a bit blase when it comes to danger, she isn’t one to worry. She learns to change form at a very early age. First controlling her dragon form, then taking a horse form like her father, and finally the form of a wolf.
Special Talents: She shows a lot of talent in magic as a young girl, easily shifting her form as she pleases. As she gets older, she begins to use that magic to increase her skill in these forms, making her stronger and faster. She can also make herself invisible as she pleases in her dragon form. The spell is much harder in her other forms, but by adulthood she masters the art of invisibility.
Apart from magical talent she is a very talented musician and has taught herself to play a variety of instruments.
Who they like better: Her father. He’s easier to sway than Areta or Fen, and while she’s already hopelessly spoiled, she knows he isn’t nearly the disciplinarian her mother can be. He’s also less studious, and Destry herself isn’t a very good student, she lacks the focus her mother has.
Who they take after more: She’s got a pretty even dose of Svadi and Reta, her biological parents. By her teen years she picks up a few nasty habits when it comes to attitude and colorful language from Fenrir, which Areta most certainly does not appreciate.
Personal headcanon: Destry is deeply loved by her mother, and yet a source of enormous frustration at times. The young dragoness lacks focus and doesn’t really have any desire to have a career. When she turns twenty one she takes a job at a bar in New Orleans. She likes how lively the city is and fell in love with the jazz music there on a family vacation. This infuriates Areta, as she feels her daughter is destine for much greater things.
Face Claim: Caitlin Stasey (I couldn’t find a child actor I liked so here is her as an adult


Name: Rydell
Gender: Male
General appearance: Much to his sister’s disdain, Rydell is tall and broad with what Destry describes as “too many muscles to be normal”. His hair is a lighter brown and he has an almost frightening looking expression on his face when he isn’t smiling. He also has blue eyes.
Personality: Rydell is much more energetic than his sister. He’s constantly active and rather noisy in Areta’s opinion. He is friendly and self confident but he worries more than his sister. He’s very protective of his sister and mother, even though Destry despises it and Areta deems it completely unnecessary.
Special Talents: Rydell is talented in most physical pursuits. He is very coordinated and quick for his size. Not to mention his nearly impossible strength.
Rydell isn’t much of a sorcerer as far as spells go, but he can make a mean potion. He’s also a talented cook.
Who they like better: Fenrir
Who they take after more: Areta doesn’t know how he takes after Fen, the best excuse she’s found was “over exposure” which she says both playfully and with an edge of genuine annoyance. He looks up to Fenrir.
Personal headcanon: Rydell buys himself a motor cycle at sixteen, which makes Areta positively livid. She absolutely blames Fenrir for this and for years refuses to let him ride it. At eighteen, he openly defies his mother and takes it on a cross country trip. Areta was not happy, but seeing as he was an “adult” in the eyes of mortal law, allowed him to do so.
Face Claim: Tom Hardy

Kiteruguma: Bear, Panda Bear, or Red Panda - Some Taxanomic Clarity

So we had a new gen 7 pokémon revealed in today’s corocoro leaks, meet Kiteruguma! I personally think that it most strongly resembles a red panda - check out the white ears, white muzzle, black underneath, stripy thick tail and red (ahem pink) colour! 

But this new friend is already frequently being described as a bear. Isn’t a panda a bear?  Let’s have a look see.

Is a Giant Panda a Bear?

Yes! Those black and white bamboo eating lovlies are indeed bears. For years, scientists were  unsure of the giant panda’s placement in the mammal tree, thinking that it could also belong with raccoons and other such groups. But more recent and genetic evidence solidly places giant pandas within the bears, so along with grizzlies, polar bears, what have you. PANDAS ARE BEARS. 

Are Red Pandas, uh Pandas?

NO. Well they’re not closely related to giant pandas anyway. In the past, the red panda’s placement in the mammal tree has also been contentious,  and at times it has placed within the bears, or the racoon families. However,  as above, strong genetic and phylogenetic evidence now strongly places red pandas within their own family, the Ailuridae which in turn is placed within the weasel superfamily, the Musteloidea along with the skunk family, the racoon family and the true weasel family (weasels, otters, badgers etc.) 

TL;DR - We got a red panda pokemon. Giant Pandas are bears, but red pandas are not related to giant pandas and therefore are not bears, despite their confusing common name.