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Are all peppermint born without tails?

Mod: Hey, hi, good evening! Welcome to– “Let’s learn about peppermint horses” with, Von Cena. I’ll be your host, Von Cena!

So I hear you are interested in learning more about my peppermint horses? Well you’ve come down to the right place. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about peppermint horses.

Q:  “Are all peppermint born without tails?”

Well, my curious little follower, my peppermint horses are in fact born with bald tails– or as I like to call them, tail nubs. 

Infants are always born with bald tails. But it is not just the baby age that they remain with a hairless tail. Peppermint horses between the ages of 0 - 11 will have bald tails.

Q: “At what age do their tails start to grow hair?”

Young peppermint horses do not start to get hair on their tails until they hit the adolescent age.

Think of their bald tails as a bud. Just like flowers, they start off as a bud. No petals or anything. At the right age/time, that’s when they start to bloom. Nemo is between the age 11 and 15 here. Their tails will start to develop as they start to mature.

Q: “When do their tails finally bloom?”

Their tails will have bloomed completely once they hit the adult age. But, that does not mean their tails have stopped growing. Their tails will continue to grow as they get older. It just takes a very long time for them to grow out completely.

Q: “Is the multiple tail floof (sectioned tail?) a peppermint horse trait, or does the family just like to style their tails that way?”

Yes, their tails do grow out into sections of big poofy curls. It is a common trait in all my peppermint horses. Their tails can be curled upward, downward, sideways. Even in different directions. The sectioned curls are the “petals.”

Q: “Why does Nemo always looks like he was spanked?”

Peppermint horses all have a sort of faint blush that’s noticeable on the tips of the ears, muzzle, and especially the flank. It’s meant to make my peppermint horses appear more unique.

Q: “Do all the peppermint horses look alike?”

Yes and no. Although all my peppermint horses share the same color palette, each one is still made unique from the other. That is because of the splash of pattern or color that I add to them. Preferably white. But they will not all have the same pattern.

Some peppermint horses will be born with some sort of white patch, pattern, or freckle anywhere on their bodies. It can be a white sock like pattern on the leg, freckles along the back or face, or a white muzzle for example. But a common trait they all have are long white eyelashes, fetlocks, and of course the signature blushy effect on their flanks.

Q: “Do all your peppermint horses have white hair?”

No, not every single peppermint horse is born with white hair. Some can have a faint pinkish tone in their hair or streaks. Sometimes both. But they all have curled hair.

Their hair can literally be any length but still contain curls. Aside from their hair, they all share fetlocks in common as well. But just like their hair, their fetlocks can also be any length. Long, short, medium. They can also have any style. Fluffy, smooth, and even feathered.

Q: “Are all the male peppermint horses feminine.”

Yes, most males do appear very feminine in the face and often times get confused for the females. But only peppermint horses can tell the gender apart. 

Q: “Do they smell or taste like peppermint at all?”

Actually, yes, they do. All my peppermint horses smell like peppermint. But not all the scents are the same. It is very easy to tell them a part. For example, if Frizz were to somehow lose Nemo in the herd of peppermint horses, although they all smell like peppermint, Frizz would still be able to sniff him out and get to him. Some peppermint scents differ. They can be sweeter, stronger, or faint. And yes, they do taste like peppermint. THAT DOESN’T FRIGGIN MEAN TO COME TO MY INBOX AND STRAIGHT UP LICK NEMO! I WILL DELETE THAT ASK AS SOON AS I SEE IT.

Q: “Are all the peppermint horses related?”

Yes, all my peppermint horses are related. When they go off to find a partner that is not a peppermint horse and mate, there is a 50/50 chance they could produce another peppermint horse that’ll be a new addition to the family. And it continues from there. This is why there are so many of them.

Q: “Can we make peppermint horses too?”

Well, I’m not saying you can’t have a peppermint horse at all. You initially can. I’m just saying you can’t make one that looks like any of mine. Like, yeah you can make an OC with a relation to peppermint or peppermint themed OC.  But, you MAY NOT create one based on any of the information I have just given to you. The reason is because this is my very own species that I put a lot of effort into. I created them for Nemo specifically. They are all his own family. And I would very much appreciate not to have any long lost cousins that belong to Nemo. In other words, don’t make Nemo copy cats. :/

MY peppermint horses are a CLOSED SPECIES.

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In Felidae, the movie, there's Francis, if he were to look realistic, not like, oh with his parents what would he look like, because obviously his parent's wouldn't even be see, but with a realistic image, what would Francis look like?

sorry but this is the closest i could get. cats will either have a white nose blaze or a black face + white muzzle. his body is p standard but its the face that fucks it up lol

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10 for the OTP prompts

The Things We Do For Love And Kittens

Pairing; Gajevy

Word Count; 533

A/N; Thanks for the prompt!!!

10. “I don’t care if I’m allergic, I bought him and we’re keeping him.”

Levy blinked down at her boyfriend, who sat on the floor and was holding a kitten’s paws above it’s head as he made it dance. The kitten did not look amused but was also complacent as it allowed Gajeel to move it around, black fur similar to Gajeel’s much wilder hair, white muzzle and scar over the right eye the only break in the dark colour. 


“Heya Shrimp! Look who I found at the shelter!” Gajeel beamed at her, though his seldom seen joy was tarnished by the fact that his eyes were bloodshot and he sounded like he had a broken nose.

“It’s a cat.” Levy said, feeling her heart swell as the kitten escaped GAjeel’s hands only to climb up his side and nestle aginst Gajeel’s chin. 

“HIs name’s Pantherlily,” Gajeel said gruffly, scratching the kitten’s chin as irritated red swells began to appear on the skin of his neck and jaw. 

“Gajeel you’re allergic to cats.” Levy reminded gently, walking forward to kneel beside her adorable boyfriend. An adorable boyfriend that was about to need the emergency room. 

“I don’t care if I’m allergic, I bought him and we’re keeping him.“ Gajeel defended, scooping up Pantherlily and holding him protectively against his chest. 

“You’re going to die over a kitten?” Levy asked, reaching out and scratching Pantherlily between his ears. The kitten purred, and Levy knew she was lost.

“Yes.” Gajeel answered, eyes serious as he stared down Levy. Levy patted his head as she stood with a sigh. He must be dead set on it, because he only forgot how intimidating he was when he was hyper-focused. He usually made a point of never intimidating her after their… less than amiable first meeting. 

“Well it’s a good thing Lily is so cute.” 

“His names Pantherlily!” Gajeel called out in indignation as Levy rummaged through the first aid kit they kept in the kitchen. 

“Lily,” Levy sang back, smiling as she closed the kit after finding what she needed. Lily meowed happily, the sound lower than she was expecting. Levy cooed to a sulking Gajeel and the squirming kitten, Lily scrambling from Gajeel to make his way to sit on top of Levy’s head. “He likes me!” she giggled.

“’Cus he has good taste,” Gajeel said as he nodded in approval. “I was his favourite at the shelter too-oh fuck woman!”

Levy snickered at Gajeel’s shout, pulling the EpiPen out from Gajeel’s thigh and capping it. His skin was already starting to de-swell, though his glare looked murderous as he pouted. 

“You’re the one who wanted a cat.” Levy shrugged. “And I already love Lily more than you, so it’s a good thing you’re used to be poked with so many needles.”

Levy tugged gently on the bar in his right ear for emphasis. She squealed when Gajeel tackled her knees and pushed her onto the couch, threatening in his playful growl that he was going to stick her for being such a smart ass. Lily watched silently from his perch on top of the couch, already used to Gajeel and Levy’s antics. 

Who would have thought a kitten would be the most mature member of their little family?

Okay so it’s been a while since the last family tree, so here let’s have a non-completed WhitestormxWillowpelt tree - I was compelled to stop at this point because the tree was already 10k pixels wide. I’m resizing the cat bases for my next tree, just saying. x3

*copied disclaimer*


(I updated the disclaimer now that Su’s gone hehe)

As a final note, I will not make anymore canon-compliant trees, they’re hard enough to make already as they are, sowwy. u3u

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Hey! Sorry if I'm bothering you, but what would a ThunderClan queen called Deerfeather look like?

a cinnamon ticked longhair ! maybe with a white blaze or muzzle 

Apparently there’s a new gay retelling of P.ride & P.rejudice coming out which, rather than giving us a fresh, compelling wlw romance between a Lady Darcy and Elizabeth in a story that we can already rest assured they’ll both survive, decides to just erase one of the most iconic female characters in literature by turning Lizzy into a white guy for Darcy to awkwardly woo instead.

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can ticked tabbies ever display white spotting?

yep!! somalis/abys are bred w/o it (unless you count the white muzzle/throat) but other ticked tabbies can 

so far, we have this as a draft:

acornkit -> acornpaw -> acornheart (warrior)
lilac ticked tabby with amber eyes; they/them pronouns. looks quite a bit like his grandfather, firestar, albeit a bit bulkier and larger; and his warrior name was given in partial honor of him.
has a hypersensitivity to emotions in other cats, to the point where they often feel what other cats feel
Because of their powers, they developed an anxiety disorder at an early age, prefers to hang out with more positive cats. Likes to hang out with the elders with oak. generally shy and straight-faced, but not unkind. tries to help cats however they can.

oakkit -> oakpaw -> oakspirit (warrior)
black ticked tabby w/ white muzzle, chest and paws, and green eyes; ??? pronouns (she/they?). stocky but sleek.
has hypersensitive hearing that connects to their sense of touch; echolocation
has a close relationship with the elders after saving longtail’s life in a fire with their echolocation, and a close relationship with starclan/the warrior code (kinda like hollyleaf). talks a lot with the medicine cats regarding signs/starclan. 

pinekit -> pinepaw -> pinebreeze (med cat)
chocolate ticked tabby w/white toes (and blaze?), and amber eyes; he/him pronouns. big, bulky, with a build very similar to brambleclaw’s.
has hearing/smell/sight that are extremely good at detecting small, subtle changes; makes him very good at detecting a cat’s vitals and ailments and the coming weather.
is close to his aunt leafpool, is naturally very organized; expressed extreme interest in herbs and being a medicine cat since he was a kit. he prefers the physical aspects of being a medicine cat over the spiritual ones, so he works with leafpool and oakspirit for that end of his duties. 

this isnt finalized or anything and I’d love to hear any comments/critiques/notes/additions!