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P.S: I Love You

Prompt: School AU where person A is in detention and person B is making silly faces at them through the window in the door OR the one where Aleks is in detention, and his boyfriend is a lovable idiot.

Aleks knows it’s his own fault that he’s stuck in detention. Threatening to beat the shit out of someone in front of a teacher was never a good idea, even if he had been joking. Unfortunately, Mrs White hadn’t seen the funny side, and now Aleks is trapped in her stuffy classroom instead of on a date with James.

It’s probably a blessing in disguise, though. He has a lot of work to do; bunking lessons to make out with his boyfriend in various locations around school aren’t doing his grades any good.

It’s just him and Mrs White in the room, and the silence is a good catalyst. Aleks begins to power through his assignments, and the first thirty minutes fly by.

So absorbed in his work, he doesn’t notice that someone is trying to get his attention - until he sees a flash of movement in his peripheral vision. He glances up, and sees James standing outside of the classroom door. As happy as he is to see him, he knows he’ll end up in detention with him if Mrs White catches him.

“What are you doing?” Aleks mouths, and James grins at him happily through the glass. He shrugs his shoulders, giving him a wink before dropping out of sight.

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after 6 hrs of stream, I closed with a Grey is doodle.

Just an idea of the boys in a queue for some new store or some show and White while trying to use his charm by getting two spots from afar, he’s pushing Black to go use his fame, or his size or his anger to move through the crowds. 

But Black isn’t willing. Man on the front door is an old man. (Black had phobia of old people)

I always enjoy how White isn’t mr. perfect playing by the rules when it’s convenient for him.