white mountain shoes

99thpercentile  asked:

What style of boots were you wearing?

Unfortunately, I bought the boots from Cathy Jean, which sells boots year-round but changes the lineup all the time. So I can’t tell you the model name, but I can tell you they were black, calf-high, lace-up military-style leather boots with a zipper up the inside for easy on/off. They looked like these (http://www.cathyjeanshoes.com/booties-1/double-zip-military-bootie-1.html) but black and calf-high. They don’t look a huge amount like the boots from the movie, but as I’ve stated elsewhere, I was going for a more stylized look, not film-accurate, so they worked fine.

I also wear, on a daily basis, black Watchman boots from White Mountain via DSW (http://www.dsw.com/shoe/white+mountain+watchman+combat+boot?prodId=307755). My current pair, which also produces the badass murder walk, has lasted me 10 months of near-daily wear and now approaches replacement.

I hope that helps, boot junkies!