white moon birthday liveblog


I’ve seen this scene several times, and it happens to be one of my all-time favorites. Most of the Mamoru haters I’ve seen try to use this scene as evidence that he was attempting to assault her or something. 

Personally I never saw it that way because Mamoru being a violent manipulator is not canon characteristically for him. He, right now, just wants to know his past. As I’ve said before, he is tortured with the dreams he has every night. AND BOOM here comes a girl who looks just like the girl in his dreams. 

A kiss is all he needs to get the memory. Mamoru wants this to mean something rather than “OH I’M GONNA GET THIS GURL DRUNK AND SLOPPY MAKE OUT WITH HER ALL NIGHT." No. In fact, I find it admirable that he would go to these lengths in order to find out more about his past. 

and then we have Usagi. Oh girl, how many times do you get tipsy in this series. She only has one drink which means she's cognizant enough to get home and realize what's occurring. She feels the familiarity too. It isn’t all about her first kiss with the hunky Tuxedo Mask. It’s about what and where and how. What is occurring right now? Where have I felt this way? How is this happening?

This is why this couple will always be somewhat of a puzzle to me throughout the whole series. I want to know what they’re thinking and how they just have these feelings of mutual attraction and curiosity. 

This kiss is not the first, but it’s the only one which they will have without knowing each other initially. <3