white mercy

- stop saying concept mercy is better because current mercy is white
- stop saying concept mercy taught and helped current mercy on her achievements
- stop saying you could have had male mercy x genji so that’s why it’s better

Current Mercy is an angel, my angel, and if you think it’s worse than c*ncept mercy because of the above then eat my concept 🍑

I agree with all of this. I discussed this in the first post addressing the art book Mercy and, I will address it again.

It is unfortunate how fandoms advocate for more color representation, but when we are given it they either ignore, push to the side, or give them the racist stereotypes they often say they’re against. 

I’ve already seen posts about people complaining how white female Mercy is perfect and they should just love her regardless. Some even have said the game has enough black representation with Lucio, which is completely ignorant and honestly racist to say. One person of color does not mean the representation is “done” or “taken care of”. They have a right to love the Mercy we have now, but the claims they make are just completely unfair

It’s sad to see this happen again and again. Hell, it’s happened to Genji too. With people calling him a “weaboo” when he’s literally an asian man. Sure, they joke, but jokes can be harmful might I remind everyone. Even if we make one stereotypical race joke toward a character, it can do great harm. 

Please treat your characters of color as they should be treated : like any other character. They’re beautiful and we should treasure the representation they provide without taking it down the wrong path. 

~ Mod G

 did a quick tally of OVW “representation!”

  • WHITE - 8 characters
    • Mercy, Soldier 76, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Tracer, Zarya, Junkrat, Widowmaker (purple is not a race jsyk)
  • BLACK - 2 characters
    • Doomfist, Lucio
  • LATINX - 2 characters
    • Reaper, Sombra
  • MIDDLE EASTERN - 2 characters
    • Pharah, Ana
  • EAST ASIAN - 4 characters
    • Genji, Hanzo, D. Va, Mei
  • SOUTH ASIAN - 1 character
    • Symmetra
  • AMBIGUOUS - 2 characters
    • McCree, Roadhog
  • NON-HUMAN - 4 characters
    • Winston, Orisa, Bastion, Zenyatta

SO there you have it! when fucking ROBOTS have more representation in your game than literally any race/ethnicity other than WHITE, maybe there’s an issue, yeah???

so often stuff like this is like

‘damn would have been cool if this character was a muscular darker skinned black guy depicted as being angelic and gentle and healing! a nice subversion, woulda been pretty cool yknow’

and you get people replying to it with

‘the mercy we have now is the mercy that she SHOULD be and always WAS that design was just a CONCEPT and i cant believe you people think that a female character should be just replaced with a MAN how can you call yourselves ‘‘‘‘‘‘woke’‘‘‘‘‘ theres nothing wrong with mercy just because shes white and a woman, ive been attacked for my opinion over this so much im going to post photos of my white mercy shrine and complain about sjws demanding they be pandered to by game companies game design is HARD you have to MAKE THINGS they DECIDED THIS WOULD BE THE FINAL MERCY IN THE BEGINNING just accept what you have overwatch is already so diverse you got what you wanted you dont have to make this into SUCH A HUGE DRAMA LIKE YOU PEOPLE ALWAYS DO’

One of the stupidest things about this is that these white mercy stans act like ppl are directly attacking them, delivering hate mail by the truckloads right to jeff kaplan’s front door, and singlehandedly destroying mercy and ovw, when in reality they’re the ones making problems out of nothing and being disrespectful by rbing concept mercy posts/hcs just to say “I don’t like this” even though nobody asked

When people like Mercy better than Concept Mercy

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When people like Concept Mercy better than Mercy

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When people get mad they made Mercy a girl

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When people assume Mercy is straight

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When people assume Concept Mercy would have been gay

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When people get mad they made Mercy white

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When people get mad because Mercy could have easily been a black woman and instead overwatch has none

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When people appreciate both Mercy and Concept Mercy

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to summarise the Overwatch Artbook Drama for everyone rn
we missed out on:

tall black man with an hourglass figure in a nurturing, caring, support role as the saviour of the team with a rez skill and potentially still having a thing with genji b/c where are our gay male characters blizzard??

white mercy’s tunic as hospital scrubs, or least with pants and pockets instead of just… leggings and nothing practical whatsoever

gabriel as a BDSM ghost in a boob-revealing corset, a shirt with hip slits, or a literal studded thong

junkrat as vinny from the disney atlantis movie

mccree’s as a gross racist white dude? like… confederate flag and everything

lucio as a kingdom hearts character


500x500 mercy winged victory icons , feel free to use . credit isnt necessary but would be appreciated + like and reblog 

 icon requests ? drop a message in my askbox !