By Toby Morris


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This past weekend I noticed something when I was watching the Mayweather v.s Madonna (I meant madiana) fight. Madiana who is from Argentina was getting supporting from all the Latin Americans in the crowd and also via social media. A good portion who the supporters WERE NOT from Argentina, but they UNITED in support to cheer Madonna (I mean Madiana) in his fight, which he lost. Here’s the issue MANY Black people won’t support Mayweather or our black athletes because of their character and out of the ring or off the field issues, so much to the point they rather see them lose. Its only black people who believe in the content of character propaganda, because do you honestly think that many Latin Americans really like Madiana? Madiana is from Argentina, and whole Latin America was supporting meaning people from different Latin countries. They only supported him because they won’t to see him beat a black man. The same thing when Ricky Hatton fought Mayweather, everyone from Europe supported Hatton (and he lost too). It’s always like that when Spanish or White athletes compete against black people, their race comes and supports the athlete. While black people cheer against their athletes because we worried about his character. We need to understand we have to support our athletes when it comes to competition against other races. Next Mayweather fight watch how white and Spanish people say “I hope he beats that Nigger ass”. Stop the race trading!

Post written by: @Oba_Tayo

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