white mages

‘’I’m sorry Mavis…’’

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i hope you like Andela-Chan :3


i’m a GOD

Friends Unite
by Sam ‘’Submation’’ Bielčík.

I’ve created another Final Fantasy art but this time it’s based on one of my favorite youtubers.
ProJared, who plays through original FF1 on his channel and who is an astonishing reviewer.
PBG, an amazing Arthur lovin’ funny as hell son of a gun,
Brutalmoose, the not caring cynical yet upbeat person who is hilarious. And
Jeff or Spacehamster, the cheery comical and a godsend.
But seriously I LOVE these guys, go check them out… well chances are that you already watch them but still. Their videos always cheer me up and I owe a lot to them for that.

Edit: Sorry that I screw up your hair :D


A padjal white mage tarot style card for my FFXIV fanart project. This is my favorite job to play.

We can’t play Padjal Hyurs but I thought it would be interesting to draw one since they are children of the forest in the lore. I still haven’t tightened up it up completely yet but i just wanted to share + process. It’ll take some time but I plan on doing more! :)