white lipped deer

Mammals that exhibit non-heterosexual behaviour:

And that’s just the mammals. There’s even more birds than there are mammals, and many others, too.

But please, do go on about how it is ‘unnatural.’

Thorold’s Deer (Cervus albirostris)

Also sometimes known as the white-lipped deer, Thorold’s deer is a threatened species of deer that is endemic to the eastern Tibetan Plateau. Thorold’s deer typically inhabit grassland, shrubland and high altitude forests.  Like other deer C. albirostris is mainly crepuscular and lives in small herds of around ten animals. They are grazers and will feed on a wide range of plants, notably grasses and sedges. However they will eat larger plats like willows and rhododendrons as well.

Currently Cervus albirostris is listed as threatened and faces threats from habitat loss and hunting. 


Animalia-Chordata-Mammalia-Artiodactyla-Cervidae-Cervinae-Cervus-C. albirostris

Image: Greg Geobel