white lip python


Amphibian and reptile club was amazing today! A local breeder came in and brought eight snakes! As they were passed around, I didn’t get a picture of half of them including the blood python, or the carpet python, the boa, and one more that I don’t quite remember. It had a reddish orange belly though and was on the large side. The white lipped python and the baby carpet python were extraordinarily tame though! Apparently they’re usually super aggressive but they were passed around by like half a dozen people and were still super chill. I hung on to that hypo burm baby as long as I could. She was so cute!
The Brazilian rainbow boa really liked my pant hem, and the blood was a real wrapper.
(Id never really had the chance to hold a snake- that Argentine boa was the first one I held! Thankfully he was pretty chill!)


Galadriel my six foot White Lipped Python. This girl has it all beauty, brains, and personality! She is my pride and joy! White lips are known to be aggressive and many suggest they do not be owned as pets, I disagree with this completely. With lots of handling and love my girl is puppy dog tame, she still pulls attitude on occasion (tail whipping,huffing, and bubble blowing hissy fits) and hates certain people but she never bites. I would love to get a male and try my hand at producing CB WLP as there are not many out there and none that I have found so far in Canada. 

EDIT: I have a male now

Oh, hey there! This is Juniper, she’s a super nice white lipped python! Every now and then she can be a little grump when taking her out of her viv, but overall is well mannered! Her sister, though, is a different story. Her sister lives up to the stereotype they have, haha! This girl, and her sister, will be the next in line to be put in a bioactive vivarium.

pets im getting as soon as im living alone and financially stable:
•carpet python
•chilean flame rump tarantula
•maybe a pinktoe too
•any of the following:
-giant asian mantis
-orchid mantis(w more experience)
-spiny flower mantis
-ghost mantis
• white lipped python/asian sunbeam snake/ brazilian rainbow boa/ darker boa constrictor morph (can u tell how badly i want an irridescent snake yet)
•all geckos


Went to the IHS reptile expo in Doncaster today! Was good to meet up with the-scale-pup

Some interesting stuff about!   Orthriophis moellendorffi

Steven Bol’s displays of garter snakes and water snakes is always great. Even a puget sound garter there this time! 

On my favourite display there was a very interesting pair of legless lizards pseudopus apodus

and I was very excited to find Rein rats ! Rhadinophis frenatum

But really this guys whole table was amazing… He had croc skinks, axanthic BTS’s, white lip pythons, leaf nose snakes, barons racers and some monitors. 

There was also a gorgeous adult Boelens python.  

I got to squeel gleefully at a baby eastern indigo, guy also had unicolour and black tailed cribos.  

There was also a lot of bamboo and mandarin rat snakes about, tokay geckos and the breeder I got Vince from was there with bismaraks and Madagascar tree boas. There were blue iggy’s a caiman lizard and a frilled lizard. House snakes, radiated rat snakes…many thinggs  Not to mention loads of cute Boas, burms, retics and of course pretty  royals, leo’s, cresties and corn snakes. 

(And all I came home with was a tub full of cork bark and a book on reptile terrarium plants! ha)  


I found out my camera has a time lapse setting so I took one of Jocelyn, the white lipped python.

Video started 15 minutes after lights out, and ended 15 minutes before lights on. Recorded 6pm - 5am, Eleven hours of footage in 1.5 minutes.

This is why she’s getting as big a cage as I can physically fit in this room. 8 solid hours of activity!

Bothrochilus albertisii