white lip python


Galadriel my six foot White Lipped Python. This girl has it all beauty, brains, and personality! She is my pride and joy! White lips are known to be aggressive and many suggest they should be display only, I disagree with this completely. With handling and lots of respect my girl is puppy now a doll, she still pulls attitude on occasion (a bit cage defensive at times) and hates certain people but she never bites. I would love to get a male and try my hand at producing CB WLP as there are not many out there and none that I have found so far in Canada. 

EDIT: I have a male now

Just a shitty phone picture and IG edit but this guy joined the family this weekend. Took him out for the first time today and boy does he have energy and an attitude. Can’t wait to work with him a bit and really show off his shine.

Life’s been strange so I had to take a break from the photo challenge. Plan to take it up again though.

…stay tuned? lol


Decided to share these because x-rays are awesome.

So Jocelyn has been having problems for a bit. She’s been regurgitating food. Now, the first regurge I could understand because I bothered her a lot after she ate, so I let it slide. Waited 2-3 weeks and fed again. Then we got another regurge. I figured from an upset stomach of the first one, everything else about her checked out. Started her on probiotics. Fed her a pinkie m.ouse 3 weeks later. Regurged that.  I decided to palpate her for abnormalities and found a lump. Ugh…

At the vet we found out the lump moves which means it’s an impaction. It doesn’t show up too well on the x-rays though. The likely running theory right now is she got impacted…. on fur…. (Stares into the camera like I’m in The Office.)

Basically white lips are known for regurging fur casts from their food, but we’re thinking that didn’t happen this time, and the fur went down instead of up. Since her lower digestive track is not meant for fur, it’s stuck. We managed to reshape it to be easier to pass and moved it down a bit. I may try to work it out a bit more under advisement as well. Until it is out, she is on a liquid diet.

They do naturally consume furred mammals but I guess this can happen too. So basically white lips are the worst.

anonymous asked:

What is the snake that I keep seeing around that's all black holographic? Are all of that variety of snake so stunning or is that just a remarkable individual?

I believe you are talking about the beautiful white lipped python (Leiopython albertisii). I’ve never worked with this species, but I believe all white lipped pythons can potentially have that iridescent “holographic” look. However my guess would be that they don’t look so dramatic all the time in regular lighting and that the pictures you saw were shot in a way to maximize the irridescent look.

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Wat snek is more gay? Water/white lipped python or rainbow boa? Both show rainbows in light but what snek more gay?

The rainbow boa is more gay but the white lipped python is a great ally

tiny-cthulhu  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you know any good info on white lip pythons, I currently have a children's python and a ball python and was kind of interested in white lip pythons but haven't been able to find too much about them.

@fimbry has one but thats as far as my knowledge goes :(