white lined sphinx

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You can thank @madody‘s really awesome webcomic, @wild-wasp, for this guy. Eyup, this boy is literally a fancharacter for a webcomic about cowboy bugs, and I gotta say that’s the best premise for a comic I’ve ever seen. I definitely recommend giving it a look but know it doesn’t have a bunch of pages atm.

He was supposed to be a moth but I feel he lost a bit of those mothy features during creation. (specifically a  white-lined sphinx or hummingbird moth)


white-lined sphinx moth by hawk person
Via Flickr:
Joshua Tree NP First heard of these in 2014, and I was positively thrilled to finally see some at Joshua Tree this spring, on the Ocotillo blossoms.


The arrival of tender spring vegetation in the desert is a signal for the arrival of hungry opportunists. I saw thousands of white-lined sphinx moth caterpillars (Hyles lineata) on the march across the Cottonwood Canyon bajada at Joshua Tree. They would strip a plant bare, and then move on. I had never seen the black-striped western morph before. Back east we prefer our H. lineata caterpillars camouflaged green, to better blend in with the tomato plants they are eating. 

A couple of fuzzies.

Here, have some moths! The first was found at Rock Dam, WI (Clark County), the second in Eau Claire County, WI.

A white-lined sphinx moth and a male Antheraea Polyhemus. I think.

The Sphinx moth’s wing looks  little wonky, but it wasn’t injured; it was able to fly away, and did so when it thought I got too close with the camera lens.

There had been a female A. Polyhemus around but she was pretty skittish and flew away as soon as I got close. The male was happy to climb around on me for awhile.