white light meditation

A Simple Protection Spell

What you’ll need: a white candle, a gold candle, rosemary leaves, and a small plate

What to do: cast a circle about beachball size around the plate, light the candles and then the leaves. close your eyes and imagine all the smoke billowing around you, then around the house. imagine whatever darkness or negative energy thats inside you and your house now cast out with a white, protective light. meditate on this for a couple minutes, then open your eyes. you’re done!

Tips: this spell is very flexible, the first time I used it I only had one candle, a bunch of seashells, and a poker chip as a plate for the rosemary. so dont worry if you were a baby witch like me and barely had any materials 

justanotherpasafrisk-deactivate  asked:

A small child stepped into a new timeline, some place they had never explored before, they knew how hostile some timelines could be so they pulled a flower crown out of their inventory, it had red leaves and blue echo flowers that seemed to sing a soft melody. The small child would only be two steps into this new place when they would suddenly trip over their long orange scarf falling flat on their face but managing to save the flower crown. "Ow..."

Snowdin has never been colder. 

Thank goodness, Mint had clad herself in some rather Snowdin-suitable clothes. Her hands were rather full, literally. Her palms were glowing a bright white light as she meditated through the day, feeling her own magic run calmly through her whole body. In other words, she was extremely sensitive to her surroundings.

Which made her hear the rather faint falling of what seems to be a creature.

Snapping out of her concentration, she stood up, the light on her palms vanishing as she called out in a rather loud, audible voice.

“Is someone there?”