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A black muslim trans lesbian has no inherent value over a white christian cishet man. If you think she does, that’s a good indication that you don’t even see people as individuals anymore. White supremacists believe the exact same thing you do, only reversed. Neither of you are correct.

Collectivism is bigotry.


Martin Luther King Jr. the Lost Speech - The Casualties of the Vietnam War

the reason that we are posting this speech is because we have a belief looking at the situation as it exists in politics today that Donald Trump is going to start a war. if he does it will be exactly the same war that Richard Nixon fought in Vietnam. He will do it by sending all minorities and people he considers undesirables. Just like Nixon, Trump will spill poor peoples blood. once again sending minorities off to foreign lands, to fight for those he considers too good to get their hands dirty for America’s RICH ideals. I lived during this time and I can tell you that I know what happened. Yes I followed it intensely as a child and a student. Richard Nixon was exactly who we see today Donald Trump. He is Hateful. He is a separationist. He has no relationship whatsoever to the majority of people in this country. People, who did not vote for Trump. People who he will end up disenfranchising purposely. Do not be deceived Do not look away and do not pretend this is not happening because America you made this. AMERICA you did this Stand up and look at yourself in the mirror. Look at yourselves and be disgusted at what you truly invented this time. Nothing but hate. Nothing but divisiveness. Nothing but pure lies. America this is what you have done now stand up and look at what you are going to have to deal with because you did it.

And when you stop paying attention to me and we start drifting apart, don’t ask me why we’re growing more and more distant like it’s my fault.

I tried, but you made it very clear I was no longer an important part of your life.m

Fuck it, I’m mayo.

Mayo is fuckin good on most sandwiches anyways. It’s good when you dip french fries or hash brown patties in it. 

Chocolate is good too. So is… beans and rice? I don’t know, this whole race food thing is fucking weird. I’m just saying Mayo is good, so it’s probably not the best insult to use. It’s especially dumb if you consider that white people probably love it more than anyone.

I love when people call me a racist because I’m white.
It’s the ultimate irony.

I love when people tell me I have privilege
Yet when I mention how they have benefits over me, I’m a racist.

I love when people assume they know my life story because I’m white.
I love how they just assume my life was easy because of my heritage.

I love how my having an opinion makes me racist.
And even if I hold the same opinion as the other party, I’m still a racist for saying it first. That’s “whitesplaining”

I love how my whole life I’ve been fed that I’m the problem, a scurge to society because of my skin colour.
Yet I’m responsible for every rude white person who happens to say something rude or insensitive. As if every white person thinks in the collective.

I love how I always have to defend anything I say or do.
Lest I be fired, suspended or expelled for being racist.

I love how I’ve always hated my skin, and once I learned to love myself for me - that I wasn’t responsible for the sins of the past, I’m still a racist for loving myself.

I love how many people are going to see this and say “look at this poor white girl. She wants to be oppressed so bad”

But I’m not oppressed. I never have been.
I have been the victim of bad circumstances, of illness and loss. Of discrimination and racism. I’ve been subjected to the hate of individuals, but I would never blame the group.

Racism affects *everyone*. You will never have equality if your equality doesn’t include all groups, all people’s, all skin colours and nationalities.

Only then will we be equal.

sevenfoldvengeance  asked:

Lee Boyd Malvo was a black kid and also did a public shooting, only much worse. 10 killed, 3 injured (D.C. metropolitan area ALONE) *17 victims elsewhere*. Know why this has gone unnoticed? Because he's black. Its only racist if they're white right?

Wow, one black kid. Let me ask you something, how many white kids have shot up schools? Too many to count. In fact the most violent and heinous crimes committed in US soil were committed by white males(source) Let me break it down.

School shooting Examples:

University of Texas massacre

Columbine Massacre

Sandy Hook 

Northern Illinois University shooting

Santana High School shooting

UC Santa Barbara(Elliot Rogers)

Stockholm Schoolyard shooting

Westside Middle School shooting

and many, many more.

And on top of that when white people commit these atrocities the cop out(mental illness, depression, afluenza, ) and denial to excuse white violence always follows (source)

Terrorism. Acts of terror in the US are more likely to be perpetrated by right wing white Christian men then any other minority group (source). In fact before 9/11 the worst terrorist attack in US soil was committed by a white christian man. Timothy McVeign. The main terrorist threat in the United States comes not from muslims but from right wing groups and white supremacy groups (source). Also look up Ku Klux Klan.

Terrorism examples:

Destruction of Black Wall street 

16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

Oklahoma City bombing

Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre

Centennial Olympic Park bombing

Planned Parenthood shooting

IRS suicide attack

Aurora Theatre massacre

Dallas Police HQ attack

Chapel Hill Shooting

Charleston Church Shooting

Genocide. Ask the native americans. Just in case you can’t find one here’s why. 


Racism. Do i really need to go there?   

Jim Crow Laws

Japanese Internment camps

Abuse of Latinos


Murder. According to the FBI, when it comes to murder, whites led every other ethnic group. Whites are also more likely to kill other whites (source).

After all these acts of violence and intimidation committed by whites against minorities in the US you deny and project. You call black people violent. You call muslims terrorist. You are completely disconnected from reality and your past.  In case you’re still denying everything i just wrote here’s a video from a former racist telling the truth about white racism and supremacy in the US. (Video)

Ya’ll should be really glad we haven’t retaliated because let me tell you people from other countries around the world have gone to war for far less. FAR LESS! How do i know? I was born in one of those countries. 

The thing is we are still more human then you. After all the wrongs inflicted on black people in this country we still retain our humanity and pride. We still forgive and move on with our heads held high.    

In closing, if we’re really gonna keep score, no other race can come close to the amount of violence whites have dealt to others in the US so don’t fucking try me punk. Consider this a history lesson.

“Inside the chest of every black man beats the heart of a lion and ya’ll are just hyenas.” - onevagabond