white knot

“ With spells in her hair...”

This one’s for any witches with long(er) hair. If you’ve got close-cut hair, this won’t really work so well for you.

Ever heard of the witch’s ladder knot spell? If you don’t know, you’re more or less tying 9 knots in a rope, while spouting an incantation.

“By knot of one, the spell’s begun,

  By knot of two, it cometh true,

  By knot of three, thus shall it be,

  By knot of four, tis strengthened more,

  By knot of five, the spell’s alive,

  By knot of six, this spell I fix,

  By knot of seven, events I’ll leaven,

  By knot of eight, it will be fate,

  By knot of nine, what’s done is mine.”

Basically, you’re going to do this with your hair.

You don’t have to worry if your hair isn’t long enough for nine knots. I’ve found that you can even do one knot per curl, and just tie nine knots throughout your hair. It’ll be just as effective.

Now, keep in mind, a witch’s ladder knot spell is known to be extra powerful, because not only do you have a chant to follow, but a physical repeating pattern to help manifest it into reality. Because of this, I don’t suggest having any especially strong intentions (ie, weaving some sort of protection spell that sends a curse at offensive parties) because it’s basically a part of your body. And it’s on your head. You really don’t want anything to backfire.

So try a little glamour spell, blessing for body positivity, or good luck charm. Change the words around in the chant to suit your needs. I came up with the words as I knotted my hair, but if you need a little time to figure out what you want to say, go ahead and write it out.

In a traditional ladder knot spell, you go back and forth between ends trying knots, however, since your hair is attached to your head, just tie knots one after another, almost like a braid, then tie it at the end with an elastic to hold it in place.

You can spell one strand of hair (it looks really cool wrapped around the elastic of a ponytail), or you can weave your whole head up with spells!

If you put all your hair up in knot spells before bed, in the morning, when you take off the elastics and let the ladders come loose, you’ll be left with wildly witchy curls that resonate beautiful energy, and were literally formed with magick! 

Idea for incantation:

  “By knot of one, I’ll face the sun,

   By knot of two, I’ll love me too,

   By knot of three, I’m proud to be me,

   By knot of four, I am worth more,

   By knot of five, this day I’ll survive,

   By knot of six, my heart I’ll fix,

   By knot of seven, harsh thoughts I’ll lessen,

   By knot of eight, I know I’m great,

   By knot of nine, this life is mine.” 

I’ve found this method to be very effective, give it a try and share with me how it worked for you!

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope snapped a view of what may be the youngest galaxy ever seen. This “late bloomer” may not have begun active star formation until about 13 billion years after the Big Bang. Called I Zwicky 18 [below, left], the galaxy may be as young as 500 million years old. This youngster has gone though several sudden bursts of star formation — the first only some 500 million years ago and the latest only 4 million years ago. This galaxy is typical of the kinds of galaxies that inhabited the early universe. The galaxy is classified as a dwarf irregular galaxy and is much smaller than our Milky Way.

The two major starburst regions are the concentrated bluish-white knots embedded in the heart of the galaxy. The wispy blue filaments surrounding the central starburst region are bubbles of gas that have been heated by stellar winds and intense ultraviolet radiation unleashed by hot, young stars. The redder stars are slightly older stars and star clusters, but they are still less than 1 billion years old. A companion galaxy lies just above and to the right of the dwarf galaxy. The companion may be interacting with the dwarf galaxy and may have triggered that galaxy’s recent star formation. The red blobs surrounding the dwarf galaxy are the dim glow from ancient fully formed galaxies.

This image was taken with Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys in 2003.

Dinner and Baby

Summary: Dean takes the Reader to a nice restaurant to celebrate their one year anniversary. As it turns out, the parking lot is nicer.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 900+

Warnings: Call it smut. Call it porn. It’s Dean.

A/N: This a request for @kayshaabi. I hope you enjoy!

As anniversaries went, this one was pretty spectacular. It had taken a lot of pool hustling, but Dean had saved enough money to take you to one of the nicest restaurants in Kansas City. He ha also booked a fancy hotel room for the night. You had been together a year, and he was going to mark the occasion.

Dean was sexy like this when he was trying to please you. He was wearing one of his FBI suits. The shirt was white and crisp, the knot in his tie was straight and perfect.

There was something about Dean in a tie that made you want to take it off of him along with the rest of his clothes. And the way he smelled was more than a little distracting. It wasn’t cologne. That wasn’t Dean’s style. You could smell his soap, his shampoo, his skin. He smelled clean like rain, and you wanted to drown in him.

The two of you were seated in a semi-circular booth against the wall. This allowed you to be next to each other as you ate. It was intimate, romantic. There were candles on the table and a white linen tablecloth that completely covered what your hand was doing underneath it.

You had stared moving your hand back and forth up the inside of Dean’s thigh during the appetizer course. He was shifting in the seat trying to remain discreet. By the time the entrees arrived, he was completely hard.

That’s when you moved for his zipper. His eyes got wide. You smiled at him silently saying, “Oh, yes I am.” With one hand, you picked up a shrimp from your plate and teased his lips with it. The other hand was taking his erection out of his pants. You started to stroke him as you fed him.

You felt him throbbing in your hand as you ate your meal. Relentlessly, you moved your hand up and his shaft, giving a slight twist as you got to the tip. His mouth had fallen open, and he was breathing so hard he was practically panting. You leaned over and whispered in his ear, “You better control yourself, Dean. You don’t want to come right here, do you? You will; trust me. You will, and it will be so good. Just not yet, not until I say you can.

“Y/N, you better stop. I don’t know if I can…”. His hands were flat on the table, and his eyes were locked on yours, pupils blown wide. You licked your tongue across your bottom lip.

“That would make such a mess, Dean. How would we ever explain that?” You tucked him back inside his pants, zipped them up, and asked sweetly, “Do you want dessert?”

“No, Y/N. No, I don’t. You know what I want.” Five minutes later Dean had paid the check, and the two of you were standing out front waiting for the valet to retrieve Baby. Dean opened your door like a true gentleman before jumping behind the wheel and driving away too fast. Instead of leaving he turned Baby back around and found an empty parking space in the corner of the lot behind the valet ropes.

He was already taking off his jacket and loosening his tie. “Dean, what are you doing?” He snatched his tie the rest of the way off and started unbuttoning his shirt. “ I’m getting ready to have my way with you; get in the backseat now.”

By the time you met him in the back, his shirt was the rest of the way off, and he was pushing you down against the leather. The cut of your dress made it easy for him to push the material back exposing both of your breasts. He was tweaking one nipple while hungrily sucking the other. You were a gasping mess in under a minute; the walls of your vagina were squeezing around nothing.

Trying to get the upper hand in the situation you managed to form words. “Dean, remember what I said.” He looked at you, his sinful mouth turned up slightly at the corners. “I remember.” He pulled his pants down and stroked himself a couple of times. “Oh, yeah. I remember.”

He pushed your skirt up and tore your flimsy lace panties right off. He tested your entrance. Finding you wet, he pushed in three fingers and curled them so he was rubbing the front of your vaginal wall. “I remember exactly what you said. I can’t come until you tell me I can.” He started thrusting his fingers in and out of you. “Well, you’re going to be begging because there’s a new rule. You can’t come until I do.”

He slowed down the movement of his fingers. Now that you were no longer empty, you were squeezing his fingers fluttering and tight. You pushed your hair back from your forehead grabbing a fistful and pulling until it hurt. “D…D…Dean. Please. I need more.” He took his fingers from inside you and started circling your clit. You were right on the verge when he took his hand away and slid his fingers back inside you thrusting hard. He kept alternating back and forth never giving you enough stimulation in one place so you could come.

Then his mouth was back on your nipples back and forth between breasts sucking and licking while his fingers continued their delicious torment between your legs. “Dean, Dean, Dean! Please. I can’t take anymore. I need to come. I need to come. Please! I need you inside me. I need you to come inside me. Now, Dean!”

With one thrust, he was buried inside you, and finally you felt full. He was calling your name just as loudly as you had been calling his. He had been hard a long time now and his balls were heavy with the need to release.

His thrusts were strong and deep. You were putting scratches all over his back as your pleas got more frantic. “ Come, Dean! Come! Come inside me! Come inside me! Now, Dean, now!” You opened your eyes in time to see his eyes squeeze shut and his jaw clench as you felt him spurting hot inside you. You let go and felt your orgasm washing over you in waves.

He had buried his face in your neck, and you were letting out long shallow breaths when you heard the knock on the window. “Sir, Sir!” Dean covered your body from view with his. “Sir, you can’t do that here.” It was the valet.

Dean answered in as steady a voice as he could. “Right. Okay. We’re going.” It was hard to tell if the guy was flustered, pissed off, or jealous. “You’ve got two minutes before I call the cops!”

When Dean looked back at you, you were laughing. He put your dress back in place before getting his own clothes in order. By now, he was laughing too. He leaned down and gave you a lingering kiss. “That was incredible, Y/N. Now, let’s get out of here before we get arrested because I want to take you back to the hotel and do that again.”

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