white knits

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William Nylander is expected by everyone to wear some extravagant, brightly colored two piece set with heels because he is usually so Extra that's what one would anticipate. However, Willy is actually a quiet, gentle (kinda shy) soul who happens to have a big laugh and a bright smile so his set is him softly smiling and blushing on a small mound of pillows in a silk, lilac baby doll dress with thick, knitted, white, thigh high socks on his muscular legs and a blanket draped around his shoulders.

this is,,,, so soft i’m,,,,, wow

Living for my days off so I can tackle this mess of a desk.
Have way to many projects and way to many great ideas for even more. Gotta figure out a better way to organize things… any suggestions would be awesome. I prefer analog to digital, apps and websites don’t really work for me.
But it is getting a tiny bit overwhelming.