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AU where Jaune and Weiss are lab partners in chemistry for some reason.

He’s not good at chemistry and something explodes. 

So from now on he’s strictly instructed not to do anything she doesn’t tell him to do. He’s degraded to be her assistant. He asks her out for coffee to make up for it. So they have coffee after every chemistry lesson. 

It takes her three months to agree to go on a date with him. 

Since everyone is talking about aus...

I think it’s time for everyone to see my *~magnificent~* AU.

It’s called White Knight AU and it’s about Danny who is a knight.
He travels the land of the world with his trusty sword, Tuckblade and his magical fairy aid, Samè.

His ultimate goal and the plot of this story is to save the pretty princess lancerlot from his isolated tower in the middle of nowhere.
But beware! It’s closely guarded by the evil dragon, Daniarche.

The story begins with our hero as a poor and somewhat plus-sized peasant. Due to his poorness and for fanservice reasons, he owns nothing but a thong to cover his dong.

But when he gets lost like an idiot, he meets this wise old guy who can see the future. *gasp*
It’s ember. 
Because magic fire hair? Yeah.

And so wise ember mistook Danny for someone with a decent IQ and gave to him a magical talking sword (Tucksword) and a magical talking map that he lost because it blew away from his fingers. 

But the map’s name is Vlad. I have no idea where he is, now.

During his perilous journey he meets Samè who decides to accompany him because Danny is a dumb butt and would probably get himself killed. He also meets a powerful and buff blacksmith named Valsmith and she also comes with him. Because poor Tucksword always gets chipped. And he needs some lubbin’. (though he always gets punched when he flirts.)

So the story revolves around the group trying to find their way to princess lancerlot without their map.

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Ellin’s WhiteKnight AU! 
Val and Danny on a mission. Guys you need to check this AU out! It’s genius, wow! More and more of the story will be revealed as asks keep coming. So go and send her a lot asks, gogo!

Adventures of Jaune The Witcher pt 2

Port: *about Weiss* She teleports in, not even a “nice to see you”. Jumps right into, uh “We’ve a curse to lift. There’s this to do, and that, so Sun and Neptune, get going.” Then she went to the guest room, to rearrange things… threw the bed off the balcony.

Jaune: Shame, that was a good bed.

Port: Said the same myself. Solid oak frame, down mattress. Pyrrha always said she… *awkward pause as Port looks at Jaune* Aaah, now I see.

Jaune: It’s either that, or Weiss really hates oak furniture.

*An hour after Jaune was informed of Weiss throwing the bed from the guest bedroom over the balcony*

Jaune: Heard about the bed… Really prefer to sleep on the floor? Wouldn’t recommend it. That stone can get awfully chilly.

Weiss: Frankly, I prefer a chill to bedding littered with red hair.

Jaune: So upset about Pyrrha you gotta take it out on the furniture?

Weiss: Would you prefer I take it out some other way? Jaune, I don’t want to seem like a vindictive shrew, but that very bed is where you just happened to fuck a dear friend of mine.