white is not a colour

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consider: styling/painting the wings so they look like gums?

Oh!!! I love that. I could do something sort of like monarch butterfly wings, but in a really gross pink/red colour scheme and with the white spots as teeth!

Okay, I’m excited now! I was going to go all black and white, but this is taking everything in a way cooler direction.

Thank you so much for sending this. I never would have thought of something like that on my own. You’re so creative!

there are some other poc in my classes but even i can tell they’re avoiding me bc they dont like how i talk ab race issues as in racist things said to me and my friends bc insulting their white professors makes them uncomfortable and makes them realize that maybe the non-assimilated coloureds, that us fobs really do get picked on more but whatever lol they can avoid me to continue to suck white toes in peace i really dont care

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Any advice on applying eyeshadow better ? I use primer and the correct brushes it just never turns out nice and I don't know why 😤😤

I apply a white shadow first as my base to help them blend together better. use lighter colours first then build up darker as you go if you want to get darker :) also use good brushes xx

i was tagged by @numenor. ty, sab <33

name: bia
nickname(s): i dont think i have any ????
gender: female
star sign: aries 
height: 5′4″ or 1,65m
sexual orientation: straight
hogwarts house: hufflepuff i guess
favourite colour: white
favourite animal(s): owl
time right now: 2:20pm
average hours of sleep: 7 to 9 hours
cat or dog person: dog
favourite fictional character: peter parker and frodo baggins <3
number of blankets i sleep with: 1 or 2
favourite singer/band: ariana grande, ed sheeran, adele
dream trip: new zealand
dream job: i dont even know
when was this blog created: may 2016
when did your blog reach it’s peak: idk maybe november of the last year?
what made you decide to get tumblr: i’ve had a couple of accounts before this one so i decided to start fresh 
fictional character i’d date: peter parker
how many blogs do i follow: 787
what do i post about: multifandom but mostly marvel and tolkien
do i get asks regularly?: i dont think so but i wish i did
aesthetic: the coldglasses, long sleeve shirts, books, an acoustic guitar

 i tag: @celebrlan @jxmesmcavoy @gounderoos @luthien-tinuviel @anthenia 


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

1. why? 2. why not! 3. asadahsdklsasdf

Finally got some time to colour that White Queen Running inspired piece that anon requested ages ago.

If you’re not already reading that fic you should most definitely start.