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53% of white people … I don’t wanna hear anymore BS about blaming millennials, or third party voters, or Russia, or anything else until we stay focused on addressing the REAL problem: white voters.

Whiteness — more than education, age, class and more than gender — was the most reliable indicator of whether someone was likely to vote for Trump. Including non-Black people of color who are white-passing, or who self-identify as white.

If you’re foolish enough to think Trump is so bad that just anybody can beat him in 2020 (kinda like everyone thought in 2016, remember?) then you really haven’t been paying attention. Despite what they might say publicly, most white people love Trump.


University of Wisconsin-Madison is now offering a course on “The Problem of Whiteness” and Republican legislators are LOSING IT

Say it with us: White fragility. To many, the course might seem like an interesting — and constructive — exercise, especially given the rise of the alt-right movement and the post-election racial tensions. It’s being offered at a university where the overwhelming majority of the student population identifies as white and only 2% of the students are Black.

White privilege (or white skin privilege) is a term for societal privileges that benefit people identified as white in Western countries, beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. 

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i’ve been thinking recently about how a lot of current media uses black music to describe white people

like nina simone’s “feelin good” is so fucking iconic but how sick am i of hearing that brass line play while someone opens the door to a ferrari and a bare white leg in a high-heeled shoe steps onto the pavement, you know? that song is so sexy and emphatic and it’s BLACK it’s SUCH A BLACK SONG, it is a sexy black emphatic hot weather song, you know

idk i saw a preview for the new transporter movie the other day and it starts with all these shots of like expensive watches and fast cars and designer clothes and like sexy shiny untouchable what-have-you and it’s all to a soundtrack of rap music and it turns out it’s about this british white guy??? it’s so fucking incongruous??? again it’s music that describes BLACK wealth, BLACK crowds, black sexiness, black car drivers, black voices and faces and bodies, that is what makes you sit up and take interest, and then it’s actually a bait-and-switch to be about a white guy

just another example of all of us valuing black culture but not black people, you know? we’re evoking everything that is compelling about blackness without actually portraying blackness at all

Dear White Friends,

Do NOT tell me to just identify as white since I’m biracial and “could technically say it” since I’m half white. First of all, I’m brown. second of all, I’m a brown, biracial, woman of color. THAT is how I will identify. stop acting like everyone is desperate to find a way to join the white club. 



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Since joker uses lipstick, I can only imagine the problems that arise with wearing lipstick, and BRIGHT RED at that.

-All cups/cans of soda are easily identifiable.
- white shirts have red smears inside the collar
- eating without ruining your glam mouth
-“that’s not the right red…”
- it gets on your teeth
- IF YOU MAKE OUT WITH SOMEONE, EVERYONE WILL KNOW ABOUT IT, just by looking at the mess you made in the face of your beloved.

If there more I wouldn’t know cause I don’t wear makeup, but yea….

I bet joker has these issues just like us all.

Fiend White Rider

The first of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that featured heavily in Christian lore. According to the ‘Bible’ when the world ends, the four horsemen will be released with the fourth of the seven seals is released by the Lamb of God.

The white rider was described to be sat above a white horse, holding a bow and wearing a crown. When he was released he went out to conquer the world, leading people to symbolize him as Conquest. One scholar identified the white rider as Christ Himself but this portrayal is heavily contested by other religious figures.

As some point, by unknown means, the white rider became the symbol of disease, Pestilence. Another believed that he was the Antichrist while another interpretation had him the symbol of prosperity for the Roman Empire.

My inner White Girl™ is strong today. Caught myself humming an Icelandic indie song while setting up my watercolours with my hair up in a half top knot bun wearing yoga pants and a loose workout shirt after just finishing my daily yoga practice. Christ.

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Is it true that Keanu Reeves is Asian ? I had no idea..

He has some Chinese and Native Hawaiian ancestry. His father is specifically part Chinese, Native Hawaiian, and white and his mother is entirely white. I think he identified as white while he was young, but I’ve also heard he’s recently said he’s Chinese-English-Hawaiian.

He’s an interesting case because while I’d say he’s fairly white passing and that’s important to keep in mind when discussing issues regarding Asian actors in the west, that’s not to say he hasn’t faced some problems himself. There were people in Hollywood who claimed he looked “too ethnic” early on in his career, there’ve been multiple articles who described him as “exotic,” and he was also pressured by his agent to change his name to KC instead of going by Keanu, which was again “too ethnic.”

There was an interesting article, too – I can’t find it now – that pointed out that a biography written about him noted that despite his sex appeal as an action star, his films carry a distinct lack of any sex, which is actually very true when you go through his filmography. So while at first glance he may not actively and immediately register to many as “Asian,” it has had an impact on him in some ways.


I identify as black. My white family identifies me as mixed-race. Clinging to the mixed

When I speak out about black lives matter, all of the sudden my comments are filled with reminders that I am white. I wasn’t white when kids in high school were calling me Nigger, I wasn’t white when my boyfriend broke up with me because I wouldn’t have sex with him because “I thought she would fuck because black girls put out,” I wasn’t white when I was told my boobs were small because, “black girls have small boobs,” I wasn’t white when I was told I was curvy in high school because, “black girls have curves,”  I wasn’t white when my college cheer coach became mad because my unrelaxed hair wouldn’t spiral curl, I wasn’t white when I was told that I was fat by all the white girls in college because my body wasn’t shaped like theirs.

I may be afforded many privileges in life because I am white-passing, and yet my body was still hyper-sexualized and scrutinized for being a black woman’s body. Therefore, no I am not white and I will continue to speak up when it comes to the injustices faced by black people.


is a very annoying thing to figure out for oneself

A plea to the dissociative community

Why do we, those living with dissociative disorders, as a community feel the need to marginalize others? I don’t understand this concept at all.

All opposite-gender alters are trans. Anyone who disagrees is scum.

No opposite-gender alters can be trans, it invalidates the struggles of real trans people. Alters identifying as trans are scum.

Fictionkin/fictives are scum. This isn’t playtime.

Otherkin are scum. All real alters are human.

Alters identifying as persons of color, when the body is white, are invalidating the struggle of real persons of color, and are scum.

Alters identifying as white, when the body is of color, are racist, and are scum.

I can keep going, and that’s even worse. Why are we doing this to each other? We know what it feels like to be rejected and invalidated - by our loved ones, by our friends and family, by society as a whole. Doesn’t that hurt? Why would you do that to someone else, just because their mind is surviving in a different way than yours?

All alters are valid. Let me say that again. All alters are valid.

Please, stop policing other dissociative systems. We’ve all faced enough pain and rejection in our lives, without having to face it from the very people who should understand.

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I wrote a reply on your latest post, but I figure I'd send you an ask too, just so all these angry people know that Justin Baldoni is Jewish-Italian in real life, and he also identifies as white. He regularly speaks about his white privilege on twitter if anyone needs evidence. He's tan/olive skinned, but having a tan does not make him a poc lmao. These people just have wishful thinking and want a reason to feel superior and self-righteous about hating Michael.

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