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What!? More Pidgance/flirtyrobot and Kallura Motorized hearts au?! For the lovely @the-vegetarian-artist who loves Kallura and pidgance.

“I have a great need! Please! I have the equipment I just need the space!” Pidge begged as they walked to the bus stop.

“No, you take up too much of the space and never wanna leave. The others from work, even Shiro are starting to get annoyed because they can’t get much done!” Matt firmly told his sister.

“MATT!” Pidge whined

“Oh look the bus stop, and someone’s there too!” her brother said, she didn’t respond so he turned his head to look at her. He was stunned as he saw Pidge stopped dead in her tracks with something he had only seen her do on rare occasions, and that was blush.

“Hey!” a loud voice shouted making Pidge flinch and her face turn even more red. “Damn it Lance,” she whispered.

Matt then focused his attention to the one who shouted. It turned out to be a boy, tall and on the lanky side. As a big brother he should have overprotective brotherly instincts but honestly he was kind of excited. It was a goddamn miracle that her sister showed an interest in anyone, he also knew Pidge could take care of herself. “So you like boys and beach babes huh?” he teased but his sister was already gone. Matt smiled she was growing up right before his eyes, he turned his back and headed back home. He didn’t have anything to worry about he’d heard about the kid when Shiro said he’d met said kid named Lance after Pidge said his name. Matt also felt something might happen between those two.

“How’s my Palomita Blanca?” the boy asked in a playfully flirtatious tone.

“psh shut up, and don’t call me that.” Pidge joked.

Lance smiled in a matching flirtatious manner and leaned down to look at her square in the eye “aww c'mon Pidget it’s not everyday do I give someone a nickname in Spanish”.

“I’ll accept the first one but if you ever combine Pidge and midget again and I’ll rip your neck out” she warned

“I don’t think you’re tall enough for that” He retaliated.

“You’ve sunk low enough for me to reach,” the girl hissed remembering one of the many internet post they share with each other over text.

They laughed together till Lance broke the silence “Hey Pidge if I get my car back before you do you want a ride to school or vice versa” the bus pulled up and they sat together in an empty bus bench.

She thought for a bit “Sure, why not, but honestly Lance I think I’ll get Lime Green back before you get back Royal Blue,” and began to take out her phone with earbuds from her jacket, putting one in her ear.

“Wanna make a bet? Lance challenged grabbing the spare bud, wanting to get in on the music action.

“I’ve been reading books of old”

“The legends and the myths”

“The testaments they told”

“The moon and it’s eclipse”

“When superman unrolls”

“The suit before he lifts”

“But I’m not the kind of person that it fits”

“She said where you wanna go?”

“How much you wanna risk?”

“I’m not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts, some superhero, some fairy tale bliss”

“Just something I can turn to, somebody I can miss”

“I want something just like this”

“Oh I want something just like this,”


“NONONONONONO! FUCK MY LIFE!” Keith panicked as he changed his clothes threw on his backpack and ran down the stairs slammed open the fridge, grabbed a strawberry milk bottle and booked it out the door.


Keith didn’t bother answering he couldn’t afford to be late to school on his first day if he wanted to at least seem like a decent teenager and make a good impression. Why in hell did he have to pick a fight with an idiot and his blue car. Now his car Rouge was totaled. He complained to himself while running.

A pink car passed him then began to slow after a few moments, the window then slide down and a girl with white hair asked him “Your name’s Keith right? You go to Altea High don’t you?”.

“Yeah!” Gasp “what’s it to you?” Gasp “and how do you know?” Keith breathed as he kept running, a little taken aback by her accent and knowledge of him.

The girl then answered “My name’s Allura and I’m supposed to give you a tour and walk you to your classes!”

He kept running “Oh!” Gasp “I’m sorry!” Gasp “I might be a little late!”

She laughed, “Do you want a ride?” She offered.

“Uh, sure” Keith said.

Allura slowed her car more till Keith went in it.

They sat in an awkward silence

“Pretty cool song, ever heard it before” Keith broke the ice.

“Oh, Um I don’t know” she sheepishly answered

“Nice car,” Keith complemented trying to make things less awkward”

“Thanks I call him Pink Panther. Took me forever to find the right car for me, but I knew the moment I saw Pink” Allura genuinely smiled.

“I felt the same thing when I laid my eyes on Rouge” Keith told her staring off into the road.

Allura slightly leaned toward Keith and grinned looking back and forth at Keith and the road “Is this Rouge a love interest” she asked grinning playfully.

Keith chuckled “No I’m not that … exciting, Rouge is my car”

“Oh? You have a car?” Allura raised an eyebrow in slight confusion.

He sighed “Yeah but I can’t drive it at the moment,” Keith, a bit miffed pouted.

“Well Keith it’s nice to meet you, and I think it going to be quite eventful from here on,” Allura commented.

“Ummm, thank you?” Keith decided to say. And oddly enough they were in a comfortable silence, something that would continue to happen for many years to come.

“If I told you, we could bath in all the lies,”

“Would you rise up?”

“Come and meet me in the sky”

“Would ya trust me when you’re jumping from the heights”

“Would you fall in the name of love?”

“When there’s madness, when there’s poison in your head”

“When the sadness leaves you broken in your bed, I will hold you in the depths of your despair”

“And it’s all in the name of love”

Hehehe will these songs mean something later? Who knows. Till next time lovelies!

Our passionate weekness

Hey everyone, I am sorry I have not been uploading for a long time now, but here is a pretty long scenario I wrote this week end. It’s a bit different from the ones I wrote until now but I guess it costs nothing to try some other forms. I wanted to dedicate this scenario to one of my best friend who is the main reason why I started running this blog. She’s the reason why I started to write again but in another language which is not my native one. And I just can’t thank her enough because now, thanks to her my talent in writing is shared with every single one of you and I receive many lovely words from many of you. So yeah, as it’s going to be the 1st year anniversary of this blog, and as I just had my 1st year anniversary with this best friend, I am writing such a scenario~

Taehyung fluff-angst-philosophical scenario (3 947 words).

I really hope you’ll take the time to read this scenario because it concerns every single one of us. I hope you’ll enjoy it and you’ll learn things ♥


“You have to let yourself fall before being able to fly.”


“We all grow up and end up doing things we said we’d never do because we discover and experiment new things and we end up changing ourselves.”

After the storm, you were looking at the newborn girl through your tired eyes. They slided from her closed eyes, to her very little hands and somehow you zoned out.

As you were lying in your white bed, you stared at the little girl and thought about everything she will be going through during the life she was just given. You thought about her first cries, first complete nights, first teeth, first steps… But then you wondered what kind of personality she’ll have. You thought about her first day at school and how she won’t be letting you go away, while crying and yelling she does not want to go there. But then you’ll hear her complain about the amount of homework she’ll be given at high school. You’ll hear her laugh out loud about her day, or when it’ll be late at night and she’ll be on the phone with her best friends. You’ll hear her saying craw words to you while you’ll be arguing when she’ll get in her teenage years. You’ll also be there and realize how much she’ll change, though you know you would not be able to see every bits of her pain. You’ll try to be there and see her grow up a little more every day.

In a nutshell, you were thinking about the girl she will become. But a question suddenly stroke your mind and got you lost in a new storm of infinite questions: when will she have her first love?

You know her opinion on boys will obviously change. When she is going to be a kid, she’ll find boys unattractive, she will more likely be disgusted by them and she won’t understand their reactions or anything. She’ll look at adults and she won’t understand how they can fall in love, especially how her mom fell in love with her dad. Each time they will give each other a kiss, she’ll do a face while cringing. And those same people will keep on telling her “you’ll understand when you’ll be older”. And when they wouldn’t be saying this sentence, they’ll be saying “don’t worry, it will happen to you, just wait and see.”  A few months later, the same little girl will dream of being married to a handsome prince, with a lot of money and everything.

Then when she’ll be in her early teenage years, she’ll start getting close to boys. Because of hormones, with her best friends, they will start talking about boys. Sometimes giggling about their behaviors and the way they dress. But sooner or later, her conversations will change and her group of friends will talk about how they want their future relationship to be. She’ll be talking late at night with them about the description of some boyfriend material boys. But then, one day, a guy will ask her out. It will be a big deal because it will be the first time a guy will ask her out. She may reject some guys before meeting her eyes with the right one. Maybe she’ll have been hanging out with some over boys before, maybe they had hurt her, or maybe she had hurt them. But somehow, they were not enough for her. And she had been brave enough to break up and start a new relationship again, from nothing, she built everything. 

You can clearly remember how you met him. The boy who changed your life. As most of teenagers, you were out on a Saturday night so you could rest from all the studying-straight-hours. You were with one of your best friend, simply dressed and wearing simple make up. You could have been qualified as “naturally beautiful” when you met him. Because it’s well known that you don’t have to try to be sexy, that nothing is more attractive than your natural self.

Anyway, It was a little party yet you were spending the night with the coolest people you had ever known. There were more boys than girls but it was just right so there will be less drama and more fun. But as soon as you entered the living room of the hosting guy, your eyes straightly land on a red haired guy. His hair color was quite unique and that may be the reason why you were being hypnotized by this guy. When you got a little closer, you remember how hot it suddenly became and how your blood was rushing to your cheeks, making you flush quite visibly. You clumsily sat in front of this eye catching guy. You can remember what he was wearing and exactly how he looked. He was looking quite casual. In fact, he was laughing a lot with his friends, and every time he dared to smile or laugh, for some reasons, you could not keep yourself from smiling and feeling weird things in your stomach. It was like it was twisted upside down yet, not like it could sound, it was not painful, it was rather a nice feeling. You remember how handsomely his squared smile was fitting him. Just like his hair though. Well, you remember how incredible he looked. Everything was going well, though you’d rather stay mute the whole party and stare at this guy. But when each of the guests where having less fun, one guy suggested to play spin the bottle. Some guys disagreed but the one you were interested in was down for it, and so were you. Your mood swung as soon as you realized your lips could be gathered together, allowing you to taste his irresistible lips.

“I can tell Taehyung is willing to have his first kiss!” one guy shouted.

“What first kiss are you talking about?” the attractive guy angrily responded.” I had many kisses before this game, who do you think I am, uh?”

Somehow, his answer made everyone laugh out loud. His revelation was apparently not that believable.

“Bring the bottle up!” he continued. “I am going to show you the kissing professional I am.”

You giggled as they brought the bottle on the table.

“Let’s do a thing.” the hosting guy began. “Before spinning the bottle, we’ll decide where and how the kiss should be.”

“Fine.” Taehyung replied.

The guys decided to make the first kiss passionate with the tongue and everything. You remember how scared you were because you never had a boyfriend before and you had never played such a game, well, you never had your first kiss and it was kind of a big deal for a 16 years old teenage girl. But still, the bottle first landed on Taehyung and you prayed so hard for it to land on you afterwards. And just like God heard your wish, the bottle landed right onto you. You could not help the corner of your lips from rising, and your heart from beating faster and louder as the others cheered and the two of you stood up and stepped closer to each other.

“Come on Taehyung, show us your most passionate kiss!” Your best friend cheered and clapped.

The red haired guy took your hand hesitantly and leant on your ear and whispered a few words so the others would not hear.

“I am not a professional; actually, you’re about to be my first kiss. I am sorry; I think it will be quite a dreadful first kiss.”

You flushed even harder and said with a barely audible voice “It’s my first kiss too.” And your sight dropped down to your holding hands so you could not see Taehyung’s surprised look the second before he crashed his hot lips right onto yours. And you could not see how he licked his lips thinking about receiving his first kiss from you.

His hands gently caught your jaws before he closed his eyes and your bodies slowly got glued. After kissing tenderly, even if you were scared and you did not know how to do it, the tip of your tongue caressed his demanding lips. That’s when you got electrified, that’s when your stomach got twisted the most from the whole party. That’s the part you had enjoyed the most. You never knew how kissing with the tongue could feel, and you never imagined it could be that awesome. As you were enjoying every friction of your tongues, your hands were remaining still, not because you were paralyzed or anything. They were remaining still just because you did not know where to put them and you did not want to break such a magical moment.

“Hey! This kiss was never meant to last this long!” one of his friends brought you back to reality so you slowly pulled away from each other.

“Wow, what a kiss!” your best friend added when you were blankly staring straight at the guy. Some of your lip stick was left on his warm lips that and you could not contain your giggle.

You both sat and zoned out. Well you were not in the game anymore and every time people were talking to him, he had always asked to repeat the sentence. From this moment, you can barely remember how the rest of the night was spent. You just know he asked your number before you left the house with your best friend.

And yeah, that’s how the both of you hooked up and started to date and have a relationship.

II.Happily together

“Expect nothing, appreciate everything.”

As you were still watching carefully after this little baby girl, you remembered the first months of your relationship with your first love.

Days were passing by so quickly when you had found a reason to get up in the morning. You were looking forward to meet him a few times a day during classes break. You were looking forward to kiss him once again, and a few more times even though you were both rather uneasy on the first weeks. Your kisses had become more magical day by day. Regardless of kisses, you had also built some conversations, because topics, at the beginning where not brought up that easily but even though it was not always easy to talk you were always appreciating the time you were spending with this special guy. You were now having many laughs during the day, and the conversation was flowing naturally. You were taking some time to speak about your feelings for each other, to speak about your passions and what you were both willing to do in the future.

Months passed by, and you got to meet each other’s family. You got to see family pictures of Taehyung when he was still a kid and so was he. You were teasing each other about the way you looked on those pictures where you were eating chocolate cakes, holding on a plushy. You were giggling at the view of each other having a bath and so many other cute childhood pictures. You were both getting accepted in the family and you were feeling more and more at ease and you were even happier to be living together.

Everytime you were together, time seemed to stop. Yet it was flying by even more quickly. Everytime you were cuddling, you were feeling secure and fine. You could not find words to describe precisely how you felt. Even, right at this moment, when you were still looking at the sleeping baby girl, you were still not able to describe this feeling you had discovered a long time ago and you still feel these days.  Everything was doing fine but maybe your expectations where too damn high, or maybe was it just a period. Maybe it was because you were too happy and happiness is made to be alternated with sadness and deception. But you slowly and inevitably dived into a sad period.

III.Hard times together

“Don’t be scared to get your heart broken.”

You can remember each of these following thoughts so clearly even though it seems like it was so long ago. You remember how you were afraid to fall in love, afraid to give your all to Taehyung and not to receive his love. You were afraid to be the one who was the most dependent; the one who had fell and crashed the more violently. You were afraid to fall even harder for a guy who does not know how to treat you right, to love you the way you deserve to be. Because you were about to give him everything you had to give. You were about to surprise him with the little material things, the nice bracelet, his favorite food… But that was nothing compared to the fact that you were about to shower him with unconditional love. You were about to walk next to him on his happy days just like you had done until now. But you were also about to be right there on the days where he is going to be down, you’ll be holding his hand and get through it. You will understand his mistakes and you won’t compare him to anyone. It won’t be a competition, it’ll be just him. Right here. Right now. You were hoping so hard he’ll understand you’re such a tease so you will kiss him like he has the last supply of oxygen left in the world in his lungs. You won’t give your body to him easily because before you give your body to him, you must give him your deepest thoughts, your entire mind, and share your wildest dreams with him. That’s also why you’ll go nice and slow and feel him shake with desire and when he’ll finally beg for you to love him in only the way you can; you’ll melt into him and show him just how much love you have to give over and over again. You were hard on him because you were making sure he was worth your love. It was obvious to you: the more you care, the more you have to lose. And the more you have to lose, the more you’re going to be destroyed in the future.

You can remember Taehyung saying “I love you” every once in a while, at least once a day. And you remember even more clearly how you asked him not to say it too often. That’s right, you needed to hear someone whispering such sweet and deep words to your ear, but you were afraid to get used to it and you were even more afraid of your feelings being influenced by those three tricky words. You knew that “I love you” has never meant “I won’t ever leave you” yet you wish it did.

You wish people only love a soul in their whole life. You wish people never left each other easily. But by wishing so many things, you were secretly wishing to be his first and last love. You wished to be the only girl he had ever loved, you wished to be the only one. But you never felt enough to be representing so much to him. You felt ugly most of the time, you felt like your clothes were not fitting you the way they should so you would be attractive. You felt like you were the kind of girl to be replaced easily; you were realizing your situation was your worst nightmare. You were so sorry to be so deeply in love and not to be confident enough to bear the weight of the others’ look on your relationship. Indeed, you could not bear Taehyung acting too close with other girls, though it was in his extroverted personality. Every time you pictured him with another one, your heart was sinking and seemed to bleed so much it leached into your smaller veins to infect your whole body and poison your brain. You had fevers, sweats which can explain how jealousy can make you lose your mind and go completely crazy and overreact.

You can plainly remember you and your best friends having those kinds of conversation a few weeks before you started dating Taehyung.  

“I so want a boyfriend right now, I want hugs and kisses. I need one.” one of them was constantly repeating.

You were lost in your thoughts but then, when they asked your opinion, you declared “Even if I want one, I don’t think I am ready to be in a relationship.”

“What the hell, I don’t understand.” another one would wonder.

“I don’t think I am ready because I don’t think I am strong enough.” you paused and coldly yet calmly explained to your friends “Lovers relationship is going to be so deep, so important to your eyes, if something is going another way it supposed to be, you’re going to be hurt and it won’t be just a soft pain. It will be the kind of pain you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life. The kind of pain you will be struggling to forget and live with. That’s why you better think twice before being engaged in a relationship.”

You knew you were going to cry, you knew you were going to suffer even though you’ll be smiling more brightly thanks to him. But you were not even able to think twice before dating Taehyung; you were not able to think just like your brain had been short circuit.  

And when he was lying to you, when he was revealing dark sides of his past he was used to hide to you and you were used to live like it was not the case, that’s when you knew you were deeply hurt for the first time. You were so faithful to him, you trusted him and yet, he had still managed to break his promises. So he was apologizing, and you so loved him you would have done anything to stay by his side, you would nearly excuse yourself when it was his turn to. Maybe you were just too stupid or maybe you were just too kind but you still wanted to believe him, to trust him again even though he broke his promises. You started to be happy again with him, everyday step by step but happiness was made to be alternated with sadness and disappointment, remember? So he broke some new promises, again and again, and you were tired of all those nightmares, yet you were still the one to want him. You were still the one who wanted to be with him for your whole life. So you were even more hurt and that’s when you wished you could learn to control your emotions so maybe it would not hurt this much. But though hope was there, it only got worse and worse and you still hoped it was going to work. But it was only going to hurt.

The thing is you did not want to break up with Taehyung, because it would mean you’ll be living in the same world every second, knowing he could have been there but realizing he is not. It’s hearing some of his expressions from somebody’s mouth; it’s finding again someone who has the same passion he has. It’s listening to the same songs which remind you of him. Living after a break up is fighting to live in a world where a chapter has ended. And it won’t be easy, it was never meant to be easy. You’d wish to have amnesia at some points, you’d wish nothing had ever happened but you’ll realize how many things this relationship brought to you and most of them parts are going to be positive and worthy.

IV. Learning         

“The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher. Make sure when you wake up in the morning you go to school.”

So that’s how you will teach this little girl to keep a relationship. You’ll list her each of your mistake, each of your fool’s gold so she could get inspired and could not repeat your errors. You will teach her how important it is to communicate in a relationship, how it is important to talk about things whether they are good or bad.You will repeat her how much it’s important to build trusts, to be honest and faithful. You will teach her to be there for her lover, to spare time for him. You will teach her one of the most difficult part of loving: you will teach her to leave the past to the past that includes ex’s and focus on the moment. You will let her know having arguments is something normal and you will also let her know she won’t be always happy. You will teach her not to expect change, to appreciate each of her lover’s flaws. You will teach her she’ll have to become his best friend and love him unconditionally.

Because that’s how you learn how to love people right: she’s going to love him so hard she’ll forget to hate herself. She will even begin to get out of bed early instead of not at all just to see his lovely face. She will be so busy loving him she won’t even notice all the wilted flowers inside of you which were starting to grow back and she will be trying so hard to impress him that she will finally clean up her mess of a life. He will make her want to feel better and she will, god, she will get better. His touch will make her feel things she haven’t been able to feel yet. Shewill love him so much she will fell in love with yourself.And that was all you were asking for your little girl.

And when this little girl will be in the age of asking you how you were still in a relationship with her father, you’ll answer that he had tried his hardest to stick by you regardless of how difficult it was. You had to keep him because finding someone who cares enough to look past your flaws is not something that happens every day. And the most important was Taehyung loved you more than you were. And that’s why you had to marry him: “If you hold a man’s hand and he makes you feel warm, safe and secure, hold onto him. This is the man you’re going to marry.” your mother once told you. “At the opposite, when you hold a man’s hand and he makes your heart beat faster and he make you feel giddy and excited, walk away from this man. He is not the man for you.”

You were hoping your first love who was also her father will be there to help her build her own relationship. You were hopingin so hard she’ll be able to survive such a magical and cruel feeling thanks to your billion advices.  But the thing you were the most excited to tell her is how proud Taehyung and you were to make it to today. How proud you were to kept on fighting because you had fought the toughest battles and that’s how you learned the price of happiness. That’s how you had been able to engage, to marry, to move in together and to give birth to your first child. So no matter how hard the storm can be, it’s always possible to build something beautiful if the lovers are wanting this love, they’ll become wariors and get it to the end. 


So yeah, here it is. I know it’s pretty long but I had many subject to talk about to correctly talk about love. So I hope everyone who read my scenario had learn something, got inspire and could identify to what you read.

Please, it would be nice to me to hear what you like in my scenario, if you agree or disagree~I would be so happy if you inbox me and let me know your feelings.

Thank you! xx ♥

Requested by princessaryastark

Pairing: Yato/Hiyori
Theme: White Day


“IT’S MY–!!”

The door slammed shut with such force that Hiyori’s bangs parted in the middle, flying back against her face, muttering ’…house’ after a moment. Glaring at the door, Hiyori gave an irritated huff and dropped her school bag onto the ground, letting it fall as she turned to sit, back against the wall of her house with knees drawn up to her chest.

Yato had been a bit too eager in ushering her out of her house that morning for school and Yukine seemed almost apologetic in his expression, waving like a dead man walking before Yato’s arm hooked around his neck to drag him off somewhere.

Her entire day had been spent wondering why she was sent off to school so energetically when he usually begged her to stay for a little longer and make just a bit more for lunch.

Coming home, Hiyori realized that the racing of her heart wasn’t because White Day, at least, not directly.

Their relationship had transcended a platonic level a bit ago, yet neither had brought it up to confirm it. Yato occasionally grabbed her hand (sometimes too tightly but she wasn’t willing to risk him letting go) and Hiyori sometimes hugged his arm while walking, but aside from that, they were as they always were. But there was a difference in the way they acted when alone, how she found herself curling up next to him to sleep when cold, how sometimes he’d even kiss her forehead when he thought she was asleep.

She’d shoved a box of handmade chocolates in his face for Valentine’s Day and stuttered that he better not complain of a stomachache if he ate them in one go, quite a bit below the level of romance one would expect from a high school girl. She hadn’t even thought about White Day until walking up the steps to her house, apparently as far as she’d go.


The door creaked open and she looked up to see Yukine, waving her in, giving her a very sorry and tired smile and sigh. Socked feet were quiet on polished wood as she went to find Yato, turning a corner…


“I’m sure you’d look better in this,” Yato winked, donned in (actually rather pretty) white lingerie, laying on his side on the dining table in what she assumed was what he thought a seductive pose was. The baby doll slip probably didn’t reach halfway down his thigh if he were to stand, legs looking surprisingly good in white stockings and a garter. Marshmallows and chocolates surrounded him in what she realized was a heart (she could only imagine Yukine’s scarring experience) and a white rose, thorns taken off, was held between teeth.

Moving agilely, Yato swung his legs over the edge of the table without disturbing the heart easily, walking over. The rose was taken and given to her, lips pressed to the corners of her lips and goosebumps ran down her spine to hear ‘you want to take this off me and put it on you instead…?’ in her ear.

She froze.

As a result, he froze.

“…Ah? Hiyo–”


After Yato was tied up and left outside to a tree in nothing but the lingerie, Hiyori ended up enjoying the chocolate with Yukine.

“Yato actually made this,” he said, ignoring hearing wails from outside.

“Did he? This is actually pretty good…”

In Which the Queen Needs to Rant

We are quite tired of all this rabble about uniforms. Children, little girls, really complaining about “I can’t wear short skirts or spaghetti straps! I can’t wear shorts! Control the boys, not us,” and We find it to be ridiculous.

When We attended school, back in the days of Our youth, We were not afforded the right to wear casual clothing. No, the public schools of the county that We were esteemed students of required all public schools to wear a uniform.

Here is a list of what We were allowed to wear:

  • White or Burgundy collared polo or dress shirts
  • Tan pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers, all of which must reach at least fingertip length
  • Closed toe shoes.
  • Black or brown belts
  • Solid colored black, grey, or white sweaters

Undergarments of any kind were not allowed to be shown. Anyone found in violation of uniform was sent to detention for the day, where one had the option of finding a spare uniform that fit while trading in a valuable (phone, ID, etc) or one simply remained in detention all day. We only allowed to wear regular clothing on designated days such as Spirit/Homecoming Week, and only if we wore the themed clothing for that day.

Frankly, We find the young girls who are complaining to be whiny, entitled brats and that all high schools should have uniforms, end of story.

-The Queen of Hearts