white headed capuchin

Deux Sapajoux capucins.

Capucin  - Sapajou capucin - Capucin moine -  Sajou capucin -  Capucin à face blanche ou Saï  _ White-headed capuchin or White-faced capuchin  _ (Cebus capucinus_ Primates du Nouveau Monde de la famille des Cébidés - Cebidae.

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Here’s a name picture for sweet Zoe featuring animals of Uganda (cheetah, aardvark, zebra, Uganda bob, and white-headed capuchin monkey), Costa Rica (scarlet macaws, morpho butterfly, red-eyed tree frog, blue-headed tree agama, sea turtle, and coatimundi), and Boston (Diego, the very loving pitbull!).

fox-cache  asked:

What are your headcanons for Nora and Ren's daemons?

Ruby = red stoat / spotted african wild dog
Weiss = secretary bird
Blake = black cat
Yang = honey badger / Red Spotted Pitviper (haven’t decided)

Jaune = ferret
Nora = Ring tailed lemur / caucasian shepherd
Pyrrha = lion
Ren = monitor lizard / wolfhound

Ozpin = Raven
Glynda = Ocelot / Cairn Terrier 
Port = Wolf / boar
Oobleck = Greyhound

Cinder = fire skink / cobra
Roman = toucan
Adam = wolf
Junior = sun bear

Penny = Slow loris / flying squirrel (haven’t decided)

Sun = white-headed capuchin

Cardin = bearded vulture
Russel = crested kingfisher
Dove = golden eagle
Sky = Paradise Crane / bluejay