white haired darling boy

Play x Dumb

God, it was just one of those days. Nothing was going on at troupe headquarters, just the usual bullshit and chrollo doing nothing but reading. He was completely and utterly BORED. Sure, Hisoka loved staring at danchou and giving him the ‘fuck me/fight me’ eyes, but it’s no fun if he doesn’t even flinch. Hisoka needed something… Someone to fight.

Then, a bunch of loud noises came from the other room.
“Great, another group of thugs?” He asked himself, before the other members came in with 3 hunters. A white haired boy, which he remembered from the exam, his darling gon, and… Wow. And her. The one he met ages ago in the arena, when he himself was just a boy, who ended up being his friend… This was great! He had play things now. But he didn’t need him having to answer all those questions and blow his cover.

'Play dumb’ he thought to himself, looking at them with, 'don’t you fucking mention me’ eyes. If they could get his hint, he could fight them and catch up later~♠️