white haired anime boys


my little brute squad white-haired-anime-boy warrior buddies ;u; 

Shatterhand is a lot older than than Toimoe, but they fought together in the Obelisk War.  That’s where Shatter lost his leg, which Toimoe (as a apprentice spellcaster) healed on the battlefield.  He’s also Tiitsei and Zhab’s father.

Toimoe is also the one that gave Darkiro her enchanted scarf that acts as her hands, so that’s cool.  he’s a nice dude.

White Haired Anime Boys Facts and Stats
  • 1 in every 8 white haired anime boys will die.
  • Half of said anime boys will die from decapitation.
  • White haired anime boys are an endangered species.
  • MYTH: If you touch a white haired anime boy, you’ll get white hair too.
  • Touching a white haired anime boy will not increase the chances of your dying, but if you are close enough to said white haired boy, there is a 100% chance of your feels being broken.

Facts taken from the White Haired Anime Boys Research Center in Munich, Germany.

  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she actually means:Kaworu is seen playing a piano in 3.0. It's not just any piano: it's the Yamaha Yamaha CF III, which was discontinued in September of 2000. 3.0 takes place in 2029. It's been almost 30 years from its last production run but how did Kaworu ever find the means to acquire the piano and how did it maintain mint condition after all these years? Where did he even find the piano?