white hair lol


“A soulmate AU where whatever you write on your body appears on your soulmate's”

based on this fic! Im a sucker for soulmate au’s and this one had me crying it’s so sweet 

You know I still got it. You could have call out.

I’m fine Korra. I simply tripped over the tool box.

You are no spring chicken now and could have really hurt yourself. 

Why don’t you just enjoy a genuine excuse to be hold like this?

korrasami week day 6 - safe again (I just love the idea that Asami getting into trouble in the workshop ever since I saw willoghby‘s Day 4 post)


           Whatever direction you’re heading, I’ll be sure to follow along by your side. 

                                                                                               Requested by @sakanades


“I love [Steve Aoki’s “Welcome To The Black Parade” remix] it!” I mean I grew up loving-”

inspired by @notchopsuey and @actionlou