white habit

How to tell if your partner “who loves you so much” is racist:

  • Unwilling to learn the  basics of your language to speak with (typically older) members of your family. 
  • Reminds you constantly just how different you are from others of your race.
  • At the beginning of your relationship they question if the ‘rumors’ of people from your race are true. I don’t fucking know Deborah Anne because I am in fact human and don’t know what a jungle cat would be like in bed.
  • Makes excuses to not participate in events that are typical of your culture.
  • Speaks about how exotic and different you look compared to others. Listen here Charles, I am actually not a snake or a condiment, fuck off. 
  • Tries to stop your from wearing things that are associated with your race and culture “Come on baby why are you wearing hoops you know only chongas wear hoops” Pues clearly to wrap them around your neck and strangle you, Susan.
  • Constantly ask ignorant questions followed by “But I’m just trying to understand, baby” there’s a thing called the internet Christopher James, it’s not my job to reform you of all your nasty white habits. 

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