white guys smh

Lmfaooo yall know why white people do this bullshit? I’ll tell you why.
Because they haven’t been expose to REAL Racism. So for that reason, in their perfect world of privilege and supremacy, they think racism is no deeper/worse than judging a person with tattoos or calling a white girl becky, and then think that’s how bad it gets. That it’s equivalent to what black people or poc have to go through.
Not only are they white, but they’re not taught history of what their ancestors did. Or what their people in power are doing.
All they were taught was slavery (And not even how bad slavery was. Just the fact that it happened) and Martin Luther King Jr. That’s it. Cuz that’s all what I was taught and I’m black. Hell, half the history they minimized and deleted and celebrated. Because I STILL remember “celebrating” Christopher Columbus Day in Kindergarten. They made sure that the the evilness of history of what they did seem as simple as possible.
So you have these memes and people who see the world in a different pov than you, so when you both look at one thing (racism) you got 2 people calling one blue and one red.
I don’t know if white people would still get it after you teach them what racism truly is because of their supremacy, (Some due to their entitlement, because some don’t wanna know the truth) but atleast they will have an idea that it’s not as simple and minimum as this meme. Or becky.

i feel sorry for anybody that’s still at school, ‘cause that’s gonna be monstrous…
ehm yeah, i’m not gonna go outside tomorrow… or.. un- ..unless i have to ..ehm
—  Dan Howell, YouNow 30th June 2015 a day before he went to a school for BBC to interview a gaming guy