white guys playing basketball

I just don’t get how people don’t like HSM.

-White and Asian guys on the basketball team who can actually play(at least in the movies).

-The two smartest students in the school are Hispanic and Black, and female.

-Hispanic, single mother working on her own and doing a fantastic job of keeping her and her daughter financially stable.

-People are encouraged to break the status quo no matter what, and encouraged to love what they love despite others not agreeing.

-Decathlon Captain(one of the smartest students), Black and female, went to Yale.

-The blonde girl isn’t an idiot and is startlingly intelligent and manipulative despite loving her pink stuff and her dog and being what people would generally consider is a ‘girly girl’.

-The blonde girl’s twin brother wears pink happily. He loves fedoras and berets, and has no problem with dressing however he wants. Goes to show that a man doesn’t have to be gay to love pink or print. A man can love whatever the hell he wants. Sexual Orientation means nothing in the decision.

-Dude on the basketball team loves to bake.

-The overweight braniac is White and can actually dance.

-The ‘burnout’ likes to play the Cello and dresses up for it.

-Awkward moments that actually happen in real life.

-The blond who wears pink and loves show tunes and Broadway, also plays little league baseball and was in the championship in Rhode Island.

-The jock who ‘don’t dance’ actually allowed himself to be taught.

-Even the blonde girl can be manipulated, showing that she’s not always in control. But she still goes and gives it her all and doesn’t back down.

-There is a student who is genuinely interested in his teacher’s life.

-Said teacher, while excitable when musicals are involved, truly wants the best for her students and even tries to get some into Julliard.

I can’t think of any more at the moment but I’m sure they’ll come to me eventually.


Ted Bundy evidently wasn’t going to be a popular man while on death row but he made a good impression on a few inmates due to his skills in the exercise yard - “We were amazed. He’s a white guy who can actually play basketball!” one recalled. The majority of the other inmates resented his notoriety and his crimes against women. Doug McCray, one death row inmate, remembers the night the news broke out that 12-year-old Kimberley Leach’s body was discovered. He said go Bob Sullivan, “Sully, man, the individual who would do something like that - he deserves the death penalty.” It was reported that many inmates would boast about wanting to kill Bundy - “Let Bundy out with us. We’ll take care of him.” From the security of his death row cell, one of the worlds most notorious serial killers sniffed “I have nothing for those animals out there.”

High School Musical was pretty good at representation. I’ve been thinking about this and honestly, I was shocked.

The lead female wasn’t white. The best friends were black. Black love was represented. Interracial relationships were represented.

A black guy played basketball and cooked. A white girl was smart and danced hip hop. A black girl was smart and danced!

I will admit, there wasn’t any overtly queer representation, but in the stage version, Ryan (Sharpay’s twin) is portrayed as gay.

I’m super impressed with High School Musical, tbh.