white guys

E3 is coming up....you know what that means?

We’re going to be playing our favorite game, “How Many Protagonists Will Be White Men With Brown Hair!”

Spoiler: It’s gonna be a lot of them.

approach me like a person, not like a fetish
  • cute white guy:is it true black girls do it better?
  • me:uh...what exactly do we do better? (laughs) i'm not sure i've heard this one.
  • cute white guy:sex and everything! duhhh! you cray! (laughs)
  • me:(pauses) can i give you some advice?
  • cute white guy:go for it.
  • me:the next time you try and flirt with a black girl...don't start with a stereotype. it makes it seem like you're into me for the whole "jungle fever" thing, which is automatically a strike one to most black girls.
  • me:also, don't ask "do you like white guys"...its an automatic strike two and it lets me know that you've never been with someone black. if i'm talking with you I like you, just go with that.
Why I'm Masquerading As A White Bearded Hipster Guy On Twitter (Despite Being a Black Woman)

Being a black woman is great. But being a black woman on social media can be a pain in the ass.

A+ for style, and an extra merit for the closing sentence: “If throwing a white guy in my user photo saves me from that kind of grief, I’m going to be the whitest white who ever whited.”