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I’m so sick of these “Oh you want us to stop making sci-fi political? God forbid we put a womyn in a position of power” because you know damn good and well that’s not what any of us mean.

When you take the plot of a show and try to shoehorn it to be all about the 2016 presidential elections where Dr. Agent Orange McTinyhands goes up against the Wize Cween Mary Sue and our hero gives a long, long tirade at the end about how stupid everyone is for not voting for the correct person, you’re fucking up sci-fi by making it political.

When you make a blatant allegory for Antifa (but leave out all the atrocities antifa has committed) and their opponents essentially NeoNazis (but leave out any dissent to antifa aside from neo-Nazis) making the whole thing look black-and-white and centrists look delusional for not picking the Obvious Good Guys, you’re fucking up sci-fi by making it political.

Maybe, MAYBE, some of your dissenters are going off about your “womyn in power,” when you try to sell “LOOK LOOK WIMMIN!” as a marketing gimmick instead of letting female characters stand on their own merits. As a woman I find that kind of pandering (*cough*Ghostbusters*cough*) insulting.

Really, your best argument after pretending like you’re not doing anything ridiculous or ham-fisted is to resort to “it’s okay when we do it” bullshit.

Stop it.


Rhaegar Targaryen

or an AU where piercings and ear stretching is a tradition within the Targaryen dynasty lol 


I’m aware there’s flaws in my theory…but I think I’m on to something

So today i’m rewatching anime : “Princess Tutu”.

God help me… I did not know that Ahiru and Fakir would remind me SO MUCH of Pidge and Keith.  And by that i mean they are REALLY, REALLY similiar.

Seriously, short, stubborn girl and  emotional mullet who are both best friends with dude who was kiddnaped by vilain and spoilers lost something.
AND HE EVEN HAVE WHITE, FLAWLESS HAIR. (not to mention about girl who is crushing on him)

Sounds familiar?
NO? If you like Kidge, then you can check it out, it’s old, but still pretty good.

I’m fangirling so hard it’s ridiculous.

Mystery girl

♢ Pairing: Jungkook xReader

♢ Word count: 8.1 k

♢ Genre: FLUFF a lot of it, mentions of sex but not much. 

   ⌲ Description: Y/N is known as Jungkook’s girlfriend in the fandom. But that’s just it. They know her name, but nothing more. Until she decided to join him on a Vlive session and finally let the world see her face. 

A/N: Finally is this out! I’ve had this in my drafts for several weeks and now and finished it at last. Please excuse my mistakes, since it’s not proof red. Sorry!

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