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Day 6: band au/family

Title: magnets caught in a metal heart

Rating: teen

Tags:  alternate universe, alternate universe - music, inspired by music, self-indulgent, friendship is magic, crushes, first kiss

Summary: Gladiolus is forced to go along with Noctis to some stupid music show and he hates everything. Except maybe the musician.

magnets caught in a metal heart on ao3, 5,760 words

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Silly idea is silly but I couldn’t shake it off my head since @dreamprotected suggested it xD I’m sure those two would gang up on poor sleepy head to get some nice shots to sell to whoever the hell wants. I mean… I’m sure pic of the prince’s underwear would sell failry well x’D

@big-bro-gladio  ALLEEEENNNNNN!!! @animu-husband

(SORRY, it's just a head! You know that’s all I can do, right?)
Awwww YASSSS, 21! I wanna be all “BOOZE AND CIGARS FOR THE BIRTHDAY BOY”, but I will attempt to restrain myself. Somehow.
I must admit, I feel such endearment towards you! You’re an amazing, talented and funny guy. Talking to you always puts a smile on my face, AND IN MY HEART! I learn so much from your blogs hahah!! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!! You deserve all the best!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

PS: When I was looking for reference pics on google for this dude, I saw several pics OF YOU!! (in cosplay) and I was like:   :D
…and also that other picture… that I am still slightly concerned about. That is your fault that I saw that.



He had another date.


That made three this week with three different women.


Lieutenant Hawkeye watched her boss smiling stupidly as he gabbed on the phone with his latest conquest. It was one of Havoc’s old girlfriends. The type of woman who had taken one look at the Colonel and decided she could do better than a Second-Lieutenant. It revolted Riza to her core.

Why did men waste their time on such terrible women, Riza wondered? Pretty or not, that girl was obviously a tease, just shagging any high ranking officer she could find. And unfortunately, she’d met Roy Mustang, Amestris’s leading expert on hooking up.

Glaring at her commanding officer, who was reclining casually as he chattered on and on about how beautiful the girl―what was her name again? Jessica? Tina?―was and how much fun they were going to have tonight. What a thoughtless jerk. Beside her, Havoc was glaring down at his work, obviously trying not to listen to the man that had inadvertently (advertently?) stolen his girlfriend.

Enough was enough.

Standing, making sure her chair scrapped as loudly as possible, the First-Lieutenant marched over to the Colonel’s desk and slammed down a thick stack of papers. That got the man’s attention. As he stared up in confusion at the blonde above him, asking the woman on the other line to hold, he asked, “What’s this, Lieutenant?’ while covering the mouthpiece with his hand.

Work, Sir,” Riza replied crisply. “You ought to start getting it done instead of wasting your time on the phone.”

Of course her rudeness caused him to scowl, but, Riza was scowling too. The idiot needed to do his work, and quite frankly, he was already on a short leash for not meeting his deadline last week on an important case. He couldn’t afford to piss off anyone else in the higher ups at the moment.

As the two most dominate personalities in the room glared at one another, eventually Mustang folded, heaving a dramatic sigh before pouting. Riza only glared harder. So, wisely knowing he’d been beaten, the Colonel wrapped up his conversation with his latest date―maybe it had been Stephanie?― and got back to work.

The rest of the day went by in relative calm, the Colonel actually being productive for once. Well, as much as Mustang could be with the prospect of his date looming ever closer. He did call a flower shop to order something to bring for his date, but since it was at his lunch hour, Riza didn’t feel she had to right to intervene again.

But as the day went by, Riza noticed how miserable Havoc really was at knowing his last girlfriend had once again dumped him the moment she laid eyes on the Colonel. It made Riza feel terrible for the other man. While she knew that it wasn’t completely the Colonel’s fault, women always seeming to flock to him no matter if he looked at them or not, the Colonel still hadn’t declined or stopped things from progressing. In the end, he was just as guilty as the lady, Riza supposed. Maybe it was time to put an end to all this ridiculous romancing around.

That night, as they all decided to close up for the night and the Colonel left to get ready for his date, Riza came up with a plan. The Colonel was always such a cocky bastard, always going on and on about the women he’d dated― well this time things wouldn’t go as planned. Riza decided that she’d trail the Colonel and find a way to ruin the date. Or at least collect entail to figure out how the Colonel was able to keep getting dates all the time like this. For Havoc’s sake, of course, since the poor man always seemed to come in second next to Mustang.

So, once she got home, the Lieutenant showered and made reservations at the same restaurant she’d heard the Colonel going on about today. Thankfully, since it would just be her, there was an open table. And after she had quickly changed into a silky black number and twisted up her hair in a bun with a scarf, even putting on her fake glasses in the hopes of not being recognized too soon, the Lieutenant left after calling a cab.

When the cab had pulled up to the restaurant, Riza could see the Colonel standing outside waiting. She sucked in a sharp breath. He looked…good. More than good. He’d slicked back his hair, only a strand or two rebelling and hanging down on his forehead in a playful manner. And of course, he was wearing one of his many three piece suit, looking damn good in it, just like he always boasted he did. In his hands was a large bouquet of red and white gladiolus.

For a moment, Riza found herself fantasizing that he was out there waiting for her. That he’d brought those lovely flowers to give to her. It wouldn’t be hard to get out of the cab and stroll over to him, perhaps force him to forget about his date with whatsherface, and maybe stay to dine with her instead.

But such imaginings were better left in books. Fraternization laws had been drilled into her head enough to know that should she even look at the Colonel too often all misty eyed, she’d get a reprimand so fast, she’d be demoted to corporal before she could blink. And besides, she wasn’t the Colonel’s type, seeing he had a theme of cheap and easy going on lately.

All too soon, however, a leggy brunette sauntered over to the Colonel, smiling prettily and utterly gushing with fake joy. Disgusting. But ever the gentleman, Mustang offered her his arm and the two walked into the building, the woman with her arms full of gladiolus.

Stepping out of the cab, making sure to pay, Riza, too, made her way inside. She got quite a few stares as she walked in―probably because of the dress, she thought a little self-consciously― and made sure to keep her shawl around her shoulders, lest anyone see the tattoo. And in no time, she was seated at a little table meant for two, not terrible far from where the Colonel and his date sat. In fact, she was lucky he hadn’t noticed her.

So, sitting with her back to the Colonel, Riza found herself in the interesting position of being near enough to hear the Colonel and his date without being directly in their line of sight. Hopefully he wouldn’t recognize her. This was too close. Why had she even thought this was a good idea again?

“These are such lovely flowers, Roy,” the woman was saying. “And you got them just for me?”

Riza could just image the Colonel flashing that sinfully charming smile of his. “Of course. Lovely gladiolus for a lovely lady.”

The Lieutenant tried not to gag as the other woman sighed. “Oh, Roy. You’re so romantic! I wonder what they could possibly stand for?”

“Their meaning is for remembrance, strength of character, honor, infatuation, and faithfulness.” The Colonel was quick to show off his knowledge.

Well…that didn’t exactly sound like the kind of flower the Colonel should be handing out to the kinds of dates he had. Especially on the first one. With his track record lately, he wouldn’t even be seeing this lady again after tonight. Gladiolus sounded more like the kind of flower one should give a wife, not some fluzy he was looking to take home before dumping her the next day.

But Roy Mustang obviously knew what he was doing. Another dreamy sigh escaped his date. “That’s so sweet. They’re beautiful.”

“I’m glad you like them. They’re my favorite.”

His favorite?

Hawkeye took a sip of water, wondering how she had never known the Colonel’s favorite flower before. But then again, with meanings like that, it did seem fitting somehow. The fact that one of his hookups knew more about the Colonel’s personal likes and dislikes than her, however, burned heavily in Riza’s gut. Why didn’t she get to know things like this about the man she served so faithfully? Why didn’t he tell her little things like this after all she did for him?

“That’s so sweet, Roy,” the woman continued on in her too-sweet voice. “So then, why are they your favorite?”

Without a pause, voice full of warmth, Riza sat shocked, eyes bugging out, as the Colonel replied, “Because they remind me of my Lieutenant.”

The restaurant seemed to still, even as the chatter from around the other tables continued. The Colonel’s table was silent, and Riza dearly wished she could have seen what was going on, but dared not turn around.

Had he really just…? What did that …?

“Your…lieutenant?” came the incredulous reply.

“Uh…yeah. Anyway,” the Colonel pushed on quickly with a laugh. “How was your day?”

Somehow the Colonel managed to turn the awkward transition into smooth conversation. As Riza ordered her own food, she couldn’t help flush as she thought about her superior’s response. Did he really like those flowers because they reminded him of her? Or was there some other lieutenant that Riza wasn’t aware of? That was certainly a bizarre thing to overhear, but then again, something in Riza’s chest loosened, and she couldn’t quite wipe the smile off her face as she continued to listen as she ate, completely forgetting all thought of ruining the date behind her.

The conversation really wasn’t too interesting. Misty―that was her name!―worked at a grocer and wasn’t all that exciting. She complained a lot about other workers and not much else. Other than the fact that she was hoping to go shopping soon for some new clothes, she had nothing else to say and often repeated herself. In so many ways, she was the basic fluzey Mustang always seemed to get himself caught up with.

When the Colonel spoke, he talked mostly about the day in the office, steering clear of all confidential information and his own plans, of course. Surprisingly, Riza’s name popped up in the conversation several times. In fact, in the end, the Colonel ended up telling Misty a story all about how Hawkeye had saved him once after a particularly nasty fight with a would-be terrorist a couple years back.

Hearing him praise her so unashamedly, listening to the awe and respect in his voice as he did so, caused the Lieutenant to flush from her toes to her hair roots. He’d never told her so much as a ‘thank you’ for that, settling for a nod before moving on. He never really acknowledged her hard work most of the time either. Yet here he was, singing her praise to a stranger, sounding so proud that he was about ready to burst.

Did he always sound like this to other people when he spoke of her? Had Riza really just not noticed how much he admired her?

After only an hour or so, it became obvious that Misty was becoming disenchanted with the Colonel. Why, Riza wasn’t sure. The Colonel had been nothing but polite and delightful and witty, yet by the time the waiter asked if they would be having dessert, Misty had gotten up and stormed out of the restaurant all together. Riza watched her stomp off, confused and angry on the Colonel’s behalf.

“Damn,” she heard Mustang mutter. “Third one this week.”

Third one …?


Had the Colonel’s dates not been going well this week? Did this mean this was the third date this week that had walked out on him?

Fury washed over Riza at the thought. Who in their right mind would walk out on Colonel Roy Mustang? Especially after such a charming evening? What was that woman’s problem? First she dumped Havoc because she was an idiot, then she went after the Colonel, only to walk out on him?! Who did she think she was?

What a complete and total fool.

Without thinking, Riza stood up from her table and walked over to the Colonel. He was staring rather blankly at the bouquet of flowers still on the table, nursing a wine glass. He didn’t look hurt or depressed that his date had just up and abandoned him. If anything, he seemed contemplative, maybe a little sad. Unable to stand that look, the Lieutenant cleared her throat.

The Colonel glanced up, before his eyes widened in surprise. But the shock didn’t last, as a self-depreciating smirk soon wormed its way to his lips. “Evening, Lieutenant. Fancy meeting you here.”

“May I join you, Sir?” she asked, taking off her glasses.

Still smiling, he stood and helped her into the other chair, pushing it in for her. Sitting down across from him, Riza suddenly felt very uncomfortable. “I…I’m sorry about your date,” she offered awkwardly, unsure what to say, once he’d regained his seat.

The Colonel shrugged, the move nonchalant. “It happens. So, tell me, did Havoc send you?”

Blushing, Riza shook her head. “No. It was my idea to come…though I was going to tell Havoc what happened here.”

The rich laugh caught the blonde by surprise. “Guess you’ll have quite a story to tell, huh? I may never live this down, I hope you realize.”

“I won’t tell anyone, Sir,” Riza promised quietly. “I…I think it’s horrible what that woman did. Just up and left for no reason.”

“She had a reason.”

Surprised, the blonde looked up, locking eyes with dark onyx. Something passed between them, the intensity in the Colonel’s eyes hard to miss. But for the life of her, Riza just couldn’t make sense of his meaning. Had she missed something? Had the Colonel done something to upset the woman? She truly hadn’t heard anything.  


The (in)famous smirk he usually adorned came out rather cheerless (and rather affectionate). “Would you care for dessert, Lieutenant?”

Not knowing what to say, Hawkeye agreed, and together she and the Colonel ate dessert and drank wine. The waiter seemed a little surprised to come and find the Colonel with another woman, but wisely said nothing. And so the evening went on, one of the best Riza had had in a long time. Much better than just sitting alone at home with Black Hayate reading in the silence.

And just like that, an hour and a half flew by and the Colonel was walking her home. In the cold night air, he slipped off his suit jacket and draped it over her shoulders, offering her his arm. A bit tipsy from the wine, Riza accepted it, smiling as she smelled the gladiolus in her other arm.

Nearly half an hour later found them outside the Lieutenant’s apartment, and the Colonel walked her up, holding the flowers as she unlocked the door.

Turning around, Riza found herself feeling a little shy. “Sorry about your date tonight, Sir…But I had a nice time.”

Mustang chuckled. “I did too,” he smiled, handing her the flower. And before she could have said another word, he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the side of her mouth. “Good night, Lieutenant.”

Riza’s hand went to her lips, and she knew her face was probably as red as the flowers in her arms.

“And, Lieutenant?” the Colonel stepped back, giving the frozen woman some much needed space. “Green’s a good color on you.”

Riza only stared a moment longer before turning around and all but slamming the door shut in the Colonel’s face. As she leaned back against the door, a giggle burst from her chest and she found she couldn’t quite stop. On the other side of the door, she heard Colonel Mustang’s low chuckle before it was replaced by the echoes of his footfalls down the hall.


I firmly believe that a tipsy Riza is a giggly/girly Riza. I accept nothing less! 

I continue to be ridiculously behind on Carlos Appreciation Week lol

Nonetheless! Here is my contribution to Day 4, Behind the Scenes! Dylan Marron is so sweet. I’ve met him twice now and even though one time I had makeup blood running down my face, he still gave me hugs and took a selfie with me. This outfit being the one he was wearing that day, as a matter of fact. And in case anyone was curious, the flowers I chose to decorate him are gardenia (white), gladiolus (blue), and ranunculus (yellow/green).