I’m sorry but who said that white girls can’t look good with dreadlocks?!

My PERSONAL PREFERENCE is that I like dreads on white girls.

Any race can have whatever hair style they want, white girl wants dreads? She can have them. Black girl wants bleached blonde hair? She can have it. Hair is hair.

Hair is not cultural appropriation!

Have it however the fuck you want it and what ever style you want it.

y’all i got astory to tell. Remember the Kylie Jenner challenge, course y’all do, because us black people were laughing they asses off cause white people was ruining they lips, so anyways, i was in 8th grade, wasnt that long ago, only a year ago, ain’t nobody noticed my lips before fam, so i go into first period, let me tell y’all i was the only black girl their in that class and like 2 other black boys in their, and im sitting in a group with 3 white girls and 1 black boy, we doing some language arts shit reading and what not, and i have this habit of resting bitch face, and my lips get all pouty plump and they be looking REAL cute. Like i kind of got them baby lips, so while I’m trying to get work done, because i wanna get it done fast and all i hear is 

and im just sitting like, “The fuck going on?” and the two other white girls just looked excited for some reason, and im just so confused. And they got big ole smiles on they fucking face and they ask me, “OMG your lips are so big, how did you get them like that, did you do the Kylie Jenner Challenge.” AND Y’ALL, i just sit there silent, i look at the black boy at the group and we just stare at them

and we just talking with our eyes like, “Is they serious my nigga.” “I think they are, just play along with them.” “But they stupid” “Just do it” “Aight”

So I look them straight in they eyes despite me being shy and having social anxiety smiling and tell them..

“Actually, no, I was actually born with these lips, so why would I need to do a challenge like that when my lips are natural.”

And they just got this awkward smile on they faces and they drop the conversation, and it got all quiet at the table and I felt so proud of myself y’all.

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