white girl problems

After that episode of Twisted I think it's time to remind people

That although ABC advertised the show as a story about three friends Twisted is really about a sad thirsty white girl who is in love with a cute boy fresh out of juvie who she has no chance in hell of getting with because she has stupid hair and because he’s in love with their token black friend whose life is obviously not as important as the sad thirsty white girl’s if the episodes are anything to go by.

Instead of focusing on the fact that the cute boy is being framed for murder we are forced to see how the sad thirsty white girl perseveres bravely through all the adversities that the other people have to go through because their lives suck and honestly they don’t matter because it’s really all about the sad thirsty white girl and not anything else at all. Basically this is a mash up of My So Called Life and Scooby Doo….but without the talking dog and weed.