white girl got style

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That's why they all adore Paige. Cause she was the ugly not-famous white girl who got to fuck harry styles and they wanted to live vicariously through her and they can't do that through celebs like Taylor. They just conveniently forgot 2013 harry fucked anything that moved and mistook that hookup for true love smh

E X A C T L Y. paige suddenly made harry attainable and they will cling to that until they die

Was Maya herself during the Texas arc? Let’s see…

• Outfit #1: Beatles shirt: VERY Maya. Black dress with suspenders: More Riley-esque since Riley wears a lot of suspenders, but still more edgy than most of what Riley wears. Definitely a mix of the two; cynical Maya motifs/hopeful Riley style but with a Maya edge to it.

•Outfit #2: “Texas Maya.” She’s wearing ripped jeans, which are very Maya, and of course the Texas style stuff is all about Lucas for both girls.

•Outfit #3: More Texas style. She’s got a white lace dress (Topanga motif), a vest (hopeful Riley-style but also fringey and Texan), but above all: the necklace Topanga wore in GM Popular when she says what she’s wearing represents who she was when Cory fell in love with her, who she still is inside.

•Outfit #4: Texas Texas Texas. She’s got Lucas on the brain here forrrr sure.

•Outfit #5: Dark Pink. (Magenta?) Arguably the “sneak attack” color. The style of the shirt is “New Maya,” but it’s not really Rileyesque at all.

•Outfit #6: Led Zeppelin t-shirt. VERY MAYA. The orange pants have been kicked back and forth between both girls (kinda like poor Lucas 🤔😂), and a denim jacket which can kinda go either way.

•Conclusion? Maya was not “Riley” during the Texas arc. She was a mixture of her old-style and “New Maya, now with hope!” style. And if she was “copying Riley,” or “trying to be Riley,” she’d have never dumped that smoothie over Lucas’s head after the baby horse story, she’d have swooned the way Riley did. So no. Maya was not “Riley,” nor was she actively trying to be. She did ask for advice later, but that doesn’t automatically mean she actively wanted to copy or “turn into” Riley at that point. Maya continues wearing “old Maya style” band t-shirts through GMBW, GMNY, and GM Legacy. They don’t stop until…well…season three and the rise of the ongoing, seemingly irresolvable triangle situation.