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Arguing with non-black poc about how George Lopez telling a joke about how Latino folks have two rules, one of them being don’t bring a black person home, is actually anti-black as fuck and hearing them defend it by saying yes that’s just how it is and it’s not anti-black is wild

It’s also that last straw that really proved poc solidarity is bullshit and that brown folks will defend anti-blackness as a way to not actually address the affects of white supremacy on their relationship to blackness and how they treat black folks and I’m tired and I’m not taking that shit from white people so I’m definitely not dealing with it from nobody else

Y'all wanna claim rights to say nigga and bank off black culture and creativity all day but will show your ass with some racist ass comments about black folks in a heart beat and claim its culture.

pewdiepie did not make a mistake. a mistake would be accidentally calling someone by the wrong name or pronoun. he made a joke and all jokes are intentional. and then he proceeded to upload that joke to the Internet which means he had plenty of opportunity to edit it out. it wasn’t a mistake he literally spew anti semitism for views. he made a mockery of a race of people’s pain and oppression for views. and it’s not even the first time. and then you have @markiplier coming along tellin folks to respect folks for simply existing. like nigga where are you when white folks are shitting on our existence why don’t you run up on them with that rhetoric. tell that shit to FELIX instead of people who have a right to be pissed at his ugly jokes because when he jokes about shit like that he’s pretty much disrespecting people’s existence.

What the frick frack

SOO!! I sees people’s are upset about the Concrete design in the SU Art books.
Yeaah I can see why you’d be a little uneasy about the design. Especially for me, an African American. She’s strikes a pretty close resemblance to blackface. Y'all know, that shit white folks be doing and think it’s okay.

Yeah. I was a little skeptical about it too. And the “can’t read” part just added to her look because we all knew that most blacks at that time weren’t educated.

But here is the thing. The good people of this fandom, the people who aren’t fucking poison to the SU Fandom, are gonna need you people to calm the hell down. It was something that wasn’t intentionally. They’ve spoken out and apologized and said they were going to remove her from future copies but y'all muthafuckas just are not pleased with anything. I am really tired of yalls mess. I really don’t know why you are all raising hell from a rejected character anyway.

Whenever I see Hope do a solo dance, I’m always struck by the fact that Hope could easily outshine pretty much all of the rest of BTS in a second as far as dancing goes.  IF he wanted to.  But he doesn’t want, he’s part of a team so he dances to make the team look good, he dances to show off the group not himself -  which shows so much about his personality and his maturity level. But when he’s dancing solo and he can make the team shine by letting himself go and dance as hard as he can, his abilities are just awe inspiring.  

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does t'challa need a love interest tho? did captain america? like what if someone is like "hey, your highness, do you have a crush on anyone?" and he's like "yes. i have a crush on...justice"

Yes, T’Challa does. And she needs to be Black. 

This is why intersectionality is so important and why the common White Feminist ™ arguments and causes often don’t apply to women of color, especially Black women. All this “ugh, why the romance? can’t they just be friends? don’t reduce the female character to a love interest!” thing is just super white tbh. 

White women have plenty of roles and options so they’re at the point of being like “hey, don’t make this white woman a love interest! let’s show the importance of platonic friendships!” That’s cute for you, but Black women are barely even on screen. Plus, while white women are seen as paragons of femininity and the ideal love interest for any man (which is the stereotype y’all are fighting against w/ the “no more romance” fight), Black women are not. It’s downright revolutionary at this point to show a Black woman being loved on screen by anyone. But we have to be on that screen first. And given that T’Challa’s canon love interests are Black women, not casting her and not putting her in the movie is taking a role from a Black woman. Plain and simple. It’s erasure. 

So, if T’Challa has a crush on Justice, she better be a brilliant Black woman.  

Haitian Bokor on The beautify of African American Hoodoo
To show support on Youtube: https://www.facebook.com/Leonard-Elmeras-Vodou-Experience-238507869501651/

Back to the Topic.

There is no Hoodoo without African Origin.

I love this guy

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Is it ok for me (I'm white) to call out other ( white) people when they're being racist?

Hey anon! Thank you for this question! I’m white myself, and I call out other white people for being racist all the time. It’s not okay for us to tell people of colour that things they deem racist are not racist! It’s similar to the fact that people who are not suffering from mental illness can’t go around telling mentally ill people to “just cheer up” .. we’re not affected by racism, so we can’t tell  people of colour who feel that something is racist that they’re wrong, cause whe have no idea how it feels to be affected by racism. However, calling out racism is always okay imo! There are so many ignorant idiots among us white folks, the sane ones like you and me have to speak up :)  In my opinion, white racists must be told they’re racist, no matter by whom :) <3 <3 

December 1

In 1955, Rosa Parks did her small part to help change the world.

Everyone knows her story: She was a seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama, who was tired after standing on her feet all day and boarded the bus to ride home. Because she was tired, she sat down in the whites-only section of the segregated bus. The bus driver didn’t take kindly to that, and ordered her to move. She refused and was arrested. And from this single, spontaneous act of resistance, a social movement was born. Her case went all the way to the Supreme Court, and it was a resounding victory for Ms. Parks and justice.

That’s the story most people know, anyway. Turns out that it’s a bunch of bullshit. Ms. Parks was the secretary of the local NAACP chapter and heavily involved in social justice for over a decade prior to the bus incident. Her case wasn’t so spontaneous–the NAACP and other Civil Rights Movement organizations had been looking for a case to bring regarding public transit segregation for a long time. And she wasn’t even sitting in the whites-only section of the bus. When she boarded the bus, she sat in the “colored-only” section in the back. As the bus filled up, the bus driver noticed several white people standing, stopped the bus, and moved the cordon segregating the two sections back; he ordered all four black people sitting in their seats to get up and let the white folks sit down. Three of them did; Ms. Parks did not. City law at the time did not explicitly segregate buses, but it did give drivers the authority to assign seats. I’ll let you guess what the white bus drivers did with that authority.

Ms. Parks also wasn’t the first person in Montgomery arrested due to public transit segregation transgression; a fifteen-year-old girl named Claudette Colvin held that distinction. And the case upheld by the Supreme Court invalidating the de facto public transit segregation in Montgomery was Browder v. Gayle, in which Ms. Parks was not even a plaintiff. This isn’t even going into the details of the year-long Montgomery Bus Boycott itself. That was what brought Martin Luther King, Jr. to national prominence (and got him on J. Edgar Hoover’s watchlists for “agitation among negroes” and got the FBI involved in collecting dirt on the man). If you want to read about that, there are tons of great resources available; if you’re not already intimately familiar with the story, prepare your gob for a thorough smacking.

This is not to denigrate Ms. Parks’ contribution or her courage. It’s rather to talk about the myth we tell ourselves (white folks, especially) about the Civil Rights Movement in this country.

The myth goes something like this:

1. A long time ago, there was slavery down south.
2. Then there was a war, and slavery was over!
3. But there was still legal discrimination by white people against black people down south, and this was Bad.
4. Then one day Rosa Parks was tired and didn’t give up her bus seat.
5. Martin Luther King Jr. went to Washington and said “I have a dream.”
6. Everyone sang “We Shall Overcome”
7. And the Day of Jubilee was upon us!

Now, clearly, that’s a giant load of shit. But that’s the narrative. And the narrative is, sadly, resistant to facts. This narrative is especially resistant, because it lets people today feel good about themselves in comparison to those benighted fools of yesteryear, and it also confines the sins of the country to one geographically specific region, letting the rest of the country off the hook for the long and shameful history of redlining, employment discrimination, and so on.

It also ignores the long and shameful history of institutional discrimination in this country, a history that did not end with the March on Washington; it’s one of the reasons why it’s so hard to get people to understand that there’s more than meets the eye when, say, cops routinely kill unarmed black citizens, but a 40-year-old white guy who has, earlier that day, SHOT AND KILLED A COP gets calmly taken into custody.

As far as that Day of Jubilee: Well, the Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted until December 17, 1956. That was when the Supreme Court denied a motion for clarification and rehearing of Browder v. Gayle. The next day, someone fired a shotgun through Martin Luther King Jr’s front door. On Christmas Eve that year, a bunch of thugs assaulted a black teenager as she was getting off of a city bus. There were several sniper attacks. Yes–people ACTUALLY SHOT AT THEIR FELLOW AMERICANS for daring to be so radical as to ride the fucking bus alongside them. Black churches were bombed. The city of Montgomery passed even stronger segregation ordinances banning, basically, any contact between blacks and whites that might be considered amicable.

As for Rosa Parks? Well, as a known troublemaker, she was blacklisted from employment and the recipient of more death threats than you care to imagine. She moved to Virginia in 1957 to try to find work, and then to Detroit at the end of that year. But a vicious backlash to any kind of progress is certainly nothing new in this country.

The past is never over, people. It’s with us every day. It is our doom that we either cannot or will not recognize this.

Also, this photo is not a picture of Rosa Parks sitting in front of a pissed-off white guy from Alabama after the boycott. It was taken the day after the public transit system was legally integrated, but the gent pictured there is Nicholas C. Chriss, a UPI reporter detailed to cover the event.

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You know what’s funny? White folks love to shit on Rap music. Like they go out of their way to do that shit on the daily. It’s almost like those assholes who find out you’re a wrestling fan then proceeds to harass and insult you, calling it fake and gay. 

But going back toRap: White folks love to hate on it, calling it not real music, calling it stupid and ignorant, etc, etc. And it’s almost always the guys(or girls) heavily into rock that goes out of their way to do so. Like, not the rock that is popular today, but the Hard Rock, Grunge, Metal, even the old school Rock from the 70’s and 80’s. It’s almost like they are going out of their way to compensate for their favorite genre not being in popularity anymore. 

They want to shit on how ignorant or incoherent the lyrics are but at the same time, fuck with Rock music that is just as ignorant and incoherent. And some of them have the nerve to get racist with it but love to forget that without black folks, Rock & Roll wouldn’t have been what it turned to decades ago seeing as a lot of the popular Rock acts they love from the past jacked black performers’ whole style……….

I never see a black person going to a Rock video shitting on the music the way white folks do it on YouTube or forums etc, etc or go out of their way to shit on Rock in real life. Cuz black folks know better and we know that shit is pointless. 

This all came to my attention again when the soundtrack for the WWE 2k15 video game got revealed. Because as soon is it happened, the floodgates opened with racism and ignorance. The fact that there are a balance of Rock and Rap on that soundtrack but lames felt the need to get on the few Rap tracks because they were the more popular out of all that were revealed is so troubling.  

But yeah, the whole thing just comes off weak to me. Like, them going out of their way to do so just shows how insecure they are and how mad they are that their favorite shit ain’t what’s poppin’ in the streets no more…………

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Pop culture anon I was talking about how it's stupid that people say bad ships are okay because they aren't real. The media has so Much power over people's minds that one terrible abusive relationship in media could make people think its okay

oh damn sorry thought you were the other stupid ass anon. Yeah you’re right about that, what’s even worse is that ppl like @brehaaorgana deadass sat there validating these white folks writing shit about Poe being abused by Kylo and shipping darkpilot in the first place. Like I really dont give a shit if they’re Latinx they should fucking know better than to be buddy buddy with all these ppl writing rape fics and shit. Instead they just sat there and tried to frame their self as a victim of some negligible shit like who really fucken cares, the problem here is that ugly ass behavior which they need to check themselves for. Do they seriously think that behavior doesn’t spread from validating the white fans who write that type of shit???

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I can't tell what's a bigger problem in the US: racism, or classism... 'cuz whenever white folks are shitting on others, like 90%of the time it's rich white doods kicking poor people around.

One problem for sure is dummies like you who think this is an either/or situation rather than an extremely linked system where economic stability and race (and gender and sexuality) are all tied together.

“racism, or classism” get the fuck out of here with that ludicrous bullshit.

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I think Slave movies get so much press because white folks really love that shit for some reason. And what's funny is that they'll cry crocodile tears during the movie, but feel nothing when one of us get killed. I honestly need different movies with black people being happy for once. That's all I ask for lol

slavery movies are only there to make the whites feel bad for 0.4 seconds and then realise they dont want change and they’re happy w/ how things are right now tbh. we all need happy movies with happy black people living their happy lives IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK GOD DAMMIT

That’s some white folks shit
—  Referring to some strange thrill seeking act, demeanor or habit most commonly enjoyed by whites because they lack the stresses of racism. Often involving extreme danger or senselessness, i.e. Shark diving, playing with wolves, etc.
Friend zoned

My best friend told me I’m too approachable… And that I should be more intimidating to catch a guy’s attention. I guess because I’m so nice I’m easily friend zoned and seen as the “baby sister” but…idk how to be intimidating. I mean I’m just naturally nice lol. I don’t understand this generation’s relationship game. It’s like you have to ignore the fuck outta someone or manipulate their thought process just to prove you like them ?? Lol nah ✋🏾 I just figured You become friends with someone and get to know their mentality and who they are as a person, you know? form a connection strong enough to have a sexual/ physical one but I’m guessing that’s just some white folks shit.

Your thoughts and opinions are welcomed. I need answers lol

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What's wrong with white people doing dreads? Cultures are shared, and they change. A black kid can study Japanese, and a white kid can wear a sari. We’re all just people, regardless of our race or nationality,

Nigga that’s not “sharing culture” that’s cultural appropriation. Black people can pull off dreads because our hair is made for it, but when white folks do dreads that shit ends up looking like dead plants.