white flowy dress

last night i had a dream that i met mother earth and if u were wondering what she looks like it’s dwayne the rock johnson in a flowy white sun dress with rly good winged eyeliner 

A Bite Of Sin (M)

Genre: Smut, vampire!AU, (a bit of angst?)
Word count: 4748
Description: After one fateful accident your entire life changes, but so does Jimin, leaving you bitter and lonely until you both break down.
Warnings: Mature content
Author’s note: Inspired by Jimin in BST MV (his outfit was screaming vampire to me ><). Also I started writing this yesterday without even realizing that today is his birthday, so great timing getting inspired! #HappyJiminDay everyone!

You had known Jimin for a couple of years already, when you actually got to know the real him. Who knows if he would have ever shared his secret if it wasn’t for that one fateful day.

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The Other Side of the Ocean


Rhode Island is for … friends

Taylor stops at the crosswalk, the two handles of the stroller firmly in her grasp, as she looks both directions for the absence of approaching cars. Blake stands next to her in a flowy white peasant dress, her hair tucked under a large wicker sunhat.

“Okay James,” Taylor says, as she pushes the two-year-old into the street, “we’re almost to the horsies!” Two-year-old James is curled up in her stroller, sucking on her thumb, wearing heart-shaped pink sunglasses, hair in a short ponytail, and a matching two-piece skort and t-shirt.

“Haw-sies!” James cries out, her thumb coming out of her mouth just long enough to cry out. “Haw-sies!” she says again, pointing across the street at the spinning carousel.  

Blake laughs and turns to Taylor as they reach the other side of the two-lane road. “It sounded like she said ‘hussies’!”

Taylor giggles and her eyes dance from behind her red-framed sunglasses. “That is on the *other* side of town,” she smirks. “I can take you there later if you wanna go…”

The two women laugh again, and as baby James overhears, she joins in with her mother and friend, giggling loudly too.

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Enough (M)

Requested by anonymous

“Simon, you know what we should do today,” you say walking into the living where he sat on his phone. “What?” He asks setting his phone down and smiling. “We should have a picnic at the park!” You say excitedly. The weather was finally starting to warm up and you couldn’t wait to be out in the sun. “Sounds like a plan.“ You go to your room to get dressed while Simon packs the lunches. You decide on a short, white, flowy dress with yellow flowers on it and thin straps. You spin in the mirror watching the dress spin along when you hear Simon call your name. “What’s taking so long?” He yells, “Let’s go before the sun goes down” Why is he rushing you you think to yourself.

You walk into the living once again carrying your sandals you’re gonna wear and sigh dramatically. “I guess I’m ready.” He chuckles, “Baby, you look great.” He says putting his shoes on at the door and picking up the picnic basket.

On the car ride there you two sit in a comfortable silence holding hands while Simon drives. While you’re sitting there you think of a plan. Since he wants to rush me…I’ll just get a little revenge. You finally get to the park and it’s a little crowded. You can tell there’s going to be a lot of traffic on the way home.

Once you’ve finished eating you decide it’s time to start the plan. You want start off lightly. “Oh, my gosh. I’m going to get awful tan lines,” you say more to yourself, but loud enough for Simon to hear. You see him look up and at you from your peripheral as you start pulling your arms out of your sleeves and lean back on your hands. You catch him staring down at your chest as your dress starts to move down slowly since your arms aren’t holding it up by the sleeves anymore. He moves his eyes up your neck slowly reaching your eyes eventually and looks away embarrassed to have been caught.

You take a sip from your cool lemonade and moan from how refreshing it is. You take another sip and “accidentally” spill it on your chest. “Baby, could you clean this for me?” You ask innocently. He reaches for a napkin and dabs the drops of lemonade off your chest without ever breaking eye contact. Suddenly you got an even better idea. You remembered seeing an ice cream truck sitting near the entrance for the park. “I’m going to get some ice cream or something, do you want anything?” You ask. He looks up at you, “I’ll take a chocolate ice cream.”

You actually got a popsicle instead of ice cream for yourself. When you got back to your spot Simon was on his phone waiting for you so put some of his ice cream on the back of his spoon and wiped it on his cheek from behind him. He yelped from the sudden coldness while you’re dying of laughter because of his feminine like yell. “Now who’s going to clean this?” He asked trying to keep a straight face but failing. You leaned into his face and licked the ice cream off his cheek. You may have started licking lower than necessary, but oh well.

“Oh, my goodness. What are you trying to do to me?” He leans his head back sighing. “Umm..what are you talking about?” You ask with your best poker face handing him his ice cream and opening your popsicle. “Never mind. Just forget it.” He says taking a bite of his ice cream. You smile to yourself, the plan is working. Moving on to the final part: eating the popsicle.

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Dear Journal,

Today Sirius and I were eating breakfast when Lily arrived, frowning.

“Hey Lils!” Sirius smiled.

“Hi boys.. Does James still love me?” She asked.

Sirius and I were suprised by the question! James doesn’t love her.. He’s obsessed with her!

“Of course he does Lily.. Why are you asking us that?” I asked, putting my hand on her arm.

“Well.. Prom is coming up and he still hasn’t asked me! Every girl as been asked in such a cute way… and he still hasn’t done anything..” she said, looking down.

“Lily it’s okay.. maybe he’s just planning something big?” Sirius smiled.

“Maybe.. thank you boys.. I have to meet with Marls and Dorcas, so i’ll talk to you guys later.” She said, leaving.

“Prongs is in deep trouble..” i said to Sirius.

“Why?” He asked.

“Do you really think he planned a prom proposal?” I smirked.

“Oh.. yeah we need to find him now!”

We found Sirius walking out of the bathrooms and stopped him.

“Please tell us you’re planning to do a prom proposal to Lily?!”

“Hum.. no i’m not.. why?” James asked.

“Oh you are in deep trouble mate..” Sirius giggled.

“What? We’re already dating? She knows i’ll go with her!” He said.

“It’s a tradition! The boy must ask the girl to go to prom!” I said.

“Oh shit.. will you boys help me!!” He said, starting to panick.

“Of course mate!” Sirius said.

We sat in the library and wrote down plenty of ideas for a perfect prom proposal. We were running out of ideas. James had his head on the table and Sirius was massaging his forehead, as if it would help. Until i had an idea…

“What about you take her for a night walk near the lake and then we could get fireflies enchanted to fly around you two. You give her pretty flowers and kiss her lovingly while stargazing.?” I asked them.

“Yes! Oh Remus I love you! Yes! It’s gonna be great!” James said, standing up.

“Let’s get this started!” I said.

We worked on it all day long. Enchantening little fireflies so they could fly around the couple. We picked up beautiful baby pink roses in hogsmeade and we waited for the stars to come out. Sirius and I were hidding behind a tree.

“Why do I feel like Cupid!” Sirius laughed.

“Oh look, there they are” i whispered.

Lily was wearing a white flowy dress. Her ginger hair loose on her shoulders. James looked happy. He was smiling at his girlfriend, looking at her while she looked away. They walked to the lake hand in hand. Suddently, the fireflies appeard and Lily’s eyes went wide. She was smiling widely. James handed her flowers and asked her.

“Will you go to prom with me Lily?” He smiled.

“Oh! Of course I will James! I love you!” She said, jumping in his arms.

Then, they layed down on a blanket on the dock and watched the stars. Sirius and I walked back to the common room, giving them a bit of privacy. We were very tired so we put our pyjama’s on. Sirius was searching for his pyjama t-shirt and I decided to put on some music. The music that was playing was the one he chose when he asked me to marry him. He sent me a look and smiled. I blushed and walked up to him. He was only wearing his pyjama bottoms. I layed my hands around his bare waist and he looked up at me with confused grey eyes.

“Dance with me.” I whispered in his head.

He blushed and put his hands around my neck. I pulled him closer and he layed his head on my chest. I knew that Sirius loved when i brushed my hands on the sides of his stomach. You know the parts that are ticklish? I kissed his lips and brushed my fingertips on his sensitive skin. I felt him shiver and he gasped through the kiss. My eyes were closed but i could imagine Sirius’ bare chest against me.

“Go to prom with me?” He smirked.

“Merlin yes!” I smiled and kissed him again.

March 9th 1976

anonymous asked:

What type of wedding (ring, dress, venue/location) do you think Eren, Armin, Levi, Erwin, Jean and Mike would have?

Ahhhh!! This is sooooo cute! 

Long post!


  He seems to be someone inclined to a more “rustic” wedding - what with him growing up in Shiganshina. Honestly, he couldn’t care less about what his s/o would wear - be it a simple white dress or a fluffy one. But considering the rustic theme, a flowy, white dress would suit the occasion. The ring would be something gold, not much stones. (How funny would it be if Eren used his hardening ability and took a shard from his “titan shell” to use as a ring.That sounds a lot like something he’d do. LOL)

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Namjoon - Heartless.

The Save Me Series

Genre: Romance / Fantasy

Warning: Blood mention.

Summary: All Namjoon knows is that he’s a fighter, all his life turns around blood and death, but as atrocious as it is he can’t bring himself to feel anything. He kills and he earns, without knowing what he truly is, the only thing that brings him peace is the woods and the books he devours in his hunger for knowledge, but then he meets you, a little fairy that claims to know too many things and who makes Namjoon feel for the first time.

The weight of the sword and shield was nothing for Namjoon, he moved around the pit with the ease of an eagle in the sky, his feet did a sharp turn that made his adversary miss the perfect lunge he had for his heart, the fighter groaned and the crowd went wild at his anger. Hundreds of people gathered every end of the week to see the fights at the pits, a coliseum filled with people hungry for blood spill, the excitement of fights, but above all the exhilaration of the killings.

His sword was made especially for him, deadly steel of the best quality as his many benefactors gave him everything he could possibly need to win a match. He had been given shields, spears, cloaks and all kind of swords and armors. But out of all Namjoon’s assets his sword wasn’t the main cause of his wins.

His adversary was tough, like a rabid dog of two meters of height, he was covered in hair and sweat, attacking him relentlessly. Namjoon had heard about him before, he got no strategy but that was compensated by brutal force and his erratic behavior, he was ruthless. Namjoon dodged him again making the other fighter even more furious, so he took that chance and struck him in the right thigh, the man screamed when he felt the cut, immediately charging at Namjoon. The guy hit Namjoon in the head with his own, making him stumble back for a second. 

The crowd roared at the turn of events, and the adversary took the little gap in Namjoon’s attention to give him a blow on the arm that held the shield. Namjoon’s hold didn’t budge, but for the show’s sake he let his shield fall as if the rabid dog had made him do so, there was another loud wave of screams that only made the rabid dog bolder in his actions, lunging at Namjoon once again, this time achieving on slicing the skin of his left thigh, the rabid dog took the chance of his proximity and Namjoon’s passiveness to take out a hidden dagger. It wasn’t a fair move as each fighter was allowed only one weapon, but Namjoon didn’t react on time and the rabid dog pierced the leather of his vest, biting the skin as the dagger was buried in his chest. The audience grew silent after that, the dagger was still on Namjoon’s chest too close to his heart for him to not fall, the rabid dog smiled in triumph. It was a wound that would have made any fighter scream in pain, it would have made any fighter bleed harshly letting the attacker have the control of the fight. But Namjoon was not any fighter.

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Mrs. Lowman

Happy Imagine

We were complete opposites. YN was sweet and caring, with a stable job, a stable family and an ugly cat, who couldn’t have been loved by anyone completely sane yet she loved it to add to her lovable insanity, she chose me. She loves me and cherishes me like if I was the best man on this earth and I love it, I don’t deserve half of the love she gives me but I’m too selfish to let it go. So I did what any crazy man would do, I asked her to marry me, and for some stupid reason that made me the happiest man alive but also makes me feel something I would never admit. Fear.

She wore the ring in her finger with pride, a small diamond adorning the silver band but my crow on her low back made her even prouder and I can’t completely understand why would she ever feel proud of having something that relates her to me, to this life.

She wasn’t one of those crazy bridezillas, running around screaming at everyone. She barely made it seem like she remembered, only once in those three months we were engaged before the wedding she mentioned and it was to ask me if she could pick chocolate cake and of course I said yes, like hell I would say no to that angel by my side. After that she never mentioned it, we had a place and a time but longer than that I had no idea, only Gemma’s light comments about being excited or something in between those lines.

The day arrived and I barely saw my girl picking some things from our shared bedroom before heading out, not before giving me a small peck on the lips and I love you. I finally got up and found my breakfast on the oven, and in that moment I felt the feeling I dreaded the most, fear. Losing her scared me, this life came with retaliations, shootings everyday all day, kidnaps, even crow eaters. Not that I would ever get close to those girls ever again but I was still worried I’d ever do anything to hurt her, at the end I was the Tacoma Killer before anything. I took my kutte and took off, far away from where I was supposed to be.

Hours went by, I was seating somewhere lost in my thoughts when I felt my phone ringing. I was dreading looking at her pretty face in the screen but it was one of my brothers. Jax to be exact called two times in a row and I just couldn’t left the President hanging.

“Brother where are you?” was the first thing I heard but I still couldn’t make any noise. “Everything is set, she looks beautiful and everyone’s here”

“I can’t do it” I said slowly “Tell her I’m sorry but I can’t do it”

“Hap, let me be real with you bro. She’s an amazing girl, she’s sweet and she loves you. Don’t let her go so easily, if you could look at her this moment, she’s all smiles but her eyes are somewhere else. You still got time I’ll tell them you fell asleep or something”

The first thing I saw when I arrived at the cabin were all the blue and white flowers adorning the place, her favorite color. Everything looked rustic but it looked the way probably heaven looks like, all my brothers, my family were talking to each other and I saw Gemma look at me. She immediately came to me.

“Are you done with the cold feet? Your girl is a strong woman but I’ve never seen her sad before, I prefer the all smiles YN” he said and I nodded slowly “C’mon Happy” she said and I followed her inside.

At the end of the altar she stood, a flowy white dress adorning her body, a blue flowers crown on the top of her head and her beautiful hair moving with the wind. I walked fast trying to save myself from the embarrassment and took her hand with trembling hands.

“I’m sorry” I whispered taking her small hands in between my hard ones. “I love you so much, I’m ready” I said and I saw her smile at me brighter than the Sun.

“I love you Happy” she said in my ear while we danced at the rhythm of some old rock.

“I love you, Mrs. Lowman”

Hello, I finally realized my ask box was closed but now it’s open. Cat

Do You Remember? (Daveed x Reader)

Warnings: implication of suicide attempt, angst, but mostly fluff

Word Count: 964

A/N: Daveed is speaking directly to fem!reader in this fic. This fic came out of nowhere. I literally opened Microsoft Word and told myself that I wanted to write something. The first paragraph took some time, but the rest came on its own. I will admit that this is a different concept. But I really do like how this turned out.  Please please pleaseeee give me feedback on this. I really had a great time writing it, and I hope you have a great time reading it!

There’s a lot of things that will never change. Gravity is the force that keeps us on the ground. We reside on the third planet from the sun. Water is composed of two oxygen atoms and a hydrogen atom. And I love you.

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Strike A Deal | Part 2

Pairing: VIXX Ravi x Reader

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/Hades! AU

Summary:  When he catches you in his trap, what else can you do but make a deal with the King of the Underworld?

Authors Note: Umm… this gets a little dark. Tiny bit based on how Hades traps Persephone. 

Trigger warnings: Bit of gore. 

Read more: Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 

Hakyeon sighed, his brother’s pining for this mortal was driving him insane. His temples were aching from their draining conversation. He loved his younger brother dearly which is why he agreed to leave the heavens and descend to his brothers domain to give him the advice he begged for.

“I’m tired of waiting brother. I want her in my arms this instant. I am the only one who deserves her. Those savages with their disgusting hands on her… I should tear them apart limb from limb and have them all slave for all eternity,“ Ravi complained.

Hakyeon pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, interrupting a new tirade before it began.

“I am only interfering this once, do you understand? You know how much I loath interacting with mortals.”

The younger’s eyes lit up in delight. Hakyeon always did come up with the best plans in times of a crisis.

“Brot-” Hakyeon held up a finger to silence his brother and continued. 

“Tomorrow the planets align, you will be able to rise to the mortal plain.  I will plant one of my narcissus flowers in the mortal world and you have to be waiting. When she smells the alluring odour of the narcissus she will be directly above your domain. Then use your power to open up the barrier between the underworld and her world and take her. She will be stuck with you until the planets pass again. Whether she consents or not to stay with you after is none of my concern. I will only be involved until here, understood?”

The God of the Underworld chuckled darkly, “Tomorrow my sweet,  I will take what belongs to me”

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