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25 - A collab with @storiesaboutvan

Hello, everyone. Boy, are you in for a treat. 

So it all began when Rhi ( @storiesaboutvan ) and I realised we had both received wedding requests. We made the decision to team up to collab the most spectacular wedding vanfic. 12,521 words to be exact. We have spent aaaages working on this and it’s been amazing. I hope you love it as much as we do. 

So, read below for 6390 words of Van’s POV wedding goodness. Think nerves, love, kisses, and oh….Van in a suit. Yep. 

Then click here for ‘your’/ reader’s perspective, written by Rhi. 

Thank you to whoever requested these for the patience, we definitely did not forget about you. 

Love Evangeline xx 


Today was one of the days I’d been dreaming of since I could remember. Everything was leading up to this. I’d stand in the kitchen as a kid watching on as my dad would drunkenly confess his love for my mum and she’d roll her eyes and kiss him; growing up I’d think about how lucky they were to be so in love and how I couldn’t wait to have that with my own wife one day.

Every girl I’d ever fancied I’d planned on marrying, but it was always a puppy love dream. That changed when I met y/n. In fact, everything changed when I met her.

Family had always been the most important thing to me and today marked the official start of my own. I was beyond excited but right now, nerves were taking hold. I was overwhelmed with a mix of anticipation, anxiety and full-blown love. I wanted everything to be perfect for y/n; I wanted everyone to see how much I fucking love her.

I stood in front of the mirror at home, fiddling with my tie. I couldn’t get the fucking thing to sit straight. I ran a sweaty, shaky hand through my hair and groaned in frustration.

“You alright mate”? Larry asked, coming in after hearing the sound I’d made.

I was flustered. I just looked at him, my eyes clearly expressing what was going on inside my head. He came up to me and undid my tie then fixed it up so it rested flat and straight against my chest. He was already in his suit; he looked like some fancy secret agent or somethin’. We were all in navy suits and white button ups with burgundy ties to match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

“What if I fuck up? I just want it to be perfect you know and I’m just this scruffy lad who sings nonsense and she’s a fucking queen. Honestly, why the fuck is she marrying me she could do so much b-”

“Van. Don’t be stupid. She fucking loves you and has for years yeah? Maybe she could do better, but it doesn’t matter, she chose you. You love her better than anyone could and for her, that’s perfect. It’s not about your wonky tie or even Catfish,” Larry interrupted me as I started to lose it, putting a hand on my shoulder and talking with a rare sincerity.

For months now he’d been killing me, teasing me that he’d gotten to see y/n in her dress ages ago and that I had to wait. He droned on about it, trying to get me mad and it sure as hell worked; many incidents of wrestling had occurred. He went to help her choose her dress, which was sweet, but he wouldn’t shut up about how stunning she looked and all that. It was driving me mental, I could have rung his neck, the smug bastard! But now I appreciated his seriousness, I was glad to have him by my side today more than ever.

I didn’t get nervous often, I was usually easy going and confident. But this was all new; this was bigger than anything I’d faced yet. No amount of fans in a venue, no amount of pressure to put out a good album could match to this.

“Yeah?” I said, taking a breath in and fixing my hair.

“Yeah mate, you’re Van fucking McCann!” He smiled, pulling me into a hug.

I couldn’t have chosen a better best man.

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E.V.O.L - Chapter 8 (Trixya) - VicThirteen

A/N: Yes, it’s been hard to finish this. I hit a wall with this story and, even though I finally decided how to end it, I’m having some difficulties writing it down. But I’m not leaving it unfinished, I promise! This is a little short, but it’s an important turn for the story. There’s probably one or two more chapters after this. 

Again, thank you so much for anyone that has ever left a nice comment or asked about this fic. It truly makes me feel happy and appreciated! This one is dedicated to Adriana and Hilana for cheering me the fuck up on twitter <3

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And I’ll Call Your Name

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [달의 연인-보보경심 려] fanfiction

  • Wang So/Hae Soo
  • Modern Setting AU

끝없이 길었던 짙고 어두운 사이로
조용히 사라진 소원을 알아
오래 기다릴게 반드시 너를 찾을게
보이지 않도록 멀어도
가자 새벽이 끝나는 곳으로

Through the night that was endlessly long and thick and dark
I know your wish has silently disappeared
I’ll wait for a long time, I will definitely find you
Even if you’re so far that I can’t see you
Let’s go, to the place at the tip of dawn

IU (아이유)  - Dear Name (이름에게)


The drowning survivor opened her eyes, not knowing where she stood on the bridge of time.

Her world was inundated by the brightness of the sun, glaring straight at her, through the open window. She took a few minutes to adjust, adjust her consciousness and her body, moving every part of herself with calculated effort. First, she looked the other way, away from the window; her head was heavy and her mind was clouded. She moved her fingers, one at a time. She moved her toes. But her body, her limbs, didn’t respond as they ought to. She took a deep breath, trying not to panic at the distress that seemed to grow in her middle, trying to calm herself down enough to understand it all, to understand anything.

When she opened her eyes again, she was facing the wall where a calendar hung. Her vision was focused enough to read it. October, 2016.

In the turmoil of her being, a light was lit. Shining through the fog, like a lighthouse.

It was the beginning.

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[This fic was requested by @twilight-loveer I hope you all enjoy. Any type of fic requests are welcomed whether it be imagines or requests for an original. Thank you all for your support, and your never ending love. Xoxo, Doc]

           “Hey Y/N, what’s up?” She said it in a sing-song kind of way; she said it in a light and joking way that was simultaneously her and not her.
           I sat across from her in the fairly roomy but empty padded cell which only had a toilet and a rather uncomfortable looking bed. I looked at her as she grinned, unable to touch me because if she tried an electric current would run through the shackle around her ankle that had been bolted to the floor. 
           “What’s up? That’s all you gotta’ say?” I demanded. 
           A year, it has been a year since she dropped off the face of the earth only to emerge as, what has she been calling herself now? Oh right, Harley Quinn. It was cute, clever even. At first I wasn’t sure it was her, I mean sure the papers and the news were all singing her name. Disgraced Doctor Harleen Quinzel becomes Gotham’s new Queen of Crime, I could still hear the reporters as they dragged her through the mud.
           I didn’t want to believe it, what big sister would? But everyone knew the Joker, everyone knew his power and his madness… my sister… as good as a psychiatrist she may have been… his case was just too much for her to handle.
           After that year she had stopped by my apartment at one point, well, more like broke in. She looked so different I barely recognised her, twins or not. I had my turn to scream and when she had hers she shocked me. She told me her side, not just about how she fell in love with Mister J, but how it was Mister J who made her see. She told me about her knew found sight, her politics, her reasons, and I knew she didn’t care whether or not I accepted them. I couldn’t be mad at her though… in fact she knew I would agree with her, she knew I was not in a position to judge her because I killed people for a living.
            I killed people because I liked it, because unlike her I had known what Mister J taught her long before that day. I learned of the hypocrisies, the pointless ideologies, and the savagery that lives within all of us years ago. I just didn’t think she would ever fall over that cliff with me, she had always been an optimist and she always seemed to be the rational one… but then she met Mister J. 
           We made a deal that we would remain in contact from that day via burner phones. She wanted me to meet Mister J, but I made her promise not to tell him about me. A hit-woman can’t really be as effective if the spotlight is on her, and if I were to run with “The King and Queen of Gotham” I would be thrust into view along with them.
           “Y/N? You okay?” She asked, concern knitting her brow.
           “I don’t like seeing you like this; all chained up like a dog. How did you get caught?” 
           She crossed her arms, giving me a look that said, who do you think? 
           “It’s always Batsy. Batsy, Batsy, Batsy, ruining all the fun,” She grumbled, blowing a lock of hair out of her face.
           Leaning forward I began to talk without speaking, my hair obscuring my face for a moment from the cameras but Harley’s eyes trailed to my mouth.
           “I’m going to get you out of here. There is a device in my pocket that is creating a virus on the asylum’s computer mainframe as we speak that will diffuse and unlock the shackle. I have a bomb on the other side of the far wall so when I tell you to move you are going to do it, you understand?” I mouthed and she grinned. 
           “Did ya miss me, Y/N? I think you did, just a little.” 
           “Miss you? That’s the crazy talkin’,” I teased.
           The power to the building went out and their backup generators turned on so a single light illuminated us. The knockout gave Harley just enough time to free her leg before the cuff snapped shut again. If my program worked all of the cameras would be down for at least five minutes and all of the doors to this block would be locked to limit the amount of guards that would be joining us. 
           “I knew you or my Puddin’ would come thro-”
           There was gunfire, lots of it, and it was close. I pushed Harley behind me as more of a force of habit rather than for her protection, because we both knew she could protect herself.
           “Someone order an escape?” A deep gravelly voice asked as the cell door was forced open.
           “Puddin’!” Harley giggled.
           His eyes didn’t meet hers though, they were on me. He wore a crisp black and white suit with a white flower pinned to the pocket, his electric green hair was bright even in the dim lighting, and those eyes seemed to eat a hole right through me. 
           “I didn’t know we were having company, doll,” Mister J purred as Harley skipped over to him and jumped into his arms. 
           He held her firmly, her legs were wrapped around his waist as she giggled but his eyes had me rooted to the spot. 
           “Mister J, this is my twin Y/N, and Y/N this is my Mister J,” Harley kissed him and after a few moments he set her down.
           He walked towards me slowly, like a predator on the prowl and my hand twitched instinctively towards a gun that I didn’t have on me. The Joker smiled, walking around me slowly, eyeing me up and I felt the back of his hand trail down my arm and looked at him curiously.
           “The same, yet so different,” he whispered, twirling a lock of (Your hair colour) hair around his finger. 
           The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and he was on the ground in an instant, I had his gun in my hand and I was firing before the guard could even take aim. I was running towards the few guards coming at us, Mister J’s men must have gone to take out other guards or secure an escape route but they most certainly were not here to help. Pulling out my phone I detonated the bomb and blew the wall of the cell. 
           “Get out! GO! I’m right behind you!” I yelled to Harley and J.
           I knew they would leave, they are smart enough to, and Harley knows what I am capable of. I aimed the gun and began to fire. 

***Mister J’s P.O.V

           Harley had refused to let us drive off and I hadn’t forced the issue as a result of sheer curiosity. I could have just got Frost to punch it, I didn’t give a damn what anyone else wanted, I had Harley with me and we had escaped and that is all I cared about, but Y/N had me curious. She had marched headlong into the line of fire and I wanted to see if she would make it out alive. I didn’t even know Harley had a twin, let alone a gun-wielding deliciously criminal one. 
           Without ceremony Y/N slid into the back of the car, covered in blood and sweat and she was panting. I growled just looking at her and she cracked open an eye. 
           “We blowing this popsicle stand or what? I did not just do all that to get arrested,”
           Yes, she’ll do nicely.

***Y/N P.O.V

           I don’t remember much about last night because about a quarter way into the ride Harley noticed I had been shot and I blacked out as a result of the blood loss. All part of the job and all part of the fun I always told myself in situations like those. I woke up though, which was always a great outcome. 
           Sitting up I glanced around the room, noting that I was covered in a red silk duvet and I was wearing absolutely nothing, nada, zip. I was completely butt-ass naked in a foreign place and weaponless. My stomach was bandaged and burning like a mother fucker. I had a fever, I could feel it. My skin was sensitive and warm but I was shaking, everything in the room seemed to be pulsing and I threw off the blanket. 
           Memories from last night came rushing back to me, I had been shot, Harley… I helped her escape and… The Joker came. There were clothes on the chair but lifting my arms made me nauseous so I pulled on undies and shorts, clutching the shirt to my chest instead as I wandered out of the room. 
           “Harley!” I called to her, moving weakly down the hall. 
           “Honey bunche- jesus you look like shit. Here,” she put her silk robe around me and tied it. 
           “Water, I need, I need water,” I whispered and she wrapped an arm around my shoulders, leading me forward.
           “You were so badass, I love ya you know that?”
           “Feelin’ real badass, love ya too, Harl’s,” I whispered, the hairs on the back of my neck prickling. 
           I grabbed the first thing I could (Harley’s hunting knife from its holster) and I shoved the person up against the wall and pressed the knife to their throat. 
           “Now is that any way to treat your host? I must say, I kind of like it,” I heard a familiar, growling voice. 
           “Mister J?” I dropped the knife and my legs gave out, but oddly he didn’t let me fall.
           Instead he lifted me as though I weighed nothing at all, and an amused laugh escaped him before he laid me down on the leather sofa. He sat so my head was resting in his lap and his index finger touched the tip of my nose lightly.
           “A little birdy told me you are an assassin,”
           Harley placed a cold cloth on my forehead and I sighed, a shudder running through me before I remembered that Mister J had said something to me.
           “A little birdies gotta learn to keep her pretty little mouth shut,”
           “Hey!” I heard Harley’s voice from the kitchen. 
           “W-Who bandaged me up?” I asked, licking dry lips.
           “Doctor what’s-his-name,”
           “He fucking sucks,” 
           “We’ll be sure to… let him know,” Mister J said with another laugh. 
           Opening my eyes he seemed almost incandescently beautiful in my feverish mind. His skin seemed to glow, the green of his hair seemed more vibrant than it already was, his lips seemed to stand out even more, and those eyes of his always kept me captive. 
           “Why you beein’ sweet on me Mister J? I know you could kill me and you wouldn’t think twice, Harley’s sister or not,” I panted.
           His fingertips trailed along my jaw and he propped his leg up so my face was closer to his, the smell of his cologne wrapped around me like a blanket. 
           “Perhaps it is because I find you fascinating, Y/N, ever think about that? Perhaps it is because you got a little bite to you, you do don’t you?” He purred, and I felt his nose brush mine.
           I turned my head away, scoffing “Baby, you don’t know what I got. If you wanna keep what you got you will not hurt my sister,” I snarled, feeling a straw brush my lips as Harley appeared.
           “He won’t, we talked about it earlier, didn’t we Mister J?”
           I was in no way ready and able to understand where the fuck this conversation was going but it was making my brain hurt. 
           “Talked about what? Jesus Christ, get this bandage off, you know what to do Harley just patch me up.”
           “Why we talked about you of course. You see, I like to get what I want, and what I want is both of you. Not at the same time in bed, of course, although it would be delightful for me, but that’s getting greedy,” he said, his fingertips dancing along my neck.
Wants both of us? Forcing myself up I looked at him and then to her in mild confusion. 
           “Why?” I said stupidly. 
           “Because,” was his only reply. 
           I looked incredulously at Harley, “You’re cool with that? You’re cool with what he is proposing that he has both of us?” 
           She paused in the making of the poultice,“Yeah, I am. Are you?”
           I didn’t have time to answer because suddenly a wave of dizziness hit me and I was plunged into darkness once again.


           When I woke up I felt… better… much, much better. Nothing was pulsing anymore and my flesh was no longer on fire which was nice. Sitting up from where I had slept on the couch I walked over to the large window, looking out at the city of Gotham in its wee hours before dawn. 
           “You’re awake,”
           I had felt him behind me before he had spoke and I turned my head slightly but I didn’t look at him.
           “Was your offer a dream or was it real?”
           “What do you want it to be, Y/N?” He whispered, sweeping my hair over my shoulder and I felt his breath on my neck.
           My breathing came out a little faster, I felt his hands move down my arms and the pull of the fabric exposed my one shoulder and his lips found it.
           “I want it to be real,” I breathed, turning around and pressing my lips to his in one swift movement. 
           He purred and growled as I shoved him up against the glass, my tongue gliding against his. There are some people in this world that just make your body sing, sometimes if you’re lucky it leads to more, sometimes if you’re lucky it doesn’t. 
His one hand wound in my hair while the other yanked me to him and I curled my hand around his throat. 
           “I don’t think so Y/N, I make the rules,” 
           Grabbing him I shoved him down on the couch and let the silk robe I wore fall to the ground at my feet. 
           “If you want rules in bed you got the wrong sister,”

[I kind of like this imagine request-kudos to @twilight-loveer- so I am considering making this a to-be-continued instead of just ending it there. We’ll see. I hope you all enjoyed it. P.S Please do not post my work elsewhere but in the event that it does happen which is beyond my control, please credit me as the author. Xoxo, Doc]

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So.... are you thinking of drawing X-teens with dates? Because..... Ororo and Kurt??? Pleeeease? Also fun fact about proms, the girls dress is the main focal point. And the boy matches his vest or even his whole tux in some situations to his dates dress. Most common would be just the vest and the flowers. For example, blue dress, blue vest. Black tux. Corsage (flowers worn on girls wrist) blue and white flowers. Boutonnière (flowers pinned on boys tux lapel) same blue and white flowers.

Murder is starting to make sense.

I will try to give my best— 

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So I love the princess bride and I hope you've seen it. I was thinking of a snowbaz thing where instead of Baz saying "as you wish", cause that's not really him, saying "You're an Idiot" (or something along those lines, can be changed) but in a princess bride fashion, so it starts to mean "I love you".


You don’t have to say I love you 

This might be hard to follow but the — is a time jump, so keep that in mind.


I can feel him watching me. I see his reflection in the window, the teasing smirk on his lips as I struggle with my tie.

“Don’t say anything,” I growl, a scowl on my face. He shakes his head and tugs at his own tie, finishing his without a mirror in less than a minute. The tosser. Perfect at everything he does, and rubbing it in my face, same as always. He walks over and takes hold of the fabric, his fingers brushing mine. I flinch, as if the touch burns me, but he doesn’t pull away.

“You’re an idiot, Snow,” He says, his eyes flashing up to mine for a split second before tugging at my tie, the fabric tightening around my neck.

“Shut up, Baz,” I grumble, grabbing my books and walking out of our room. Merlin he’s an absolute ass, isn’t he?

I walk through the cold catacombs, a torch in my hand. I know he’s down here. I watched him walk in. I know he’s here. I’ve been following him like this for the past six weeks. I know he comes down here to feed every night, but I’ve never actually caught him in the act. That fucker, always so perfect about everything. Always looking smug because he knows he makes me want to tear my hair out.

I turn a corner, muttering the incantation for my sword, and see him, sitting against the dusty wall, a pile of old bones next to him on one side and a drained rat on the other.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, holding my sword up, reading to strike him if he makes a move on me.

He looks up at me, an almost sad expression on his face. “You know why.”

“Say it,” I growl, grimacing at him. I feel guilty, for some reason. Like I’ve walked in on him crying, or like I made him cry. Maybe I did. He sighs and looks at me with such sad eyes I’m not sure what to do. I’ve never seen him look this vulnerable. I let my hand fall slightly, suddenly feeling like I’ve been overreacting. I flinch as he stands and his eyes drooping as he watches me. I feel my stomach twist with regret.

“You’re an idiot, Snow,” he whispers. He walks past me and I feel the draft of his movements. My eyes flutter closed. I feel like I might cry. I wonder if he already is.


“What do you want?”

“I’m hungry,”

“Simon it’s three in the morning. Tomorrow is Christmas eve. Can you please wait until breakfast?”


I hear him groan and shift in his bed. “Then go and get some food, but be quiet. My family is sleeping.”

“But- I don’t want to go alone.”

“Why not?”

“I’m scared of those things that were under the bed,”

“Crowley, you’re an idiot. Let’s go, then.”

“I can’t believe you,” He says, his mouth against my ear, his arms around me. My body sags against him, every ounce of energy I had is now drained from my body. I don’t think I’m able to move at all.

“He’s dead, Baz.” I whisper weakly, my wide eyes still on his limp body. There’s blood on my hands and clothes and I know has to be bothering Baz. I wish I had the energy to get him out of here.

“Simon you just saved the world of mages,” Baz says. He’s trying to distract me. I let it work. My eyes drift his and my mouth hangs open slightly. He runs his finger through my matted hair.

“I lost my magic. There isn’t any left. I can’t feel it.” I whimper, my lip wobbling. His thumb runs across my bottom lip and I let my eyes droop. I can smell the blood all over me. It isn’t his, though. It’s Ebb’s. I can’t help the tears that fall from my eyes.

“I know, and what you did was bloody amazing. You saved us all.” He says.  He’s trying so hard to make me feel better and I want it to work but all I can think about is how I’m going to go on from this. Baz tilts my head up and kisses my forehead. My eyes fall closed.

“You’re a bloody idiot, Simon. An absolute nightmare. You saved us.”

“Hey you,” Baz says, walking into our flat, hanging his coat up and plopping onto the couch next to me.

“Yes?” I ask, my eyes lifting from my laptop and to his face. He’s wearing a smile, which is a rare sight. He only smiles when provoked.

“I’m taking you out,” He says, his lips pressing against my temple. He’s acting weird. He isn’t usually this affectionate, but I savor the moment, leaning my body into his and shutting my laptop.

“Out where?” I ask. I look up at him and smile softly.

“You’re an idiot. It’s called a date.” He says it with a chuckle, and a kiss on the forehead. I know what he means.

I smile at him and he brushes the curls from my face. “A date?”

“Yes. A date.”

He’s down on one knee in front of me, a velvet covered box in hand. His eyes are on mine but I can see the nervousness in them. I can feel the tears well in my eyes.

“Simon?” He repeats, his voice shaky.

“Yes,” I squeak out, not exactly sure whether or not this is a dream.

“Yes?” His eyes light up, standing up and taking my hand.

I nod and look up at him, a grin spread on my lips. “Yes. Yes, absolutely yes,”

“You’re an idiot, Simon. I thought you were going to say no. Merlin, I thought I was going to explode.” He laughs, his smile so big his eyes crinkle at the corners. His hands snake around my waist and he presses a soft kiss to my lips.

I laugh again, my forehead against his and he slides the ring onto my finger, leaning down and pressing his lips to mine again. “Such an idiot,” He whispers, still smiling madly.

He’s in a black suit with a blue tie and a white flower pinned onto his lapel, his hands wringing together nervously, looking around the crowded lawn. The sunlight burns him but he wanted it outdoors. Completely off his nut, that one.

The crowd stands when the music starts, and there are already tears streaming down my face. I try to hide it as I walk down the aisle, my eyes on only him and his on only me.

We decided not to have a priest. The marriage documents are off to the side, but Baz and I wanted it just be us. Just for us to say our vows and to sign the documents, no holy matrimony or anything like that. Just us.

We stand, facing each other, A mic stand standing slightly off to the side so our (his) family can hear us. Baz pulls out a folded piece of paper, but I doubt he needs it. The tosser probably memorized it the night he wrote it.

“Simon. I’ve had to deal with you for 17 bloody years, and I wouldn’t have rather been with anyone but you. Now, in those 17 years, I’ve been in love with you for 13. And god, did that take over my life. I was absolutely mad for you, and I still am. To think that 15 year old me thought that I would end up alone, always thinking of you while you were off with your beautiful girlfriend, and now-” He laughs, tears brimming his eyes as he looks me, “I’m standing at the altar with you, on our wedding day. And the thing is, Simon, You’re an absolute idiot. It’s my favourite thing about you. Merlin, I love you so much, Simon Snow. I can’t wait to be with you for the rest of my life.” The audience awes and I can’t help the grin that spreads through my tears. What a sap. I’ve never been happier in my entire life.

“Basilton Pitch,” I start, my palms clammy. I have the memory of a goldfish, so I have to read from the paper. But at least this way I won’t burst into tears when I look at him. “I’ve hated your guts for 17 years. You’re too perfect. Too amazing. But in reality I love you. I’ve probably loved you for much longer than I know, I just never realized it. Now, that may be because I always thought we were going to kill each other. It still catches me off guard that we are now a happy, domesticated couple living in downtown London. That we are so in love we can barely spend a couple hours apart. Thank you for choosing me, Basil. I love you more than I’ve loved anything in the world. Even more than magic.” I say. He leans down and presses a gentle kiss to my forehead, wetness staining his cheeks. I giggle softly and he leans down so only I can hear what he says.

“You’re an outright Idiot, Simon.” He whispers into my ear, his smile spreading into my neck.

“Simon!” Baz yells, his voice booming.

I flinch, surprised at the volume of his voice. “Yes?”

“Did you let Amelia colour on the walls!?”


I mean, yes, I did, but I thought I could just wash the walls before he got home, I guess it slipped my mind. I hear his footsteps as he walks down the stairs.

“Amelia, tell daddy what you told me,” He says, Amelia wearing a mischievous smirk. God she’s exactly like him. I love her so much.

“Daddy said I could colour on the walls before Pa got home. He said he would clean it up but he forgot,” She explains, looking up at Baz as she speaks.

“Baz…” I bite my lip, holding back a smile.

“Simon, you’re such an idiot. Go clean it up, you little twit.” He says, sighing with a hint of a smile. I get up off the couch and look at him, full out grinning now. He starts to laugh.

He lifts Amelia up and pulls us both in for a hug, nuzzling his face into my neck. “You’re an absolute idiot, I can’t believe you let her do that,” he chuckles into my ear.

“Yeah, daddy.” Amelia nods.

I laugh and kiss her forehead. “You’re a bugger sometimes, Ames.”

“and you’re an idiot,” Baz says,

“Pa?” Amelia calls, her head peeking into the kitchen.

“Yes Ames?”

“Dad tripped over his tail again,”

I can hear him laughing all the way until he reaches my body, which is sprawled across the floor.

“Crowley, Simon. Are you ever going to get used to that things?” He asks, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“No,” I mumble into the carpet.

“Come on, then.” He says, gripping my wrists and pulling my to my feet, a smirk on his lips.

“Oh shut up,” I laugh, lifting my tail, letting it wrap around my wrist.

“Let me say it,” He whines softly.

“Fine,” I groan, holding back a grin. His hand grips my waist and he pulls me to him, his lips against my ear. I can hear the smile in his voice.

“You’re an idiot,”

“Fuck,” I can hear him shouting. His arms are tight around me and his feet are moving quick on the pavement. I don’t feel a thing.

“You’re gonna be okay, do you understand me? You’ll be fine.” He says, but I know he’s only trying to calm me down. Calm us both down. I know I won’t be fine, but I nod along with him because I know he needs me to.

“Please,” He shouts, pushing through the hospital doors. I wonder how he can control himself around this much blood. I don’t know how he’s doing it. It must be driving him insane.

“What’s wrong with him?” A nurse asks, a panicked expression on her face. She has big eyes and brown hair. I think it’s brown. I Can’t really tell. My vision is blurring.

“He was hit,” Another nurse pulls a trolley over and Baz sets me own. He’s covered in blood, which must mean I am too. I still can’t believe he’s holding back. He’s so strong. I love him.

“I can’t believe you, Simon. You’re a bloody Idiot. Fuck, Simon you’re such a fucking idiot. Jesus, Simon. Please don’t die,” He whimpers, he’s kissing my forehead and my eyes are closed. I love him. I know what he means when he calls me an idiot. After all these years I know what he means.

“I love you too,” He kisses me. He’s crying, too. I know this is the last time I’ll see him.